Is Tom Manley the Liberal Front Runner for Justin Trudeau in SD&SG by Jamie Gilcig – Aug 18, 2014

tom manley & fitzy aug 18 2014

(Tom Manley holding Fitzy the Wonder Dachshund!)

CFN –   Tom Manley is an interesting politician.   From his stunning results for the Green Party he shifted to the Liberals in SD&SG.   He has been one of the true pillars of the party since his run for MP a few elections ago.

Fluently bilingual, and running a very successful Agro Business that is in the process of moving into a new facility in Morrisburg, he should be a front runner for Justin Trudeau’s team in the upcoming election.  He’s also not tainted by the strange Cornwall Liberal mafia that have led the party into the ground Provincially and Federally for the last near decade in the riding.

We spoke briefly at the Liberal BBQ.

You don’t see many of the other Liberals showing up at event after event and doing the heavy lifting that the very loyal Mr. Manley does.

bernie Aug 11 2014 A

Other’s in the buzz for the upcoming Federal election are past candidate Bernadette Clement who is now in the midst of the scandals that have plagued her council, and John Earle who just failed as the Provincial candidate.   There are a few dark horses as well; but with the wave of buzz that Justin Trudeau is enjoying the key to this riding turning RED would be a teflon candidate that plays well in Dundas.

Mr. Manley offers all of those qualities; far more than Ms Clement and Mr. Earle or his hair.

Although as a scribbler there’s a certain deliciousness if the race ended up between Eric Duncan and Ms Clement…

What do you think CFN viewers?  Will SD&G fall under Mr. Trudeau’s spell in the 2015 election?   You can post your comment below and vote in our poll.

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