Beat_the_Clock_1958Cornwall Ontario –   Everyone loves a great deal; especially in this economic climate!  You missed the $99 ads, but now is your chance for the $149+HST instead of our regular price of $399!

Your ad can be placed any time during 2014 and can include photos, posters, and even embedded video!   Ads can stay up for as long as one year as well making them an incredible value!

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For those tossing their hats into the political ring in Ontario this is the perfect value impact tool.  Charities with limited budgets?  Business and Organizations.    Events, Concerts, Artists, Tourism Greetings; at this value stock up as this price will not be seen again after Friday at noon on January 17, 2014!

With 29.5 Million page views in 2013 don’t you want some of that exposure for only $149+HST

Full page ad example!

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Celebrate South Stormont
 Small print:  CFN retains the right to refuse any ad.  Artwork and content provided by client.   Email or call for more information.


  1. Hi Jamie: I am very interested in taking you up on this Great Offer. I am at work all day today, Saturday and Sunday but I am off on Friday and Monday. I will call you in the morning tomorrow. Sorry I cannot be with you for the protest walk this weekend but I know my wife Helene definately will be there for our support on this issue. Hope you and Cornwall get the city support we all need and this protest is a huge success. My nomination papers are ready but I am not at this time. CFN will be the first to know before I enter City Hall with my papers. I am thinking it may be sometime mid February before I get away for winter vacation. Have a great day and talk soon. gary

  2. Author

    congrats and good luck Gary!

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