Why the Progressive Conservatives Will Give Tim Hudak One More Election in Ontario by Jamie Gilcig

hudakCFN – Time will not be likely kind to the Tim Hudak era of the Progressive Conservative party.  In spite of a scandal plagued McGuinty and now Wynne led Liberal government in Ontario Mr. Hudak has failed to deliver.

While many in his own ranks are calling for a leadership review, which he has rejected, I think it’s safe to say that he will be the guy in the next election for the PC’s.

Why?   Because it’s a safe bet at this point and if the results are not strong then the party can blame any failure on Mr. Hudak, and there is no guarantee if they made a change now that they’d fare much better.

Reviewing the current list of MPP’s elected for the PC’s doesn’t show a lot of leadership potential.

Frankly Steve Clark of Leeds Grenville shows the most luminosity.  The lifelong politician  doesn’t seem to have too many negatives and has great presence.

People like Randy Hillier and Jack MacLaren have support; but it’s further from the centre.

Newly elected Fordster Doug Holyday has the cache of being Toronto centric.

Most likely though the next Conservative leader in Ontario will be from outside the current crop of MPP’s.  With new pension rules for Federal MP’s it might not be so surprising to see some potential leadership material fall from the Fed ranks to Ontario.

The problem facing many Ontario voters is that there really isn’t anyone or any party they want to vote for unless they are hyper partisan.

The Wynne move has not really resonated for the Liberals.   It certainly has not got them over the hump of scandal after scandal and judging from public opinion there’s a mood for change in the wind; the issue is to what?

Andrea Horwath and her NDP?  While Ms Horwath has made some gains they are usually shot down by old (mostly unjustified) NDP Bob Rae resentments in voters.    Also they really have not shown to be a strong enough option.  It almost like they’re pitching themselves as Liberal light?  Even car insurance which should be a no brainer; the party hasn’t taken a clear position of what they would do to improve or change the system.  For example move to a Provincial car insurance program like Quebec has?

The next election isn’t looking like there will be a majority winner at this point.  Of course things can change; and there could never be a better time for independent candidates across the province; especially if they campaign on strong local or regional issues.

And while some would argue that Independents can’t get a lot done as they don’t have the leverage there are many who would also point out that if you’re party isn’t in first you have very little leverage either.



Either way Tim Hudak’s future is in his hands at this point even though many in his own party would shudder if he actually did win a majority government.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  You can post your comments below and vote in our poll.


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  1. My answer is “NONE OF THE ABOVE”.

  2. I believe the NDP under Horwath voting with the Liberals so much, have made their own Bob Rae for present day voters.
    I would like to see a stronger Libertarian party, just to get some new ideas into the mainstream.

  3. It looks like the Cons are stuck with Hudak to lead them to defeat in the expected spring election. It’s a little late for them to find and elect a credible leader at this point. Such a shame.

  4. None of them are any good. It is the same thing for the federals – none of the above for the feds either and we are stuck with Harpo. Justin is no good at all so don’t let the drug head fool any of you. The economy is in terrible straights and we talk about this on a daily basis. Get your heads out of the sand or wherever you have them and take a good look around. There is no magic bullet to save the economy or anything. The wars are on because of the economy. People worldwide are suffering so don’t think that it is just Ontario or just Canada the problem is worldwide and it isn’t going to get better for some time and not until people wake up and make the change themselves. Stop waiting for some particular person to come and look after everything for you because only a world dictator like Hitler can come on the scene which one is supposed to come and hell will come back again. The change is in the mirror only to start. Hudak or Wynn or any other cannot change a place that died.

  5. Another factor not mentioned is the ‘Working Families Coalition’ comprised mostly of teacher and nurse unionists; a very partisan, self serving, successful & effective money and propaganda machine at election time.

    Since its inception in 2003, this union-backed group has spent millions to fund attack ads targeting every PC leader since Ernie Eves. Third parties such as working families Coalition are allowed to raise money without disclosure up to two months before the election writ is dropped. Since WFC exclusively targets the Tory leader, this effectively doubles the advertising budget of the Liberals. WFC does the dirty work of attack ads while the Liberals take the high road and use their advertising budget for warm, fuzzy ads… a one-two knockout punch. It is a reality the PC’s must address as until such time, I believe no PC leader will grasp the reigns of power. Thus Ontario is doomed to tax and spend Leftist governments and regrettably further fiscal ineptness under the Liberals. In supporting Liberal policy as she has, Horwath is no better than McWynnety!

  6. @ garfield. There’s never been an easier target than Hudak. A smirking wannabe Harris ain’t gonna cut it.
    Every Lib and Dipper loves Hudak.

  7. Ah Garfield, the world is divided into two groups of people, us and them…..and you’re them.

  8. Is Garfield Guy Lauzon?

  9. We need a story explaining why the 4 boldest cigarette smugglers working in the city are never investigated for inexplicable sudden wealth. There is a large furniture store/contracting company, a car audio shop, an investment “guru”, and a real estate agent who don’t seem to have any business bu/t are obviously {MODERATED} Put it to the Chief Jamie. Why do the cops not investigate these scum

  10. My answer is still “NONE OF THE ABOVE” and will remain like that. “Winnie the Pooh” is no different than her predecessor “McGuinty” the loser and “Hudak” Hudat is McGuinty’s cousin so idiots like that run in the family. Whoever gets in is going to have a mighty tough job since Ontario is gone to hell. There are no jobs and people know it. Everything is contract and part time work and not enough to keep going. McGuinty destroyed the province and I won’t vote at all since they are all liars, thieves, crooks and corrupted to the core and that includes all levels of government.

  11. @FURTZ I agree it is a shame. The NDP under Bob Rae severely crippled the province years ago, the liberals have plunged the province well over 100 billion dollars further into debt during their present reign, chased industry/manufacturing to foreign soil as a direct result of a ludicrous energy policy and the conservatives under Hudak are running around with their heads seemingly cut off and when opportunity comes knocking Tim pulls a disappearing act. The definition of insanity is ….

  12. @ David. Agreed. I’ll never understand why the Cons stuck with Hudak after he blew the last election that he should have won by a landslide.

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