Captain Creepy Wants to Fight the Media by Jamie Gilcig 123018

Cornwall Ontario –  It was really odd reading the headline about Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer wanting to fight the media or hold us accountable.

I have no bone to pick with Captain Creepy.  It’s tough being Stephen Harper light, without substance,  and a face that makes Tim Hudak look kinda warm and fuzzy.

I remember trying to get an interview with Stephen Harper and was laughingly told to “Go F!!! myself!” by his media guy.  It was funny.  I laughed too.

Some politicians get it and some don’t.   This election I was fortunate enough to be granted an interview with now Premier Doug Ford.    While I may not agree with all of his policies and that strange Russian like “people’s” this and that terms,  we had a frank and fair chat.  It’s not ironic that his two main foes for the leadership ducked an interview with moi and finished out of the money.

Too many politicians just don’t get that we media have to be courted, even if we’re not in your camp.    Our voices do matter because of our audiences and frankly when someone tries to come on hard,  as Captain Creepy wants to,  it may pander to their loyal following, but it will bite them in their brains.

As a politician there’s something special about walking into a Lion’s Den when you know the media isn’t friendly.  It’s more of a rush than when they are.  Sometimes it’s easier to hit a fast ball than slo pitch.

And what many fail to understand is that as long as we journalists are writing about you, you’re still in the game.  It’s when we don’t that you simply don’t matter any longer.

I don’t think I’ve written anything up until now about Andrew Scheer because he simply is an unremarkable placeholder for a party missing Stephen Harper.

I am now Hyper Non Partisan, and as I age, probably what used to be known as a Red Tory in spirit.   While I may not have appreciated Mr. Harper, he did manage to control his party through several election wins; never an easy thing.    And today there are quite a few Canadians who’d rather see him back in power than the Trudeau regime.  That says something too.

So Captain Creepy, bring it on.  Sadly it’s not like we media outlets aren’t used to abuse from political wannabees.


  1. Great!

  2. When the federal elections come up in October 21, 2019 I am voting for Mad Max Maxime Bernier and he is a Nationalist and not a Globalist. If only you folks knew what Trudy did lately you would all be ashamed of him. I like Andrew Scheer BUT he is way too weak and a little too much like Trudy. Mad Max Maxime Bernier is the best of the lot. I like Ford of Ontario as well and is working for Onta

  3. Jamie I always said from day 1 that you have the best paper and not for nothing you are very good in media. We get the truth about what is going on and nothing hidden. Keep up the great work.

  4. Voting for Bernier or Scheer will just split the Con vote!! Bernier has just given others more votes by creating his “party.”

  5. Author

    Hugger congrats on passing the 2,500 comment mark on CFN!

  6. A man on line convinced me to vote for Andrew Scheer so I guess that is where my vote will go. He told me to read what Bernier is all about. A weakling to vote for like Scheer who is similar to Trudy and the other Bernier. We sure are in a rut for sure.

  7. Thanks Admin.

    Scheer /Bernier…all Cons vote no matter how you look at it. All that does is split the Cons vote.

  8. I sure do miss Harper and that is the truth. Harper kept things humming and did a pretty good job. I am more concerned about the new people in all political parties – they are not even fit to be a cleaner – no brains at all even to run a dog kennel. ARF ARF ARF ARF!!!!

  9. WOW!! Just think for a moment. Harper and his cronies were voted out for a reason. Continual screwing of the Canadian taxpayer was one reason.

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