Elaine MacDonald Puts Cornwall in Liability Position After Wage Freeze Shadow Negotiations MAY 19, 2017

Elaine MacDonald Puts Cornwall in Liability Position After Wage Freeze Shadow Negotiations MAY 19, 2017

Cornwall Ontario –   I live in a very strange community.   Here in Cornwall the people that clean city hall can’t run for council.  Yet Elaine MacDonald, President of the Labour Council, can.

That’s letting the fox in the henhouse when it comes to the staff that make the city work.

Likewise it tends to lead to heavy block voting with organized labour, which make up a far larger percentage of those working in this community than the norm, voting for whomever will rubberstamp their wage increases which is a huge factor in the disaster that is this city’s finances.

In the latest budget fiasco which only saw a near 2% increase instead of a cut, it was Elaine, her pet monkey Carilyne Hebert, and Bernadette Clement voting for a near 3% raise.  All were given the Labour Council’s thumbs up at the last election.   Mayor O’Shaughnessy, deviating from his Conservative roots also voted for higher taxes.

Elaine was actually quoted saying that we dirty public folk have it all wrong and that more taxes were good.

She failed though.   Council didn’t support the higher tax hike because…an election is coming, but now the question is how will the city’s unionized employees react to a wage freeze, especially in light of the huge salary bump given to HR Manager Geoff Clarke recently and other managers?

They might even question what some managers like Mark Boileau and his $150K per year actually do?

The Standard-Freeholder is suggesting that HR Manager Clarke and council have done some voodoo budgeting, by cutting monies put forward for wage increases that employees can’t get a bump without deficit funding.

Now apparently Elaine has turned on her own council and suggested wrongdoing of a potential law breaking nature.

Hello!  Pot meet Kettle!   Ms MacDonald has been an active member in council’s past that have broken many laws and been sanctioned by the integrity investigator.   Where was her voice then?  She still was in conflict of interest over her belonging to a group seeking funding for a vanity university and voting to give up said funds.

Is her loyalty to Council or organized labour?  Is she simply lashing out like the petty person she is and potentially putting council into a liability position by suggesting her council and government have broken some mysterious law that she won’t specify?

“I think there is something egregiously wrong about the budget as it stands and it has something to do with the closed-meeting motion,” declared MacDonald. “I think we crossed a line and we’ve entered into a realm of illegality, unconstitutionality …”

Those are incendiary comments at the very least.  At the most it could lead to a big legal bill.

Of course this writer might suggest that the city wouldn’t have to play hardball with its unionized employees if said employees hadn’t given council and senior management the slack they have the last dozen or so years.   That by sanctioning puppets it’s led to a weaker government locally that has allowed a delicate local economy to falter.

In the end you do reap what you sow.

The question is how much this will impact the next election and if we’ve finally seen the end of corrupt politicians like Elaine MacDonald, and those that simply vote the way she wants them to in Cornwall?

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  You can post your comments below.

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