You Can’t Hide Taxes in Cornwall. Fire & Police Refusing Info. By Jamie Gilcig 080317

Cornwall Ontario –  Oddly enough our fire and police services are refusing to answer basic questions and information to this newspaper.

Questions like how many calls for service the police had from last Friday to Sunday.  Where other services voluntarily release that to media, our police service, led by Chief Dan Parkinson, refuses to answer simple questions.

It’s not like the force doesn’t have the answer.   The CCPS has a media officer as well, Cst Dan Cloutier, who when asked the question first referred me to the chief.

Do we really pay a media officer to run things through the chief?

Cornwall’s police budget of around  $18M simply is bloated.   Sadly with the Labour President on Council and other butt kissers and vote panderers like Bernie Clement the public has no defense to runaway and far too often, unjustified costs.

Most crime numbers are down across the province.  In this community, with its stagnant or declining population numbers, we also see an anomaly of having a higher and growing percentage of seniors.  Are these old folks listening to Abba or going on expensive crime sprees?  The numbers released in the CCPS police blotter clearly show less crime, and the force doesn’t seem to be investing in the real big crime areas like White Collar crime and fraud.

With Marijuana legislation coming the expectations are that police costs will be dropping instead of prosecuting pointless cases.

In other words, if you follow the money, there is no reason to sustain budget levels as they are for the CCPS, nevermind raise them.

But those are fighting words for our Chief and some of the over paid senior staff riding out towards retirement.

For those of you not familiar with our chief here is an example of how he rolls.   This newspaper has been chipping away at an exhaustive investigation of the CCPS budget, especially as the Chief clearly is refusing to give out basic information, and early estimates are that taxpayers are spending about 33% more than they need and nearly 60% more than per capita policing in SD&G where our police chief and many of the force are quite happy to live.

Of course for any real change to happen it would take political leadership and sadly that sorely lacking in this community at this time.

That will take real change at the next election and years to fix, but $5-6m per year taken from that budget would help fill up capital reserves pretty darn fast before we get more sinkholes as our roads are becoming way too much like Quebec ones.

The fire service is nearly as bad a hot mess.   Essentially council took the squeaky wheel and made him chief.   Under Pierre Voisine this newspaper has only received one release via another city department.   There are allegations that the Fire Service is spending wads of cash training in certain areas which are not directly in their mandate while not focusing on some that are.

Mr. Voisine as a matter of fact neglected to send his latest release release from the fire department to this outlet, the largest in Cornwall.  Is safety not important?  Isn’t the purpose of a release to reach to most residents possible?

For immediate release

Cornwall Fire Services begins administering Naloxone for Opioid overdoses

Starting this week, Cornwall Fire Services (CFS) will be delivering Naloxone Hydrochloride via nasal spray to victims of Opioid overdoses on response calls under the medical delegation of Dr. Paul Roumeliotis, Medical Officer of Health for the Eastern Ontario Health Unit (EOHU).

This new approach is in response to the growing epidemic of Opioid use and abuse involving both prescription and illicit forms of the potent narcotics.

“The Cornwall Fire Service will provide this crucial Opioid overdose treatment before it becomes a major issue in Eastern Ontario,” said Firefighter Eric Richer, CFS Medical Response Team Lead.

“All of our firefighters have received the proper training and providing this service will ensure that citizens get the care they need in a timely manner, supplementing the services that already provided by Cornwall SDG Paramedic Services,” added Fire Chief Pierre Voisine.

– 30 –

For more information on the following, please contact:

Pierre Voisine 
Fire Chief
Cornwall Fire Services
(613) 930-2787 ext. 2338

Cornwall of course, because of its older run down housing stock in the East end and a higher senior population sees a much higher share of fires than other comparable communities, but the question comes simply to that if the force refuses to be transparent and accountable how does it justify its yearly budget?

There truly seems to be a group of managers and leaders at City Hall that seem to have completely forgotten that they in fact do not work in the private sector, and that they cash they are spending is in fact the public’s money.

Clearly many realize how much they spend as they choose to not live in Cornwall and pay taxes on some of the wastage that they create.  Very few city managers actually live in the City.   Our CAO, the person at the top of the food chain lives in South Stormont.  How do you feel struggling with your tax and water bills knowing that Sunshine List salaries are being pumped out of the city?

With rumblings of a 6-10% tax hike in an election year it’s starting to look like there aren’t many, if any candidates of this council at all worthy of re-election in this wasted term of bloated taxes, bad image management, corruption and non economic development.

When your commercial and industrial losses and MPAC appeals result in potential 1-3% tax increases alone you’re in trouble, and do any of these elected officials or key management foster potential solutions, especially when you have councilors like Elaine Macdonald claiming that taxes are good?

Of course things could be worse and we could be busy building roundabouts in our community…..

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  You can post your comments below.


  1. What isn’t fair is that the cop force in a small town like Cornwall earns the same salary as a big city like Toronto and this is totally unfair and ridiculous. If the cops in Cornwall had to deal with the crimes here in Ottawa, Toronto and elsewhere they would be yelling and running to momma and hiding under their beds and not come out for quite some time.

