Andrew Scheer Fails Allowing Scandalized Guy Lauzon to Run Again in 2019 for SD&SG

Cornwall Ontario – While Andrew Scheer, or Harper -2.0, is embracing MP Guy Lauzon’s announcement that he’ll be running for re-election in 2019 it’s clear that his party is dropping the ball locally.

It would have been easy enough to allow the corrupt and scandalized Lauzon to ooze away into retirement, but they have chosen to run him out again in spite of the popularity of the Trudeau government that may be dropping a candidate into the riding next election as there is no strong Liberal locally.

City Council failure Bernadette Clement took two kicks at the can, but hiding isn’t a strategy to defeat any incumbent, and as has been repeated locally:

She’ll never do well in Dundas.

 In a media quote Mr. Lauzon was embraced by his own right hander in his office who apparently doubles as the Riding Prez.  Both Bugelli and Lauzon came under fire this year for refusing to show books for Canada Day Celebrations which Lauzon had hijacked in Cornwall for nearly a decade before stepping down after this year’s.
What do you think dear CFN viewers?   Will you vote for our favorite pigeon again or is it time for an actual progressive change?  You can post your comments below.


  1. If your a senior in Cornwall then you vote for Lauzon. And unfortunately that’s 1/2 the population! Need to get that relic out of office!

  2. “If your a senior in Cornwall then you vote for Lauzon.” Sorry no. I’m a senior and I have never or will I ever vote for Guy Lauzon.

  3. The Cons blew it by choosing Andrew Scheer for leader.

  4. Author

    They weren’t going anywhere with that dude with the hair from Quebec either….

  5. Andrew Scheer is simply a caretaker leader until after the next election. Then they’ll get serious about their leadership and choose someone who can win. Same thing goes for the NDP and Jagmeet Singh.

  6. Author

    No, Singh’s the real deal. Don’t underestimate him. 🙂

  7. Perhaps. But he still won’t bring them to the promised land. Canada will NEVER have an federal NDP government!!

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