Premier Kathleen Wynne Gets Jiggy With PC Leader Tim Hudak Over HDrives! by Jamie Gilcig – March 30, 2014

hudak angryCFN – Tim Hudak is the focus of a letter released by Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne Truck CornwallWynne.

The Preme is upset at statements made by the PC Leader who has otherwise been keeping a pretty low profile.

Quiet so far on this battle as the drums of a Spring election beat louder is NDP leader Andrea Horwath who must be smiling as she reads media reports of the battle across Ontario.

Ms Wynne seems read to bring in the legal guns.  Wonder if she’ll hire a super Lawyer Will McDowell?   I also wonder if this is a legal bill the Province will get stuck with?

Dear Mr. Hudak


During your press conference on March 27th you made several false, misleading and defamatory allegations about me. You alleged that I personally “oversaw and possibly ordered the criminal destruction of documents” and that criminal conduct took place in my office. The Ontario Progressive Conservative Party repeated these false allegations on its website and in a public mailing.


These allegations and accusations are false and utterly unsupported, and you ought to know it.


As political leaders it is our role and public duty to engage in spirited political debate on issues. The decision to relocate the gas plants and the facts related to the ongoing police investigation are legitimate subjects for this political debate. False, misleading and defamatory statements are not, and they represent the worst kind of politics. That is why I am writing this open letter to you.


There should be no tolerance for false and defamatory accusations as a means to gain political power.


I am asking you and your caucus to immediately stop repeating these untrue statements and to immediately remove them from the PC Party website and all other communications.


I have sought and obtained legal advice regarding your comments, and if steps are not taken immediately, I will have no choice but to take all necessary and appropriate steps to ensure your false statements are corrected.


Kathleen Wynne

Premier of Ontario

What do you think CFN viewers?  Is Tim in trouble?  Is Ms Wynne toast?   How much will this cost taxpayers at the end of the day?      You can post your comments below.

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  1. It’s fine for Kathleen Wynne to say she wasn’t involved. BUT….she took over from McGuinty as acting premier, (thus her nickname McGuinty Jr) so she is ultimately responsible no matter how much she cares to deny it.

  2. Hudak is even dumber than he looks! Someone who has made a career of flinging poo should know better than to fling slander. Gotta love it.

  3. Mr Furtz
    Did you approve of Jamie using your Hudak avatar photo in his fine publication??? lol

    So sorry to see on facebook that people(like i have said before but been moderated)are starting to get afraid to post because of “rage” type language being used by some boy-cotters
    Like the lady that quit said, this is getting scary, which is really really sad no matter what side u support
    Just hope the “high tech team” the leader has assembled don’t track down my IP address as I am running a Meth lab out back jeez Louise what an idle threat

  4. Furtz ! With all due respect I don’t believe Wynne has any intention of proceeding on this
    matter against Hudak and or the PC party , and as for her statement that she has
    sought Legal advice , perhaps that’s correct, perhaps not, in any event I don’t believe
    a single word that woman says . Just hope that Ont. gets an election soon , I predict
    a PC Win with Tim Hudac and when the Books are opened up the truth will come
    to light . Have a nice Day.

  5. @ Claudette. That’s the most flattering picture of a weasel (Mustela nivalis) on the net.
    It’s not a copyrighted picture, so anyone can use it.

  6. Mr Jamie
    You need to write another article about French Vs English…540 comments posted

    Claudette…Don’t worry about the “high tech IP trackers” they have
    Seems they are seeking people because they can’t run a website
    So I don’t think they will be invading your Meth Lab anytime soon
    Wonder just what they will do with their time if they win the boycott
    You can’t run a site by stealing copyright news stories from others.
    and people quickly grow tired of a page full cartoons,lame jokes and slagging people

  7. @ William E Beattie. With all due respect, I believe that the Libs should have been thrown out in the last election because of their long list of colossal screw-ups and scandals. That didn’t happen because the Cons didn’t have a leader who was fit to lead their party, never mind the province. Because, for whatever reason, they kept Hudak on to lose another election, it looks like Andrea Horwath might be our next premier.
    As far as scandals go, cleaning up the hard drives on some personal computers is minor compared to ORNGE, E Health, etc. If it turns out that someone hacked the secure servers, where all correspondence is stored, and deleted emails and such, that would be a scandal.
    In the meantime, every Lib and Dipper think Hudak is the cat’s a$$, and they hope he sticks around for a long long time.

  8. To say that she ‘possibly oversaw the destruction of documents’ was a huge overstatement. He could also say she ‘possibly ordered the destruction of Maylasian Air Flight 370’. He will not be able to hide behind the word ‘possibly’. The website will get changed in a day or two. Guaranteed.

  9. I agree Furtz deleting does not in itself remove the information from a hard drive in the first place and the e-mails exist on the government servers unless the servers have been compromised, which would be evident and that would be a scandal for sure. What makes you think that Ontario would support a minority socialist government? If Ontario did vote socialist, which party would form the official opposition?

    While I doubt very much that the Premier’s bite has any teeth your buddy Hudak may well have shot his chances of sliding through the next leadership revue process.

  10. David. You seem to be hung up on the socialist label of government like it’s a dirty word. Every government, provincial and federal, has been involved in “socialist, for the good of all” projects since the 1800s. From our rail and road systems to our universal health care, they are all socialist projects.
    My prediction for the next Ontario election (and I’m almost never right) is that the Libs will go down in flames, as they should. The Cons will suffer a similar fate because Hudak is the most repulsive Canadian political leader, after Harper and Rob Ford.

  11. Author

    Short of something changing I see a NDP minority which will allow the Cons to dump Hudak and the Liberals to finally realize that Ontario has had enough of the same old and should’ve chosen Gerard Kennedy instead of Ms Wynne.

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