The Manley Family Celebrates 25 Years of Homestead Organics in Berwick Ontario – October 14, 2013

hso 1CFN – Homestead Organics just celebrated its 25th Anniversary!

Family businesses are becoming rare these days, but Homestead organics now has its third generation working in son Yannick is now in the fold!


This year, Homestead Organics celebrates its 25th birthday!  Things have come a long way since 1988, when Murray and Carrie created Homestead Organics as a 400 acre family farm with a small feed service. In 1997, the next generation took over as Tom and Isabelle moved the processing into an abandoned mill in Berwick. Today, we are 14 people serving hundreds of farmers, offering multiple products and services, and handling over 7,000 tonnes of grains.

We focus on our mission “to serve and develop organic agriculture.”  We hold core values of integrity, authenticity, and respect, and we measure our success by a triple bottom line of profitability, social responsibility, and environmental stewardship.  Homestead owes its success to all the farmers who have made us their partner in their operations.  We look forward to the next 25 years as you join us on the journey!

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From left to right; Tom Manley, Isabelle Masson, Yannick Manley

I had the chance to talk about the family achievement with President Tom Manley.

When I asked Mr. Manley the secret to his family’s success his answer was a single word.   “Persistence” and that persistence has them close to announcing a major project which will take what started out as a 400 acre farm to becoming a hub of all things Organic in the region!

To learn more about   Homestead Organics you can visit their website by clicking HERE.

Homestead Organics

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  1. Wonderful Thanksgiving story! Thank you, Jamie, for bringing it to CFN.
    Congratulations and all success to Tom, Isabelle, Yannick and everyone at Homestead Organics!

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