UCDSB Teacher TRACY CHAMPAGNE Sued for Defamation in Cornwall 091618

Cornwall Ontario –   It’s a scary world we live in when a school teacher commits defamation and refuses to own up to it.  We expect teachers to help instil morals in our future citizens.

For Cornwall area educator Tracy Champagne her day in court will be coming up shortly.

The incident stems from a social media post she made trashing this newspaper and its Publisher, Editor, and Senior Journalist Jamie Gilcig

Not only did Ms Champagne defame terming CFN “Fake News”,but she further bullied anyone that would “follow” but also termed our viewers as not being intelligent.

Again, this is a long time, educated Educator spewing out this defamation.   As one expert on this subject termed in our other defamation case regarding the use of such defamation in regards to we journalists (Ms Champagne sent in a defence claiming that yours truly isn’t a journalist to add insult to injury even though I’ve written over 11,000 pieces in just over ten years on CFN alone.)

After being served Ms Champagne somehow got the CCPS to harass yours truly (she’s very good friends with about to become mayor Bernadette “Flipper” Clement) which we covered LINK. 

Tracy was actively supporting Ms Clement’s two failed attempts to become the Liberal MP of this riding.   One political wag asked if it was Ms Champagne’s relationship with with Ms Clement that allowed a police visit in armor over her being served legal documents, which she herself admitted was not served by myself.

Ms Champagne has now had two opportunities to apologize and resolve the incident but seems to be on full flame.

We will update this story after the trial or if more information becomes available.

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