Why is Tim Hudak Spanking Kathleen Wynne in the Polls by Jamie Gilcig

Wynne Truck CornwallCFN – Why is Ontario Preme Kathleen Wynne getting her ass handed to her by a boob?   Disconnect with the people of Ontario.   Cutting Clean Air for cars by $5?  Fail.   The Liberals chose to not distance themselves from Dalton McGuinty by choosing Ms Wynne instead of someone like Gerard Kennedy.

That choice is coming home to roost.  Almost all the other leadership candidates are playing key roles in her team.   In politics you give away candy.  The only problem is that Ms Wynne and her team forgot to give the voters of Ontario any.

People see factories closing.  They see hydro rates at insane levels, gas prices going up, gasoline taxes, health care costs.   People are not stupid.  They get a paycheque; they don’t always get raises.   They know that if Ontario isn’t working there’s really no way to pay for bloated civil services.

Really, we do.   We get it.   So yes Tim Hudak is full of poop and has zero chance of creating one million jobs.  It’s almost as much hot air as a Ontario government press release.

But at least Mr. Hudak is making sounds of heading in the right direction.  The failed budget would increase the debt and deficit.

According to the latest polling at threehundredeight.com Mr. Hudak is heading for a majority government.   While personally no fan of Mike Harris were there really many surprises?     If elected Mr. Hudak will damage Ontario.   He will cut jobs in our civil service.

Sometimes it’s not what a cook does, but how they do it and so far it sounds like Hudak will be one scary cook!

Meanwhile the NDP seem to be hiding; hoping that the Liberals and PC’s beat each other up and tire each other out; but the mantra this election in Ontario seems to be to get rid of the Liberals at any cost.

People have to remember that it was because of the Federal NDP that Stephen Harper was able to defeat the Liberals and ultimately get his majority.

It looks like in their jagged, amateur, and incompetent way the Hudak team is trying to follow the same game path.  How sad is it for Ms Wynne that it seems to be working?

There’s still just under a month to go and I do have faith in Mr. Hudak fumbling and making more gaffes so who knows how this ends, but what it does show is that Canada’s largest province isn’t just a have not right not; but it’s also a hot mess.

What do you think Ontario?  You can post your comment below.

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  1. Your behind the eight-ball. A new Poll came out today showing a wild swing putting Liberals back in the lead!

  2. That poll you site has the Cons and Libs in a virtual tie. Most other polls have the Libs very slightly ahead. The Cons should be way ahead, but Hudak has zero appeal to almost everyone but his mother.

  3. You may want to change that headline. The latest polls have Wynne heading for another majority.
    By the way Tim, the contest for Court Jester is the Toronto Mayoral race.

  4. If Hudak would do his campaigning with a bag over his head and a sock in his mouth, the Cons would have a decent chance of winning. The more that people see and hear him, the less they like him. Add to that the lingering stink of Harris/Hutton that follows him everywhere, and it leaves nothing to like.

  5. I see more PC signs than what I used to see in my area of Ottawa. It used to be the other way around. When I speak to some people what they think they are starting to sound more like me like they are all discouraged. I told them that I stopped voting and it is only “changing the bird cage liner” and I have the all laughing at that one. I can tell all of you wait until 2015 to 2020 and see what is going to happen and it isn’t just our Canada but the entire world. Keep a very watchful eye on what is to come. Winnie is a nobody is so is Tim (Who Dat). LOL LOL. ROLF! Rely on your own instincts for survival.

  6. There’s only 1 poll that counts……June 12.

  7. Yes there is only one winner in all of this charade and we will see which bird cage liner comes in next. All of them have no vision for Ontario and the province has become a have not province. It will be much worse in years ahead. Time to start batting down the hatches.

  8. One thing I`ve learned watching elections is that the amount of lawn signs someone has does not determine the winner or loser in elections.

  9. anyone wanting to vote liberal, remember that the fiberals have doubled the deficit and its skyrocketing out of control.. all they do is tax and spend.. youll see even less on your paycheques if you vote liberal.. be smart vote conservative, the only party that is ready to tackle the deficit, otherwise our kids, their kids, will end up paying for years

  10. Under the NDP Ontario welfare numbers soared to 500,000 people. The Harris government was able to restore some sanity and the numbers fell to approximately 200,000. The Liberals have worked hard at putting people back on welfare and are passed the 400,000 mark on target to break new records of handouts. Governments do not produce, they are not self sustaining, they administrate and consume. For the economy to grow in a sustainable fashion less government is a desirable environment. The private sector is dependent on efficiency. Big government is dependent on fools who easily hand over their money without questioning.

  11. You are correct David. Bob Rae was personally responsible for the Great Recession of 1990. I keep forgetting that. And Mike Harris should be credited for putting the world economy back on track.

  12. I think you listen to the woman/man rather then the words spoken.

    Hudak like Wynne is not capable of leading anything. They just don’t have it.

    What the general public seems to see is that we need to revert to a more controlled and better run government. Somebody posted on the freeholder that we had a better province before the liberals began with there reign. You know he was pretty accurate.

    If the conservatives can take us back to pre liberal and NDP rule we may be better off. Remember Me Harris started all this responsibility campaign as well as telling people how much the corporations earn with in their ranks. Mike also dealt a blow to Quebec ( of which had impact on what I do) where in he told them to open the doors to trades workers or we will close the doors to Quebec trades….

