Massena NY Grocer Sells Over 75,000 Pounds of Turkey During Thanksgiving Black Friday Holiday!

turkeyCFN –  Thanksgiving in the US and in border towns of Canada may mean Black Friday shopping to many; but it’s also a time to celebrate with family over some turkey.

Turkey sales are so massive that one grocery store in Massena usually sells out a full tractor trailer load each year.

I spoke with assistant manager Brett Price of the Massena Hannaford who stated he couldn’t give me an exact number, but speculated that at least 75,000 pounds of turkey are sold around the holiday period by the store!

With birds averaging about 14-16 pounds each that’s a lot of turkeys!

Shoppers this year were allowed one per person.    CBSA allows Canadians to bring one bird per person back duty free.  After that 180% duty is added; but at .59 cents per pound this year that still is a deal for many Canadian Shoppers!

A few CBSA agents speaking off the record stated that they had seen a rise this year of Canucks looking for fowl deals!


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  1. Imagine that’s 75,000 lbs of turkey, sold at one supermarket, in the small village of Massena, N.Y. , population 12,000 ? That doesn’t take into account the other 2 supermarkets, (Walmart & Price Chopper) that were price matching also at .59 cents a pound. Now, that’s one hell of a bargain, fill up with gas at .95 cents a liter, half price on milk products, pick up your parcel at the Ship it Shop, it’s a worthwhile trip, just plan when you cross. My three birds, are nice ‘n’ cozy in the freezer.

  2. Stupid Canadians. Stay on your own side of the damn water.

  3. I am very cautious what I buy cross border.. I don’t buy their poultry anymore.. i am into free range and grain fed birds as I just think they are healthier for us.. I have also read some very shocking articles on a particular brand of turkeys in the US and how they are raised etc.. (not good and they are not all natural)
    Sure 59 cents a lb is cheap but you get what you pay for also..Some of them are seconds missing a wing or leg etc.. Canada is much more strict with hormones etc which they do use a lot of and it goes into the milk etc.. There are a few things I buy over there Supplements good quality and no 13% tax.. Kraft Philadelphia cream cheese, other Kraft cheeses etc.

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