Prime Minister Doug Ford in 2023 or Sooner? By Jamie Gilcig 091219 #cdnpoli

Doug Ford is in the cat seat right now. With an expected Trudeau Minority win he just has to glide through this election without tipping the pot.

While he’s come on hard early in his Ontario mandate, he’s also shown a willingness to reconsider positions and govern the province, and not just his party, which is more than could be said for his predecessor.

It should also leave him in a position ultimately to show improvement in the bottom line of the Province that can only serve him well as he inches towards an eventual Federal run.

Right now as it stands, if Andrew Scheer can’t overcome a scandal ravaged Justin Trudeau whose Sunny Days have turned into black skies of unfulfilled promise and corruption, Ford will be in a special position to fill the leadership that Scheer seems unable to do.

After all this election is a two horse race which the Cons should win hands down but most likely wont.

And that sets the table for Ford’s future.

This is a short race election with Trudeau skipping debates and full on major media manipulation. It’s the one area the Conservatives are weak in and need to build bridges to even the field; and something that Ford has been fearless about in Ontario with the exception of the party created news outlet which drew boos, hisses, and scorn.

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