Sweet Melons at the Long Sault Farmers Market by Reg Coffey, August24, 2013

Mellons 23Aug13

CFN – Hoople Creek Farm brought some juicy sweet melons to the market yesterday among other produce. They and the other produce vendors have a plethora of fresh picked vegetables and fruit that are at their peak of freshness.

This week we had two new vendors at the market, Melina’s Goodies and Gifts and Vibrant Vinyls, and our community service spot was taken by the Friends of the Sanctuary.


I mentioned last week that we were expecting a fudge and chocolate maker and here she is. There was quite a buzz around her booth with sweet tooths (teeth?) of all ages hovering waiting to get a fix.


The summer is passing by quickly now so don’t miss any opportunity to come out to Long Sault on Friday afternoon and get some of the fresh locally grown produce, fresh baked goodies, jams, jellies, sauces, Thai food and, of course, the best locally roasted coffee south of Ottawa.

The Long Sault Farmer’s Market is open from 2 PM to 6 PM every Friday afternoon until October 11th. Come on out to Long Sault and shop on the grass in Long Sault. Rain or shine the market will be open, unless there is a tornado warning, then we may close early.

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  1. Reg as usual you have me so mighty hungry looking at all the great produce and then you went into the fudge where I have a terrible weakness. I am trying to lose weight and I come across such goodies. It is a good thing that I am very far away from that market because I would be buying up everything in sight.

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