Dianne Poirier is a Nitwit – Liberal Francophone Organizer on Display @ McDonnell Rally by Jamie Gilcig 120218

Cornwall Ontario – I kinda giggled when I found out that there was a Canadian Francophone organisation locally.   Not because I disrespect Francophones, but this area has people like that silly man with his pins and of course Dianne Poirier, retired school teacher,  who besides being President of this local group has been a driving force in destroying the Liberal party in SD&SG and Cornwall.

Protesters scare our poor MPP into wandering off into traffic….

It literally has gone from the party of power to something that makes the local NDP look they know what planet they’re on.

Think about this one.  If you want to get someone elected or accomplish a goal do you:

a)  Alienate the publisher of the largest newspaper in your community?

b) Snub the viewers of the largest newspaper in the community?

c) say silly thing like the quote below from the Standard Freeholder?


“I found out about those cuts like everyone else on Nov. 15 and I was upset because there was no consultation with the Francophone community, and that’s what upset a lot of people,” said Diane Poirier, the president of l’Association canadienne-française de l’Ontario de Stormont, Dundas et Glengarry which organized the protest.

Honestly does the entitled Ms Poirier think any of the communities of the other three universities that were cut were consulted?   Have there been any big rallies there because they’re English?

While the French culture and history are important to Canada and Ontario do they deserve the amount of money avalanched onto them by former Liberal governments?  The only group treated better than Francophones in Ontario by its governments of the last 15 years are school teacher unions.

That’s the #epicfail of these protests.  If you’re the Ford gov’t you know these people and groups for the most part are partisan towards the Liberals.   It’s one of the reasons why Amanda Simard nearly had a plum gig working with AG Caroline Mulroney, because her riding jumped to the Conservatives after voting Liberal from its inception.

The people of Glengarry Prescott Russell realized that it’s important for your riding to be a part of the governing party.

Instead of building bridges and helping her community she pooped her pants politically and threw a hissy fit.  Instead of using her leverage she stomped out of the party that got her elected.

Sadly Ms Simard, being a rookie,  spurred on by the francophone government subsidized industry of groups that are out to lunch, and figure if you protest and scream loud cowardly politicians will give you more dosh.

Ontario isn’t Quebec.   There’s a humongous dose of hypocrisy going on as well as many of these groups have been silent while Anglo Quebecers rights have been trampled for generations.

The Quebec government doesn’t funnell nearly a billion dollars a year into Anglophone groups like Ontario does for French groups and it has historically played a much larger role in Quebec, especially in Montreal, than Francophones ever have in Ontario.  In fact Ontario Francophones per capita are one of the best supported minorities in all of Canada.   Would it be surprising to expect more cuts after the circus that’s been exhibited led by people like Dianne Poirier?

Even more hypocritical and galling are the complaints in these rallies about English universities and hospitals in Montreal which they fail to mention were funded and created by communities.

For example would there be a Jewish General in Montreal if it wasn’t for racism all those years ago?  Did the government create the Jewish General Hospital?

The Jewish General Hospital, which opened its doors in 1934, was founded as a general hospital, open to all patients regardless of race, religion, language or ethnic background. While part of the Quebec medicare system, and functionally bilingual in French and English, the hospital continues to be run chiefly by members of the Jewish community.

At his death in 1928, Mortimer Davis left most of his estate to be used for the construction of a Jewish public hospital that would bear his name. In 1969, the hospital opened the affiliated Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research, one of the largest and most influential research centres in Canada.

Among many other medical innovations, in 1974, the JGH was one of the first hospitals in Canada to open a division of colorectal surgery. Among the famous alumni of the hospital is former head nurse Beverley Binder (née Rosen).

In 1978, fifty years after Davis’s death, $10 million from his estate was donated to the Jewish General Hospital, which was then renamed the Sir Mortimer B. Davis Jewish General Hospital.

There is a huge difference between a cultural group creating institutions vs a desperate campaign promise like the one made by former Premier Kathleen Wynne to create a French University in Toronto on the public’s dime.

This writer will be vilified by the motley crew of nitwits like Dianne Poirier, but as one political wag said over a beverage:

We won’t see a Liberal MP or MPP as long as Dianne Poirier and her friends are running the riding associations. 

Instead of loud protests maybe it’s time to stop behaving like Dianne Poirier and her pathetic supporters and start to build bridges and stronger communities where all are treated equally and fairly?     I know, what a crazy idea.

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  1. She retired as a school principal and is sister of Claude Poirier.

  2. Author

    So she should know better.

  3. Absolutely right Jamie, but there’s other things she can be referred to besides a nitwit.

  4. Author

    Nope. I have a decade of Dianne. There’s actually a lot more accurate terms that could be used that would upset snowflakes. This woman has done so much local damage it’s not funny. Her circle, which includes some of our elected officials, is poison.

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