  2. No, Jules, they do not make the same as big cities like Toronto.

    As for the information not being released have you thought of going the access to information request route?

  3. Author

    Hugger FOI’s are meant for certain circumstances. If the Police or Fire Services are going to withhold basic information from media the public should be aware.

  4. Jamie thanks for what you do. Maybe you can leave some contact info to the right person that us citizens can ask questions to regarding this withheld info. It’s not right, and they don’t own that information. It’s public. Jamie I truly regret you not winning they mayoral race, you would have been our Trump, and that is exactly what this city needs. To shake them like the crying babies they are.

  5. Author

    Jerry I can’t even try to describe the abuse and crime I faced during the last election period; from my false arrest charges, to the peace bond conditions which were more punitive during the elections even though I’d been proven categorically innocent; to the clique sanctioned hate group on facebook.

    History will not look kind on Cornwall for the abuse myself and the community are facing. The question is if in the next election the people of Cornwall will elect more Brock Frost and Carilyne Hebert types or truly inform themselves and make some changes?

  6. Jerry I stand up for Trump and Trump is in great fear of his life since the Deep State wants to assassinate this good man. Cornwall is something else – yes there is corruption everywhere but Cornwall is something else. The likes of Caroline Hebert – I almost lost my lunch with that name and of course Frosty no wonder the town is in big trouble. Jamie you are the best and I mean that fully.

  7. Jamie is an excellent man and I have said that since the very beginning. Since quite some time now Cornwall elects the worst of the worst instead of a good man like Jamie who can do well for the town. Everything is a real clique down there of clowns and evils. The cops are mighty corrupt and only protect the guilty clique. Jamie I do know what it is about down there in Cornwall.

  8. Author

    Jules if this deal in Toronto goes through Cornwall loses myself and this paper, and while I understand that those most responsible for the ills of this community will rejoice, I have a hunch that this will be a better community without CFN.

  9. Author

    Jules I honestly believe that the issues with the CCPS are not the Constables or most of the officers, but the older generation near retirement that is playing fast and loose. It’s sad that a few eggs at the top make the community look bad. It’s up to the community that will elect a strong council that will right the ship as we have a lot to build on in this community if the majority of the 46,000 or so people that live here decide they want lower taxes and less corruption. And maybe even an art gallery.

  10. from reading I take it Jamie has an offer to work in The Big Smoke. Care to give any little details?

  11. Author

    Hugger I’ve shared that we’re in negotiations to sell CFN and move to TO. If we move forward there should be an official announcement around Xmas. Apparently a lot of people have been impressed in what we’ve been able to build, in Cornwall of all places, and with almost no resources and a City Hall led conspiratorial boycott.

  12. Author

    It’s sad and a horrible reflection on Cornwall that our ad base is now larger from outside Cornwall where people tend to make decisions based on reality and numbers rather than what some old codger from the Kinsmen thinks, or those that are too afraid of the feeble clique. As you so well know as you’re afraid to post here with your real name 😉

  13. Jamie I am laughing just now to beat the band. I just popped into the living room and hubby put on Cornwalls top rag the Freeloader and he said what a piece of crap. LOL LOL. ROLF! I am roaring like a lion. Jamie you have the best paper in town and they are envious every one of that garbage. Cornwall is finished my friend finished.

  14. some research. Have a look at the census numbers, they don’t lie. And the insults can stop at any time. If I have to say whom this is directed at well…………

  15. Jamie if CFN is no longer in your name I will no longer come here. Without you Jamie CFN is gone. Cornwall is dead and buried and soon all the business will be in grave yards only. The clique have spent all the money in town and soon there will be nothing left for all what has to be done. You would be leaving in town and I will miss you badly. I mean every word Jamie every word.

  16. Read to comprehend, comprehend to comprehend. Don’t assume, because it makes an ass out of u and me.

  17. Jamie I do believe you 100% that it is those at the top in the cop department who are at fault. If you were around during my youth to know what was going on then you would be able to swallow Project Truth a great deal easier and so would Hugger and everyone else. It is all true and so much more. The town is completely corrupted to the core and needs huge changes but may not be in my lifetime.

  18. Jamie five years ago my daughter was offered a position to move to a suburb of TO and there were no buses and no places to rent – you had to purchase. My daughter turned it down and a good thing because it wasn’t worth the bother at all. I wish you all the very best in what you choose and after living in Cornwall TO mighty sound good to you. Ottawa sounded good for us too – we went through

  19. Where do these nuggets come from?

  20. Jamie when you are gone to TO you will notice quite a difference like night and day. It will be kind of difficult to adjust and it took us time but one think that you can take to the bank and that is your wacky jules would never go back to Cornwall. I love the laughter and that is it. I will miss you very much and you can count on that as well as your paper which is the very best.

  21. Author

    Jules I will still be with CFN; simply from TO if the deal actually happens 🙂 It will be nice to work with resources, and not have to deal with some of the utterly pathetic types that run this town. I’ve been to the alter two times now on selling CFN. Until a deal closes it’s still onwards towards the next election where I’m hoping to see the silent majority shake things up at City Hall. I’m seeing some exciting new candidates for council stepping forward who understand that there’s a swamp to be drained of certain managers who besides being ineffective, are corrupt and need to be moved out.

