Flipper Wants to Run for Mayor of Cornwall Ontario – Will Clement Sign the Line That’s Dotted? 062118

Cornwall Ontario Long time Cornwall City Councilor and two time failed Liberal MP candidate Bernadette “Flipper” Clement  may step out of the closet and run for Mayor of Cornwall Ontario finally!  At least that’s the buzz  heating up around the River City!

When not using tax dollars at the legal clinic she’s in charge of for people who earn over twice the legal aid threshold (who also work for fellow councillor Maurice Dupelle) Ms Clement is championing the causes of raising taxes and waving her hands and burning through council meetings while accomplishing as seemingly little as possible.

This is someone after all who sat on the River Institute board while staying quiet while her council murdered and trapped beavers at a local city run nature facility using unprotected conibear kill traps that could’ve snapped a child or dog in two.

She’s also been a driving force for two terms that have seen the tax levy raise almost 20% per term while industry leaves the city and MPAC devalutions may cost the city millions.

And as an experienced lawyer recently watched the city epically fail in a circus act attempt that resulted in a CUPE strike and settlement that will again cost the city millions.

While many on councils she has served on may in fact be illiterate high school dropouts,  Ms Clement being a lawyer really has no excuse for some of the drama she’s been party to or witnessed in closed door and open meetings.

Likewise, as often as she’s taking cases to the Human Rights Tribunal she was silent when the Chamber of Commerce in the last election clearly violated the Charter.   Clearly Ms Clement appears to be a person of principles…which one day this writer hopes that she’ll share exactly of what?

As one legal mind loudly put it locally:

She’s as great a politician as she is lawyer!

The question is whether the local Pink Mafia and Labour would be enough to get her elected to mayor, especially as she according to Councilor Andre Rivette supported the City’s position during the CUPE strike?

The one good point about Flipper running against David Murphy for mayor is that we’d be at least rid of one of these career parasites that give so little to their community while taking so much, and exploiting their public roles for private machinations.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?   Does Flipper have your vote for mayor of Cornwall in 2018?  You can post your comment below.


  1. This people is a person who stood silent when employee abuse was taking place over and over again at the hands of Menagh and Fitzpatrick. She is only concerned about her own self and serves the clique within her circle. Cornwall we all know how the clique is serving it’s residents of late, jail, fraud, back door dealings to name a few DON’T BE FOOLED by the mouth that flaps or the hands that flips

  2. And if O’Shaughnessy runs too we can get rid of two of them. Hell, let most of the current council run for mayor. That way we can get rid of them all except one.

  3. She’ll never get my vote

  4. Just the kind of do nothing politician that would ensure that Cornwall doesn’t step out of its own shadow. If you like the path that Cornwall has been on then vote for no real change.

  5. She’s got no chance, plus if her and Murphy can eat up some of the votes it gives MacDonald a better shot!

  6. She’s too liberal to run a city without bankrupting it. Get ready for major tax increases and looney toon ideas if she sits in the mayors throne. Not to mention the things her friends and cronies will be allowed to get away with, the clique will love it, and the Cornwall peasants will still do nothing about it.

  7. A “lawyer” sits on her hands during an elder-abuse scandal, the reprisals, harassment and dismissal of the whistleblower that exposed it — even city hall’s dismissal of the court’s “GUILTY” verdict.

    Will we elect a “lawyer”:
    – driven by politics not conviction?
    – that prefers making friends to making a stand?

    Sure… with such a lazy and ignorant voting base to draw on, how can she lose?

  8. There might be one or two on the current council who would get my vote. And “Flipper” isn’t one of them.
    The more of the current monkeys that run for mayor the more we can get rid of once the votes are cast.

  9. Can I change my vote in the mayor’s poll?

  10. Author

    Who did you vote for Hugger?

  11. I can’t recall. Old age, I guess.

  12. Author

    Well how could you want to change your vote for mayor if you forgot who you voted for? 🙂

  13. LOL LOL. ROLF! Hugger thanks for the great laugh. I knew that something was contageous coming from me and I am roaring with laughter and so much so that I have to keep retyping. I haven’t slept in a few days since one of my daughters co-workers sister is dying in the hospital and Suzie and I hugged one another and crying. I almost lost hubby and I know the feeling and we both cried together.

  14. I nominate Mark MacDonald for Mayor! He might be a bit controversial and stir the pot a little, but it is always for a good reason!!!!

  15. I’d also like to see Mark MacDonald run for mayor. Out with the clique.

  16. Author

    I’d have no problem with that either Hugger.

  17. I think it should be strongly suggested to Mark MacDonald that he run for mayor. Given the choice between him and Murphy I’d choose Mark. And I think most Cornwallites would, if they’ve been following anything that comes out of city hall. Electing Murphy would only give us more of what we have now and had with Kilgour, clique style politics. So if anyone knows Mark please push him.

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