View From the Hill by Keith Beardsley – Scheer Disruptions Bad Idea 103118

Ottawa Ontario – Once again, we see Conservative staff being used as props or in today’s case more correctly as “disrupters” at a meeting.

This time it was at a meeting of the NATO Association where Liberal MPs banded together to remove a former Liberal, now Conservative MP, from the chair position.

Conservative staff proceeded to break out into song to disrupt the vote and proceedings. Eventually the security staff had to ask them to leave.

How stupid can the Conservatives be? Who thinks tactics like this up and who the hell thinks any of it will work? It is dumb, dumb, dumb.

Does anyone on the Conservative side think that the CPC in the last few years of the Harper government would not have acted in a similar manner to the Liberals to remove a Chairperson; if one of their members had bolted to the Liberal side.

It is politics, get over it.

By using their staff in such a manner, the staff became the story, not the removal of a very competent female Member of Parliament. Only partisans who drink their own Kool-Aid would think planning and then allowing this to happen was a bright idea.

The only good thing about this story is that outside of the Hill area, few Canadians will pay attention or give a damn about what happened.

Those that do pay attention will shake their head at how such childish behavior. This foolishness came from the party that claims to be ready to govern. Are they just not ready?

It is time to grow up and act like professionals if you want to win the trust and vote of Canadians.

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