Why is Tim Hudak Spanking Kathleen Wynne in the Polls by Jamie Gilcig

Why is Tim Hudak Spanking Kathleen Wynne in the Polls by Jamie Gilcig

Wynne Truck CornwallCFN – Why is Ontario Preme Kathleen Wynne getting her ass handed to her by a boob?   Disconnect with the people of Ontario.   Cutting Clean Air for cars by $5?  Fail.   The Liberals chose to not distance themselves from Dalton McGuinty by choosing Ms Wynne instead of someone like Gerard Kennedy.

That choice is coming home to roost.  Almost all the other leadership candidates are playing key roles in her team.   In politics you give away candy.  The only problem is that Ms Wynne and her team forgot to give the voters of Ontario any.

People see factories closing.  They see hydro rates at insane levels, gas prices going up, gasoline taxes, health care costs.   People are not stupid.  They get a paycheque; they don’t always get raises.   They know that if Ontario isn’t working there’s really no way to pay for bloated civil services.

Really, we do.   We get it.   So yes Tim Hudak is full of poop and has zero chance of creating one million jobs.  It’s almost as much hot air as a Ontario government press release.

But at least Mr. Hudak is making sounds of heading in the right direction.  The failed budget would increase the debt and deficit.

According to the latest polling at threehundredeight.com Mr. Hudak is heading for a majority government.   While personally no fan of Mike Harris were there really many surprises?     If elected Mr. Hudak will damage Ontario.   He will cut jobs in our civil service.

Sometimes it’s not what a cook does, but how they do it and so far it sounds like Hudak will be one scary cook!

Meanwhile the NDP seem to be hiding; hoping that the Liberals and PC’s beat each other up and tire each other out; but the mantra this election in Ontario seems to be to get rid of the Liberals at any cost.

People have to remember that it was because of the Federal NDP that Stephen Harper was able to defeat the Liberals and ultimately get his majority.

It looks like in their jagged, amateur, and incompetent way the Hudak team is trying to follow the same game path.  How sad is it for Ms Wynne that it seems to be working?

There’s still just under a month to go and I do have faith in Mr. Hudak fumbling and making more gaffes so who knows how this ends, but what it does show is that Canada’s largest province isn’t just a have not right not; but it’s also a hot mess.

What do you think Ontario?  You can post your comment below.

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