  22. I just hope you don’t become jaded being in The Big Smoke. I know how you hate corporations running news media from afar. So, I hope this doesn’t become the case with CFN. Best of luck with the negotiations though.

  23. Author

    Hugger it’s always nice to feel appreciated for your hard work. I’ve lived in some pretty big cities. I kinda find Toronto like London Jr. I’m at an age where I’d prefer to live in a community this size, and I may never leave, but I have a hunch that things will change one way or the other whether I stay or go.

    Again, I think history will look really badly at not just the corrupt slugs, but more at those that let them slither. I’m very proud of what CFN has accomplished. I just wish that those that appreciate it showed it more and more importantly did so publicly.

  24. Agreed. But that will not change my use of a pseudonym. I`ve explained this numerous times and the reasoning hasn’t changed and I doubt ever will. I think the others who use pseudonyms have the same feelings. The constant digs to get us to out ourselves haven’t worked and won’t work. You couldn’t pay me enough to live in crap cities like Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, etc. Putrid at it’s best.

  25. Author

    Hugger I’m not trying to get you to out yourself. This is a community issue.

  26. Jamie back in 1995 my daughter went to Los Angeles to visit my husbands nephew (her cousin) and TO is small in comparison. My daughter said that she would not want to live in LA at all and she said that she saw enough of it and you lived down there and have relatives in that enormous city. Jamie you are the very best and I mean that. Cornwall has too much corruption and has to change.

  27. Author

    Jules there are good and bad things in every community, big and small.

  28. Jamie that is true that there are good and bad things in all sizes of cities. Yesterday I roared with more laughter when he said that he liked Cornwall better than Ottawa. I went to feel his forehead to see if he had a terrible feaver and everything normal. LOL LOL. I have more laughs than a barrel full of monkeys. My daughter feels the same so I have two mighty sick people here. LOL LOL.

  29. I hope so. The politicians in this community, be it municipal, provincial or federal suck swamp water. And that’s being as nice as I can be. City hall management isn’t any better. I could tell some stories I’ve heard recently on what goes on, but that would help identify me and my family, so it isn’t going to happen.

  30. Jamie when I said that you are the best in Cornwall and your paper is the best that is not just flattery but the entire truth that comes out of your wacky Jules. The clique in Cornwall has to be kicked out of town and live in a place as huge as LA to appreciate tiny Cornwall. OMG I can just imagine how lost they would be in such a place. Even in Ottawa, TO, etc. they cannot live the same life.

  31. Author

    Hugger you can email in the stories. I have a few people at city hall leaking me stuff 🙂

  32. Jamie you said something right. As we get older it is hard to live in very big communities. Yours truly wacky Jules fell on OC Transpo bus in front of the driver the day I went to the doctor with my daughter and the driver asked me if I was ok and I said yes. The step getting on was too high and I am arthritic and getting old. LOL LOL. Cornwall is small but no work or anything.

  33. I love my material stores and if I went to Cornwall there would be none for my quilting, etc. Lebanese food would be the other drawback and we would have to commute to Ottawa for many things. There is no work anywhere and my daughter is depressed working where she is but when you have to you have to compromise. I too can tell you stories but you cannot tell what goes on on the job.

  34. Author

    Jules you can get most Lebanese ingredients in Cornwall. Believe it or not there are a lot of jobs needing to be filled here too as it seems nobody wants to do certain jobs even if they aren’t great. The good thing about Cornwall is that we’re one election away from making this city truly an amazing place with a world of opportunity.

  35. Jamie when is the next municipal election in Cornwall. Don’t mind my not having accents my keyboard is French or whatever and I have to see if my son can fix this crazy thing. My computer is acting up as usual besides my brain. LOL LOL. I would have to find where they sell certain ingredients in hubbys food. Food Basics in Cornwall might carry some of it – there is here in Ottawa.

  36. Author

    yes food basics is great here and we have a lovely little food store that carries a lot if imported stuff from the Middle East. As for your keyboard, on the bottom right of your screen there should be some symbols and one is a keyboard. If you click on it you should be able to pick the language you want.

  37. Food Basics also carries some Mexican and Chinese products as well. Hubby has some type of noodle stuff in the freezer to make Lebanese pastries the kind that looks like birds nests, etc. There is another kind as well and Canadians use one of the kinds for making appetizers. Food Basics in Cornwall is a great deal clerner than here in Ottawa. Ottawa is very dirty and badly run.

  38. Author

    omg, did you say something nice about Cornwall again Jules?

  39. OMG what sin did I commit Jamie. I have to confess to the Good Lord. What did I say. I have to be really losing my mind because I cant even remember it. LOL LOL. I am getting old for sure without a doubt. LOL LOL. ROLF!

  40. I must have said because the store and all the stores in Cornwall are a lot cleaner than here in Ottawa and that is the truth. We have been everywhere Jamie and it is the truth. My daughter is gone to work at a dirty store just now and badly run. Cornwall is still very clean. OMG I cant even describe the hell hole that my daughter goes through – Cornwall is still a great deal better. OMG OMG.

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