An official ceremony was held on January 29th 2016 to transfer the Sebringville Feed Mill from from Hensall District Co-operative, Inc. (HDC) to Homestead Organics Ltd. In attendance were local elected officials, media representatives, business partners, organic farmers, and customers of Homestead Organics. Homestead Organics and HDC have been inContinue Reading

CFN – It was a great day for the 1st Annual Eastern Ontario Garlic Festival in Cornwall’s Lamoureax Park. You couldn’t have asked for better weather. It was bright and sunny with a cool breeze blowing off the river. While we were setting up at 8 AM you could seeContinue Reading

  CFN – Organic grain traders, buyers and processors are paying top dollar for corn, soybeans and many other grains and expect this trend to continue. “Depending on test weight and the shipping period, we expect to pay $12 to $14.50 per bushel for organic corn in 2015,” says RitaContinue Reading

  ALFRED (Ontario) — The Alfred College Advisory Committee is glad to see consultations and analysis coming to a close concerning the future of Alfred College, and to know that the report of the facilitator, Marc Godbout, will soon be submitted to Ontario’s Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.Continue Reading

(Tom Manley holding Fitzy the Wonder Dachshund!) CFN –   Tom Manley is an interesting politician.   From his stunning results for the Green Party he shifted to the Liberals in SD&SG.   He has been one of the true pillars of the party since his run for MP aContinue Reading

CFN – Organic Council of Ontario (OCO) board member Tom Manley called for continued diploma education programs, organic dairy research, and rural waste water management research at Alfred Ontario in Eastern Ontario.   Mr. Manley, owner of Homestead Organics in Eastern Ontario, is also the President of the Alfred CollegeContinue Reading

CFN – A major discussion of the biennial Liberal Convention in Montreal was the need for infrastructure, both physical such as rail, human such as education, and services such as health care. Clearly, infrastructure is the critical role of government. Even though the private sector will usually build infrastructure, onlyContinue Reading

CFN – The is the Liberal Party biennial policy convention in Montreal. What is a policy convention? After all, some presume that the Party Leader does what he wants to get votes. . So I asked Maryanne Kampouris about policy development. Maryanne was elected the National Policy Chair in 2012 and is acclaimed thisContinue Reading

  CFN – Homestead Organics is moving their grain operations to Morrisburg. Tom Manley held a press conference in their new facility yesterday to announce the finalizing of the purchase of the property on Allison Drive in Morrisburg. Tom, along with his father Murray and his son Yannik, outlined theContinue Reading

CFN – Homestead Organics just celebrated its 25th Anniversary! Family businesses are becoming rare these days, but Homestead organics now has its third generation working in son Yannick is now in the fold!   This year, Homestead Organics celebrates its 25th birthday!  Things have come a long way since 1988, whenContinue Reading