Justin Trudeau’s SUNNY DAYS Turn Cloudy as Jody Wilson-Raybould SNC Lavalin Scandal Blows Up by Jamie Gilcig 021419

There’s a certain irony about writing this piece on Valentine’s Day as it appears for many their Love for Justin Trudeau has gone stone cold.

Most don’t remember that JT was in 3rd place trailing Thomas Mulcair and Stephen Harper at one time in the last election run when he and his team started passing out the kool aid, which remarkably Canadians seemed to have a thirst for.

Without having the experience or background of either opponents, people with far too much support from certain media chains, swallowed, again, and again and again.

With a majority government came cabinet decisions that clearly were not based on merit. Not even remotely. It appeared to be a focus group and friends out of rehab Cabinet.

Same for his government’s visible agenda. Most of the issues our PM seemed to focus on were clearly what we, the poor peons, that pay for the government, didn’t really care about or hoped to see.

In 2019 while there are still issues regarding equality, visible minorities, etc, are these the key issues or simply pandering to social media where so many in some of these groups squeak the loudest?

Is Twitter and facebook really that important in running a county? As much as US President Donald Trump uses Twitter is it really the straw that stirs US policy?

From his grope, to India, to antagonizing Russia, China, the US, and a few other countries policy wise has the Trudeau government really moved Canada forward?

Even his Marijuana legalization has created more potential problems than it’s cured with, like the allowing of far too many illegal border jumpers, the cost being dumped onto Provincial and Municipal budgets without proper compensation to cover the costs.

Especially regarding the border jumpers it’s actually created housing crises in cities like Ottawa as well as more crime and other societal factors.

Again, another failure.

And now we have a clearly unhappy former Minister of Justice blowing it up in Mr. Trudeau’s face. It makes one wonder if JT has the right advisors?

After all if you’re going to assemble a cabinet by focus group surely you did your background checks right?

I’m sure Mr. Butts and Mr. Trudeau never expected this to roll the way it has, but ultimately, at the end of the day, the smoke of this is from the fire at their feet that they set.

As for the former minister, her timing clearly shows a personal agenda and while some are trumpeting her as a hero she clearly isn’t Thomas Mulcair who resigned as a Cab Minister in Quebec over principle.

This is how it’s done: LINK

Tensions between then-Premier Jean Charest and Mulcair erupted over the premier’s plan to allow the development of condominiums at a park near Orford, in Quebec’s Eastern Township. Charest shuffled Mulcair to the government services portfolio. Mulcair refused the new position.

He says he acted on principle. “I was being pushed very hard to sign an order in council that would have transferred land in a provincial park to private developers. I refused to sign it. I simply quit cabinet.”

This is not how MP Jody Wilson-Raybould has played her hand which looks like an awesome display of wicked vendetta geared for causing the most damage to those that ruined her run.

Thank goodness for Captain Creepy or this could cost Mr. Trudeau the next election!

As it stands now if he’s lucky, JT may be able to hold on to a minority victory, but even someone as nice as JT can lose to someone as unelectable as Andrew Scheer. Weirder things have happened.

Clearly we know at this point that Mr. Trudeau is more of an opportunist than a feminist, or any other ist. Imagine that, a politician and his team trying to play the angles? Shock!

Instead of shuffling his cabinet, maybe it’s time to shuffle his butt?


  1. Only in Canada you say?… Instead of a leader we got a spokesmodel.

  2. Remember JT said that the budget will balance itself. God Help Us All we are in humoungous trouble here in Canada and it will take 40 years if we are lucky the way things are now to BALANCE ITSELF. WHAT A COMPLETE AND TOTAL NITWIT. LOL LOL. Things are much worse than what the sheeple know about. I have been laughing ever since the nitwit uttered that out from his snout.

  3. The options if JT loses are Andrew Scheer and Jagmeet Singh. If you thought Harpoon Harper was bad hang on to your hats Scheer is even worse in his policies. As for Singh he represents the wannabe party, the NDP. The NDP will NEVER form the federal government

  4. Maxime Bernier of the PPC was with Andrew Scheer Conservatives and he left the Cons since he was not allowed to speak and give his opinions. Maxime Bernier made his own Party PPC Peoples Party of Canada and is starting to have followers. If I decide to vote then I may go with Maxime Bernier. I know Mzx s history and not very good as a person and I kind of back off even from voting.

  5. WOW!!! Bernier left the Cons because he’s a sore loser. He’s fractured the Cons further giving other parties a hand up in the upcoming election.

  6. All Bernier has done by creating the PPC has further fractured the Con party. He’s given more opportunities for other parties to become government. He has now forced Con supporters to choose between the Cons and the PPC. It wasn’t a smart move. He left because he couldn’t accept that he lost to Andrew Scheer. Something like taking his ball and going home because he didn’t get his way.

  7. We are in a rut here in Canada with politicians that are stupid, weak and have a bad history. We are really in trouble with the economy and just now our debt is at $1 TRILLION DOLLARS and growing. More layoffs in Kitchener/Waterloo Ontario not to mention the GM car industry in Oshawa and a depression or recession is on the way and higher cost of food and living in general.

  8. If I drank I would celebrate by having a drink. That would surely be a first for me in a great many years. I am dancing and having a good time with the good news of the rats fleeing the Titanic. All criminals. The convoy from BC should be here in Ottawa by tomorrow. I must go out to Parliament Hill and offer my support to throw Trudy out the door.

  9. {MODERATED} Jules please refer to public officials by their name unless you have a column on CFN.

  10. PLEASE Jaime do NOT offer Jules a column if she asks!!

  11. First PM found guilty of an ethics violation now being investigated for the fifth time for possible ethical misconduct since his ascension. If history or track record mean anything I can readily understand why individuals within his inner circle might be wanting to distance themselves. Lack of substance and ability coming home to roost. Like 2015, 2019 looks to become another year of change.

  12. Hugger1 just another take on Bernier going his own way to further the discussion…The Conservative party having moved towards the left on numerous issues was alienating many and splintering the party. The PPC candidate running in Burnaby South spoke eloquently of the parties focus, worth listening to what she had to say.

  13. {as you wish Jules. You’re barred until you can post politely}

  14. I agree David Oldham. It’ll be interesting to see what numbers each faction of the Cons party gets in the election and see what each side pulls in as main supporters.. And if the fracture will help / hinder them or the Liberals.

  15. Hugger1 smart money would bet on simple vote splitting of the right resulting in a minority Liberal government. Based on Justin’s tarnished history at the helm I predict that an early non confidence vote would lead to a coalition formed by the two parties on the right. How a weak NDP will factor into the equation remains to be seen. Never identified with the NDP however I do miss Jack Layton.

  16. I agree David Oldham. But the unknown factor is the voters. Voters can be fickle most times. Theoretically it should be a Cons vote split with a Lib minority. The NDP will be a non-factor due to Jagmeet Singh’s destruction of the party. Layton and Broadbent were good NDP leaders. Others, outside of the founder, were just place holders.

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