CFN – Hey Ontario Provincial candidates!  You have less than two months to win your seat at Queen’s Park!    Find out what CFN can do to help you reach voters and compare our reach and value with where you’re thinking of advertising! If your riding is in one ofContinue Reading

CFN – While Tim Hudak will most likely not be remembered as a Premier of Ontario he will be known as a Liberal Killer.    While politics are partisan many truly don’t understand the camaraderie most politicians generally have with each other.  Their colours may be different, but they eatContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Part of the 11th Councilor Column will be guest appearances by current and former Municipal elected officials. Today’s guest 11th Councilor is former Cornwall Ontario Mark A MacDonald.   Mr. MacDonald also ran against Bob Kilger in the last election and ran for MPP.   When notContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –   Everyone loves a great deal; especially in this economic climate!  You missed the $99 ads, but now is your chance for the $149+HST instead of our regular price of $399! Your ad can be placed any time during 2014 and can include photos, posters, and evenContinue Reading

CFN –  We had so much fun with our first full page and banner deals that we’re having another one day sale on Corner banner ads on CFN! Especially important with the election season starting in Ontario! You get a 240×140 pixel banner for one month for only $149+HST! That’sContinue Reading