Former MPP Jim Brownell Makes Presentation at South Stormont Council on Behalf of Lost Villages – Nov 28, 2013

Jim brownell nov 2013CFN – Jim Brownell attended the South Stormont Township council meeting to present a report about his groups efforts at the Historical society and Charming Lost Villages tourism and educations site.

Oddly enough our amicable chat turned nasty when Mr. Brownell became upset if I asked him if he’d seen the Toronto Sun piece about Municipal Government or would watch the TV Ontario segment where Cornwall Mayor Bob Kilger’s Conflict of interest was discussed.

Mr. Brownell verbally lashed out and said some nasty stuff and told me I would have to write lines after class and go on detention.

The meeting was not disturbed further and Mayor McGillis and council appreciated Mr. Brownell’s  group’s hard work and presentation.

For those of you that missed TVo, which all pay for after all, here is the link to the segment which you can watch on video.   LINK

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  1. Man o man you made me an emotional wreck reading this one admin. I was unsure if I should laugh or lash out.
    I have mixed emotions about Mr. Brownell and his lack of contributions to our area all the while working at topping of his teaching pension with a government pension. There should be a law about that double dipping into our taxes.

    I do have a question for you, why did you ask him about the goings on with Bob and what relevance does it have with the story at hand?
    This man and his cohorts have spent enough easy access money to rebuild a negligible history. It is a few old homes and businesses that really had no significance except to those who were living there. It is a preverbal waste of taxes. He also passed bills for home children, why? How does that help a community grow?

    This man was a fraud in politics and in my opinion you should have referred to what he did for the 12,000 or so people he was supposed to represent. People think Hart is a waste of space.
    I can understand why he snapped at you well maybe I guess I bet had you stayed on topic it would not have been so brash. Also had he still needed his government pension he would have gilded your lily for you as well

  2. Author

    Hailey I like Jim. I’m saddened though to see people put their friends ahead of their principles. Although I’ve been wrong about people before.

  3. Jamie I didn’t look at Jim Brownell’s video but I looked at the others from Toronto and this Andy Radia from Vancouver. I think that four years as a mayor is way too long and those on the panel said it was the liberals back in the 80’s who made the changes to bring in four years whereas before it was either one or two and then three years. One or two years should be tops because when one keeps their seat for too long then they think that nobody can oust them out. G.W. Bush was considered a bad president which he surely was bad but people fell for this change and hope and fell into something much worse than what G.W. was and pulled out G.W.’s policies and continued along the same path and worse. The same holds true with the feds. When you see that something is wrong then they should be ousted from power.

    Honestly I tell you the truth is that I am not interested in what Jim Brownell said because he is a nothing and Bare Ass is a nothing and the only news that they have is in the toilet paper of record – SF because nobody else will give them the time of day. No wonder I prefer living in a big city. Mayor Ford sure brought recognition to Toronto and I don’t watch the videos of him acting up nor the US media on his back. Mayor Ford was given a great deal more responsibilities than other mayors whether big city or small and they only stripped him down to the level of other mayors. I have seen on news today that an RCMP officer smokes medical marijuana on the job. I was talking to my husband and he even said that the RCMP that he knew about here in Ottawa was smoking it illegally – not the medical kind but the kind like any other person would smoke and he would buy it off the cab drivers. The same with the Ottawa cops – the stories that I used to hear. Again four years is way too long to be mayor and the same with provincial and federal and you may ask why some of us are more than fed up well you all have your answers.

  4. Admin
    I agree, Jim is a great person. However if you look real closely at his circle of friends and how embedded some of them are and where they came from, it reads very close to what you see with Bob Kilger.

    In this instance council is hoping to have Jim influence decisions made by his clique if they approve funding for a dead village setting.
    His problem as is most people in the area they live for what they had and a sense of entitlement based on that.

    We should learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. Jim is wasting time, money and effort on hoping tomorrow can be like yesterday and neglecting today.

  5. It is a sad fact that many politicians seek office, attain it, then passively represent their constituents.

    Once the fat pensions kicks in, then it’s time to pursue questionable “vanity” gestures in the community.
    Which leaves one asking when referring to the individual’s political legacy. “Where’s the beef?”.

  6. @ Michael Clifton. On the federal level at least, our elected MPs’ function is to represent their party. My MP, Gord Brown, speaks only from a PMO issued binder. He never takes questions in public. He is under strict orders from the prime minister to keep his mouth shut, unless he’s reading from the binder. He has a job for life in Leeds-Grenville as far as the electorate is concerned. They’d elect a goat as long as it was a Con. But the prime minister chooses who can and can not run in any riding, so guess who my MP is serving. True, he’s pretty good at handing out awards and ribbon-cutting, and the locals are satisfied with that.

  7. @Furtz
    Yes, I am aware of these conditions Furtz.. As usual you are making good sense and showing the situation for how sad it really is. I hope for something better if we can take back some of the disappearing rights of all Canadian citizens when “his creepiness” slithers away.

  8. I think if we as a people would stay focused on one issue they could be more easily resolved.

    Here we bring into the discussion federal issues. I am not stating that there are no federal issues nor that Clifton and his political practices are just, but they do drag focus from Jim Brownell trying to grab more tax dollars to remember a past that truly benefits nobody but those having lived at that time.

    Had Jim really wanted to have the village of Long Sault remembered, when he was MPP he should have attempted to hold the true promises made by the St Lawrence Seaway commission ( or whatever they were called in 1958) that the area would thrive and the economy would grow.

    You would think all the people having lost their land and the costs of relocating, not only monetary, would rather see someone make the people and area flourish. Not a person wanting to hold on to what was, and spend money that could be best spent on other more critical necessities

  9. Please don’t EVER mix-up my name with that individual!

  10. @Hailey Brown
    Of course I’m referring to the “Clifton and his political practices” stumble.

    Hey it’s cool. I sometimes don’t proof my stuff before I click send either. I also refuse to apologise for the odd conversational diversion either. My comments are consistently brief and I throwdown the straight shit with my real name on it. If someone thinks the comment is frivolous – they’ll skip it.

    I’m not looking for ratings here Ms. Brown, I just enjoy the comradery!
    (and the odd opportunity to reminisce about the old days)

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