    The PC or Conservatives seem to have a much better handle on the business aspect of things but could use a little help on the social aspects. However that will balance some if we ever gat back to more profitable province

  13. One thing is true that during Mike Harris (Harrass) days he did find ways of cutting and boy did he cut but he had no other alternative. Ontario was in trouble back then and guess what under the fiberals it is back in the red again. NDP didn’t do any good either and Bob Rae screwed up Ontario and when he went federal he went from NDP to the fiberals he became a turncoat. He even turncoated on the people who put him into power in Ontario and he was one that you couldn’t trust. Food is going to rise as well as utilities and everything else. People will have to learn to live with a great deal less. None of them have any vision for Ontario and Canada as a whole is in deep doo doo. The “polytrickers” are just that full of tricks and will not tell you the real truth.

  14. Jules
    A whole lot less is not a bad thing, Considering most people, and I know not all, live well out of their ability and so many live on want rather then necessity.

    It is going to be a rude awakening whne the modern families realize there is no money for play station or that second case of pop or rent all the weekend movies. Now they actually have to take the time to participate as family. It was done when we were children with both parents working just as hard if not harder to earn a living…

    It would also cut deeply into the pockets of manufactures now producing over seas if we cannot spend frivolously as many have myself and family included.

    All in all it may be a good thing

  15. @ Jules. For sure Harris and the recently sainted Jim Flaherty made some hard decisions. It must have been heartbreaking for them when they forced the poorest people in the province out of their affordable housing to freeze on the streets. And it must have been heartbreaking for them when they had to advise the same people to haggle for lower food prices at the grocery stores. And selling off provincial assets like highway 407 for a fraction of their worth to their friends must have kept them sleepless for at least an hour. I could go on…

  16. Hailey Brown you are so very right indeed. Today these people living off the system have more than those who work. I live not far from these low rentals (there are three or four that I am aware of) and they have everything and scamming the system. It is about time that the government wises up and does something. I will tell you more if our Jamie would let me. One Lebanese man that we know about (his nephew) collected welfare here in Canada. The uncle was here in Canada and sent the welfare cheques to Lebanon to him and this is what goes on as well. It is bad enough what a lot of rich people do but this goes way too far. I have plenty of other stories as well which are true. People have to learn to live differently and that is true. I have read where a woman on welfare who lived in social housing here in Ottawa who went and bought one of those rent to own houses and she put down $10,000. and got scammed by the corporation. She had 6 kids and was going to live in Orleans. What person on welfare has that much money and complains about no food, etc. Mike Harris where are you???? In past years our parents worked awfully hard for putting food on the table and clothes on our back and were able to pay for their own housing. I understand fully well when someone is disabled for whatever reasons and not go and scam the system. This makes things bad for the good people who really need the help. Things are going to get a great deal more expensive and people have to learn to do without all the stupid toys that make no sense at all. I am fed up with what the PM’s of Canada are doing bringing in people who do not care for our Canada nor contribute.

  17. Furtz places like Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and other cities are unaffordable for poor people as well as for a lot of middle class people. The middle class is no longer what it used to be and now you need an income of at least $160K to be called middle class and it is going to get a great deal worse. There will only be two classes of people and they will be the very rich and the poor and I have been studying this for years now. People will find out soon enough what kind of a condition that we are all in. Ontario is in a mighty bad situation and much more so than what people think. The entire world is going to collapse and it is just a matter of time when the top people who run the world will pull the plug like they did back in the 30’s era. History repeats itself. About political parties it is the worst kind of government that one can have. All political parties toes the line for just that and are bought and paid for by the big corporations and the banksters. The rest of us have no hope unless all this and more is taken apart. The very rich are mighty evil.

  18. Furtz
    Please explain how Mie Harris, and Highway 407 You are a little off target there as well

    It was sold to a consortium which is made up of Canadian companies also and also it is partially owned by The Canadian Pension Plan Board.

    That seems to me a better way to earn revenue rather than pay for the infrastructure and maintenance.

  19. Furtz now where did I hear about the highways being Spanish owned. Oh yes I heard because in the US I forget the name of the Spanish company off hand but it was going to charge tolls on highways and also “get ready for this folks” for the transportation of goods that come from one of Mexico’s cities on the Pacific (where offshormen earn less money than our Canadian and American ones) to transport goods in trucks to Canada and the US. There is the I-35 highway that is going from the city in Mexico, through Texas and all the way up through Kansas and up to Manitoba and it also goes to our Canadian west coast and to our east coast Montreal, etc. Yes I heard all about all of this including the other highways in the US and Canada are all owned by that Spanish company. I have been into this for many years now. Canada and the US will look more like third world in the not too distant future. Get ready for the shocks to come – you haven’t seen anything yet.

  20. Furtz I have info on that highway 407 and the name came to mind much later and typed it in and voila it is Cintras. Here is the info for those who do not believe or skeptical:


    Well Furtz we both told them about it and yes people will be paying tolls for a number of highways out there and that Cintras will be collecting the money. It is a Spanish company and I also read that it has Australian interests as well. Open up your pockets people because you are having a foreign invasion of all kinds. LOL LOL. ROLF!

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