Shoppers MPAC Assessment Drops 26% in Cornwall ON $275K Refund FEB 7, 2017

CORNWALL ONTARIO – More fiscal hemorrhaging at the hands of the O’Shaugnessy government in Cornwall as they issued a press release stating that they mediated a settlement with Shoppers Realty Inc. that saw the MPAC assessment cut by 26%!   That’s a hard reality that if spread to more properties in the Industrial Park and other commercial properties could lead to devastating fiscal results.

The City just saw a big jump of water rates and tax rates due to a drop in commercial assessment.   This cost the city over a quarter million dollars.

The question is how much more red ink will flow to the ratepayers of Cornwall.

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City of Cornwall reaches settlement with MPAC and Shoppers Realty on assessment appeal

The City of Cornwall has reached an agreement with the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) and Shoppers Realty Inc. for the assessment value of its Cornwall distribution centre following an Assessment Review Board mediation session.

Minutes of settlement were recently signed for the assessment of the property at 1330 Optimum Drive for the 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 taxation years. As per the settlement, the total assessment value has changed from $55,373,000 to $44,000,000.

The end result will see a municipal property tax refund totalling $274,564.61 for these four taxation years.

“The City of Cornwall anticipated that there would be adjustments to assessment values within this sector and has made contributions to a tax stabilization reserve. This refund will be funded through this reserve,” said Tracey Bailey, General Manager, Financial Services and Treasurer.

“Shoppers is an important corporate citizen that supports our community through employment, property taxes and numerous other economic spin-offs,” added Mark Boileau, General Manager, Planning, Development and Recreation.

There are additional assessment appeals for other properties in the Cornwall Business Park which are working through a discovery process following a mediation session. Additional information will be provided once these matters are finalized.

Assessment values are established by MPAC, a provincial organization which assesses and classifies all properties in Ontario. Property tax bills are calculated by multiplying the assessed value of a property by the total tax rate (municipal and education). All property owners have the ability to appeal the assessed value of their property if they feel it is not accurate.


  1. We need to get rid of this council. They don’t know how to reduce taxes. Fire and police budget too costly, sidewalk plows going thru the city when no snow on sidewalks and not sanding either. Complex management paid and NO events happening. 60k for lights in the park. Holiday lights in Le Village and Downtown installed by high priced electrical contractor.

  2. Will the assessment go up when the value of a Shopper’s marijuana distribution centre is considered?

  3. Businesses in Cornwall cannot pay the huge taxes nor the huge cost of electricity, etc. You will see things get worse and worse as time goes on. You will see tons of homes and businesses up for sale and many people are going to leave Cornwall even by jumping on the freight traines looking for work wherever they can find it. This is going to hit everywhere but Cornwall is going to be hit really

  4. Author

    Jules Cornwall is already being hit.

  5. Jamie I see some store fronts here in Ottawa that have closed their doors as well. The economy is going to plunge badly world wide. People learn to live with a great deal less because very soon maybe this year the economy may crash from what I am reading and listening to.

  6. Cornwall will have a new mayor and a new council in 2018 🙂

    There will be no more graft, no more scandal, and no more dead wood!

  7. Author

    Josh CFN viewers were key in changing the mayor and half of council. It was progress, although sadly not enough. This next election we’ll work with candidates that truly want the community to be inclusive and progressive. And those candidates will have to tackle the tax situation and draining of the swamp of the city managers that are a large part of the problem. There’s no sense in paying near Sunshine list salaries for people that miss the target consistently.

  8. Jamie you sure are right about draining the swamp and getting rid of dead wood. Cornwall’s taxes are way too high and one man came from Milton Ontario near Toronto and was shocked at Cornwall’s taxes. There is nothing in Cornwall at all for taxes to be so high – do I ever remember the high shocks that came in the mailbox.

  9. Jamie a lot of stores at Billings Bridge are closing and some others are going to move out as well. The cost of doing business is insane. A muffin shop was supposed to reopen but they didn’t at Billings Bridge. You see a lot of people in the mall but very few people purchasing. Less cars are on the roads as well.

  10. Cornwall’s council has to change and it has to be a council that cares for its municipality instead of one that is there to collect a paycheck and screw things up. It takes vision to be a mayor and councellor and I have been saying that for years. Anybody who is corrupt must go and the sooner that you toss out the dead wood the better.

  11. It is snowing outside and can you imagine how much money that costs to shovel the roads and sidewalks. OMG we see pot holes all over Ottawa and the city can’t keep up that when they fill them they come back. The cost of cops and fire in tiny village Cornwall costs as much as Ottawa, Toronto, etc. and that is literally insane to the core.

  12. Only J could take a topic about MPAC, turn it into something about snow clearing in Ottawa and then turn it further to be about the cost of fire and police in Cornwall. Arrggghhhh!!!!! Good job J. LOL ROFL, etc.

  13. I agree Hugger. When one person constantly floods the comments, saying the same things over and over, it kinda kills the ‘viewing’ experience.

  14. Author

    Well you guys could comment more often 🙂 One of the reasons you see more Jules comments is we now have a limiter in how long a comment you can make. Poor Jules can’t write epic book length comments and has to split her ideas up into multiple comments which is making moderation easier. We need more donations from our viewers to help improve things around here…..

  15. You won’t see me commenting often. I’ve decided I have better things to do than argue with someone who constantly rehashes the same points over and over and over again. As I said before insult me once shame on me; insult me two or more times shame on me.

  16. Correction. It should read “As I said before insult me once shame on you; insult me two or more times shame on me.”

  17. Jamie you just said exactly why I have to say multiple comments and I cannot say something in one or two lines. I have never complained to you about anyone here not even my worst enemies on line. I will say my very last goodbyes since some very nasty people are complaning about me. Thank you my friend Jamie but goodbye.

  18. Author

    Jules I’m sure we’ll see you back one day, but you know some of the things you type are clearly over the line. Just like I don’t let you call our PM “Justine” or some of the other strange stuff you type. Remember there are thousands of people that read CFN daily. Your comments are as much of a reflection at times as the stories and content. You and everyone else is welcome to post their comments; which many other media outlets no longer allow.

    Not only that, but you, Furtz, Hugger, and a few others are allowed to keep your grand-fathered user id’s rather than have to post with your real names.

    Maybe it’s time that some of you appreciate that and CFN instead of making our job of moderation more difficult?

    It would be really easy to simply cut off comments like the Freeholder and other media. I’d hate to do that, but I really don’t need to ref you and Hugger.

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