Liberal Hopeful Heather Megill Polls Worse Than STD. By Jamie Gilcig 082819 #cdnpoli

The local Liberal riding association still has not rolled out a candidate for the October Federal election.

It’s an interesting paradigm. With local thug Guy Lauzon retiring his long time flunky, Eric Duncan, is running in his place. Duncan is a very rare out of the closet Conservative candidate.

Ironically the buzz has been tepid, but full of strange names. Two time loser and Cornwall Mayor Bernadette Clement still is mentioned, but that would be an odd election campaign. An out of the closet Con vs an alleged In the Closet Liberal? What on earth would they think in Dundas?

One wag said that they may roll Heather Megill out by default. Internal polling, albeit of a small sampling, had Megill finishing not only behind the Cons and Green candidate, but behind Syphilis as it was cited at least they would’ve had fun contracting the STD.

She also finished ahead of the NDP and a flaming bag of sheep turds; so there’s hope for her.

The less lubricated in the room suggested that Trudeau would drop in a team and candidate for the riding as he’s facing a minority situation at best.

Either way it’s shaping up to be a very quiet election locally with more action expected at the local tattoo and beard tending parlours than election booth in October.

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