Hudak’s PCs only Nab 1 Seat in 5 Ontario By Elections – Is he Done? POLL WYNNE HORWATH

hudak angryCFN – Can Tim Hudak hang on as leader of the Progressive Conservatives in Ontario is the big question after five by elections in the Province resulted in only one win for Team Blue.

Star candidate Doug Holyday received the bounty of the Ford Nation and nabbed a plum Toronto riding and the NDP picked up two seats.  In fact Mayor Rob Ford campaigned hard in the victory.

The Liberals barely held onto former Premier Dalton McGuinty’s Ottawa South riding; but frankly the Liberal’s have been in power a long time so losing three out of five seats in these times is not that surprising especially with their self-inflicted scandal wounds and petty boycotting of independent media.

The NDP do suffer against Wynne which left a huge opportunity for the Cons who choked by about 1600 votes.

The bad news facing the Liberals is that if the Cons do switch leaders they are in big trouble.

Scandal after scandal and an untried  leader who essentially is a torch holder for the McGuinty regime hasn’t propped them up in the polls nor has it inspired a resurgence.

What the by elections do tell Ontario is that we most likely won’t see a Fall election as the province is too much of a jackpot for anyone to blink yet, and the Kingmakers have to start rejigging their pieces for the big showdown.


What do you think CFN viewers?  Can the Conservatives win with Tim Hudak at the wheel?  You can post your comments below and vote in our poll.

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  1. Doesn’t look like a great turnout in Ottawa South. In the 2011 election there were 44,929 voters of 87,766 eligible.
    Last night saw about 34,000 voters that must be somewhat forgiving to the waste and mismanagement.

    I am beginning to think a new leader is needed and still would have liked to see what John Tory could do as Premier.

  2. Every Lib and Dipper in the province loves Timmy to bits.
    Stay, Timmy, please stay!

  3. John Tory shot himself in the foot. His platform pandered to Muslims would have seen Sharia law in Ontario. He couldn’t win his seat or a seat in a Peterborough by-election. Ontario isn’t ready for Sharia law.

  4. justme, McGuinty almost put it in but backed off, there must be some major behind the scenes stuff going on……

  5. John Tory wanted to introduce Sharia law? I don’t recall that. He got into trouble because he wanted to eliminate the public funding of religious schools. Big mistake on his part. Too bad because he’d have made a decent premier. After Tory, the Cons were taken over by the radical “Tea Party” faction lead by Hudak. Since then, they’ve been a joke.

  6. I have to wonder whether Horwath will consider forcing an early election before the Cons toss Hudak and get a credible leader. Most people hate the Libs, everybody hates Hudak, and Horwath seems be pretty popular. I bet it’ll be pretty tempting.

  7. “seems to be”

  8. Author

    Furtz that would require Wynne to support her which isn’t very likely…

  9. No Jamie. The Cons always vote against the Libs on every bill. All the Dippers have to do is vote with the Cons when or if they want to defeat the Libs. The timing of the next election is completely up to Horwath.

  10. Author

    Furtz a party votes as per its own agenda in a given moment.

  11. True, but the Cons have voted against every Liberal “confidence” bill for many years now. All the Dippers have to do is show up and vote with the Cons, and we’re into an election. Wynn could dissolve Parliament any time she wants and force a snap election, but that doesn’t seem too likely.

  12. Author

    Furtz maybe it’s because they knew that Andrea was not ready to pull the plug? A lot of games go on in politics…

  13. Don’t know, but I don’t think so. Hudak seems to have been hell-bent on defeating the Libs no mater the consequences since he’s been the Con leader. It doesn’t really matter anymore because he’s (sadly) gonna be booted from his throne pretty soon.

  14. Like I told all of you before I was not going to vote here in Ottawa South and I didn’t. The only one who voted in my household was my son and he never misses to vote.

    Tim Hudak is the cousin of McGuinty and I don’t care for any of them. McGuinty is out but there is that woman replacing him and I don’t care for any of their policies. I became more than fed up of McGuinty bankrupting Ontario and it is in worse shape than what California is in now. California is a much wealthier state than what Ontario is as a province and they are going down hill and so are we. It would take one hell of a miracle to pull Ontario up like what it used to be. I am literally fed up with how things are and none of them are any worthwhile for me to make the trip to vote for any of these jerks.

    I have seen the people collecting their signs all over the area including this morning. That will be done for now until the next election comes along. As long as things are bad like the way they are I will not go out and vote.

  15. Well now it seems we’ve heard from many pro NDP persons and a few LIB minded persons also but just wait for the people to speak and when they do the next Premier of Ont will be Tim Hudac . We
    here in Ontario are in bad shape financially and when it’s time to vote if the true facts of our debt situation are honestly stated it will be a PC win .

  16. Ontario is in a mighty bad situation and I was reading just lately about it. It would cost every man, woman and child in Ontario well over $16K to help pay for the debts incurred if not a great deal more since the interest rate keeps on climbing.

    I heard today that Saskatchewan is in trouble about its potash and that Russia is surpassing them and for Canadians not to be so shocked because we can fall like what the US is in right now.

  17. This is too funny! The Cons are declaring that the bi-election was a huge victory for them, while they prepare for an early leadership review next month. Timmy is toast as leader. Too bad. I’m gonna miss his sweet smile.

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