Ontario PC Party in a Conundrum Over Tim Hudak Leadership – To Review Or Not to Review – Can Hudak Wynne Ontario?

hudak redCFN – The PC party in Ontario is in a total conundrum.  Not since the Mike Harris days has the potential for control of Canada’s largest province been so close yet so far away.

It’s enough of a conundrum that there is a growing movement to dump leader Tim Hudak.

There’s even a new Facebook page devoted to having a leadership review of Mr. Hudak at the next party meeting.

It’s rolling into the regional news issue of the week; especially in Social Media.

With voters frustrated with a scandal ridden Liberal government  many feel Mr. Hudak does not have what it takes to get over the hump.  In fact the lone PC win in the last by elections was credited more to Toronto Mayor Rob Ford pushing than Mr. Hudak.  This in spite of a Liberal party that chose as its successor to fallen Premier Dalton McGuinty, someone that essentially embraced the former Preme’s values.  In other words; full steam ahead; same as yesterday.

Personally when I saw the way Mr. Hudak handled meetings during the last election and then was barred from attending a meeting a shiver ran down my back the prospect of him running our province.   If you fear the media and need to control meets ups with local merchants to spin a message you’re in dark waters already.

Judging from the Chatter online it sounds like I’m not the only Ontario voter needing a sweater.   In fact many PC’s locally have echoed their own frustrations with his leadership.  One shared it was like having a fancy new hunting rifle and not showing up with any bullets.

And while many PC loyalists are afraid of the Liberals calling a snap election during a race the pragmatists are arguing that they can’t win with Hudak what is he difference?

The voter turnout for the PC party was strong in the five by elections; but they only resulted in one victory.   That is not the stuff that majority governments are made of.

What do you think PC viewers of CFN?  Can your team win with Tim Hudak as leader and do you think there will be change?   You can post your comments below.

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  1. Christine Elliot may have made a better choice, even with the federal baggage. Man, woman, French, English, there is still the same administration advising them.

  2. I almost, but not quite feel sorry for Hudak. Heading into a likely spring election with half his party in revolt won’t be fun. For the sake of the party, he should resign as leader today so they can choose a credible leader ASAP. But that ain’t gonna happen. It’s an ego thing. The Dippers must be ecstatic these days.

  3. I can imagine an NDP minority government after the next Provincial election. I might even vote NDP if they chose the right candidate to run, but if Elaine is still representing the dippers then I’ll probably vote Libertarian.

  4. Furtz did you know that Tim Hudak (who dat) is a cousin of Dalton McGuinty – yes no kidding.

    Reg Coffey is there such a party here in Ontario as a Libertarian like in the US. People are fed up with both parties but I do not see the NDP taking hold of the role as PM because everything is controlled by Bay Street and Wall Street and they don’t stand a chance and the say thing with Libertarians. What most people do not know is that those in charge own all parties. We are all stuck in limbo and that is why I am not voting until something good comes up.

  5. jules, yes there is a Libertarian party here. http://libertarian.on.ca/

    Don’t spend to much time talking with Furtz, he and stellabystarlight are busy talking pedicures over at SF.

  6. I can understand Lib & NDP complaining about Tim Hudac however
    those Conservatives who are complaining In my opinion need a swift kick . For heaven sake wake up get behind Tim and he’ll be the next Premier of Ontario .

  7. @ Jules. I did know they were distantly related, but if you think about it, we all are.

  8. @ William E Beattie. Are you serious? The Libs and Dippers love Hudak, and are not complaining about him at all. But I agree with you. The Cons should circle the wagons and support Timmy 110% for many years to come.

  9. Furtz that is true that we are all related somehow but Hudak would be no different than McGuinty. We have all seen more than enough of McGuinty to last us a lifetime. John Fraser of the Liberals here in Ottawa South got in as a representative in Toronto. The same old Liberals-Fiberals. This area of Ottawa has been Liberal for a mighty long time and I think as long as I can remember. The only good thing is that Dalton is gone.

  10. Mike Harris.. Enough said!

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