(photo courtesy of Sook Yin Lee Facebook) CFN –  With over 250,000 Torontonians still without power in what’s been the biggest storm of the Century in Ontario, and conditions not seen since the huge Ice Storm of 1998 is Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne playing party politics? With some of theContinue Reading

CFN – Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has waded into the Rob Ford situation again.   This time she’s released a new statement.   “As I have said from day one, we have been watching this situation closely and listening carefully. Events obviously continue to move quickly. The things we areContinue Reading

Duffy, Walin, Brazeau, the Ford brothers, record deficits, and over 300,000 temporary foreign workers taking jobs away from  over 1,300,000 unemployed Canadians; how could Canadians ever forget the sound judgement of Prime Minister Harper? One could say it has been a fun ride, except that it has been a huge embarrassment forContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  Bill Kingston is one whacky dude and it’s not just his choice of hat.    Today he commented on the double standard of drug use by politicians. In his best John Baird impression Wild Bill angrily blarted things that aren’t in touch with reality. He tries toContinue Reading

CFN – The problem with liars is that eventually they all get caught, but why lie?  Is it really the better tactic? It must be or why would so many politicians live and die by lying?    Prime Minister Stephen Harper has been caught lying one way or the otherContinue Reading