Ontario Premier Jumps into the Mud with PC Leader Tim Hudak After Filing $2M Libel Suit by Jamie Gilcig

Wynne Truck CornwallCFN – While Tim Hudak will most likely not be remembered as a Premier of Ontario he will be known as a Liberal Killer.    While politics are partisan many truly don’t understand the camaraderie most politicians generally have with each other.  Their colours may be different, but they eat from the same plate; yours and mine.

pig feedTim Hudak bringing down Dalton McGuinty may seem like a coup; but in reality it wasn’t.  As my own political teacher; Keith Beardsley warned me; “never get caught in the splash”.   IE never be caught with the knife in your target’s gizzards.

Now Mr. Hudak has played a card to take down Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne.   Again, his hand is clearly on the knife.  It’s almost as though he’s thinking that if he has to go he wants to take her with him?

By issuing a lawsuit against Mr. Hudak for his statement over the Hard Disks Ms Wynne is now in the muck with Mr. Hudak.   As an election is almost upon us instead of focusing on the ills of our have not province, and we have many, she’s in the dirt wrasslin with Hudak and Lisa MacLeod and falling right into the PC power play.

Could she have ignored the statements?  Probably not; but surely a lawsuit is not be the solution, and while some are screaming “libel chill” right now most likely Mr. Hudak and friends will call her bluff as they will be able to dissect in court what they are having trouble with  outside of it; not including have our Premier be forced to testify under oath.

As Ms MacLeod was quoted:

“The government should never resort to the courtroom to silence its critics.”

Not good ground to be on and the only person who put herself there is Kathleen Wynne, and her advisers.

I’m sure Andrea Horwath is enjoying each episode of this drama as each headline inches her closer to becoming Ontario’s next elected Premier.

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  1. If someone publicly accused me of engaging in illegal or criminal activity, I’d sue their pants off. Hudak went way over the line this time. If he can’t prove in a court of law that Wynne was directing the questionable activity, as he claims, he will lose.

  2. Author

    That’s true Furtz, but disclosure can turn up an lot of interesting information….

  3. Andrea Horwath NDP! Any suggestion that she should become the
    next Premier of Ontario disturbs me greatly after all it she and her NDP group that have kept Wynne in power, no doubt as a result of her back door dealing.
    Tim Hudak will hopefully WIN over Wynne and become the next
    Premier of Ontario

  4. Kathleen Wynne is opening a can of worms that Dalton McGuinty doesn’t want opened.

  5. You’re dreaming Mr. Beattie. Hudak is unelectable as a premier. He proved that in the last election that he should have won by a landslide. Most of his own party members can’t even stand him. What’s gonna be different this time around?

  6. Furtz! With all due respect it seems very clear to me that
    the best that can be said between our positions, is that we agree to disagree, and the next election will settle the matter, which I believe will be in my favor.

  7. Does anyone honesty think or believe this exchange has not been choreographed in a back chamber someplace?

    Neither person acts alone, Hudak did not accuse Wynne he spoke as a representative of the conservative party, Wynne is not calling the kettle black with lawyers but the party is…

    Horwath a victor, I surely hope not all we need are more hidden fees and socialist surcharges

    BC is our socialist province and the acronym stands for Bring Cash and there is justification for it

  8. Like the picture shown on the screen they are all pigs at the same trough. None can be taken seriously at all and are all liars, corrupted to the core, and thieves. None can be trusted at all. I laughed about them in the mud bath but they can have a wrestling match as well and see who gets the dirtiest. Well mud is good for the skin and maybe they would glow even in the dark. LOL LOL. Pigs love their mud bath and that they all are. Pigs to the trough and they rip us all to pieces. The rich get richer and the poor poorer and how very true that is.

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