Corus Cornwall News Guy Bill Kingston Compares Rob Ford to Justin Trudeau NOV 7, 2013

Kingston KorneredCornwall Ontario –  Bill Kingston is one whacky dude and it’s not just his choice of hat.    Today he commented on the double standard of drug use by politicians.

In his best John Baird impression Wild Bill angrily blarted things that aren’t in touch with reality.

He tries to state, it appears, that the public shouldn’t equate CRACK on the same level as pot; something that Mr. Trudeau’s party is about to legalize and make tax dollars for over taxed Canadians while unburdening our legal and police structure of countless man hours and dollars that could be spent hunting down CRACK dealers!

jesse tieman twitterThe key difference that the fey Mr. Kingston didn’t mention in his op ed is that Mr. Trudeau fessed up.  He didn’t make elaborate denials and drag the dead horse for months.    He didn’t confess only at the point of no return just before charges were proffered and more information came out.   The other little tid bit Wild Bill forgot to mention was that Mr. Trudeau didn’t have to be a in drunken stupor to take his hit.   He did what millions of other Canadians do socially; he passed the Dutchie to the left hand side.

Maybe Mr. Kingston needs to smoke a fatty and watch some South Park and chill?

Bless his Blue Conservative self; but to try and somehow compare Justin Trudeau to Rob Ford in anyway is a huge discredit to both “REAL CONSERVATIVES” and Liberals, and most likely humanity.

The only “true colours” being shown are Bill’s partisan ones.


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  1. Trudeau did lie about how many times he smoked weed though, according to Marc Emery anyways. Maybe he should resign.

  2. Drugs are drugs and if someone supports legalizing drugs then they should not jump on Mayor Ford and should examine their own conscience and judgement. I am completely and totally against drugs of any kind and no matter who takes it. Marijuana destroys the brain cells and I could see that in people who were users. I am completely against legalization and I know who is bringing it in and against the entire system. You have to be intelligent and not touch the stuff or you are a loser. Mayor Ford should not be the only one pinned against the wall and laughed at but so should Justin Trudeau, other politicians or just the entire population who uses.

  3. Jules, I have seen the damage alcohol did to my family, I was lucky, I smoked weed, no hang ups, not addicted, liver is healthy, lungs are healthy, your opinion, although strong, is marred by conservative drug companies restricting legalization, while hopping us up on opiates,as well as uninformed. You really should read unbiased reports.

  4. Bill Kingston is a hack of a conservative. It’s almost as if he is trolling just to get a backlash. When he is confronted with his stupid remarks he gives up and doesn’t respond. Jules, if you seriously think all drugs should be treated the same then i’m going to guess you don’t smoke or drink either. Alcohol kills substantially more than marijuana use. @ gimme a break, if that is your real name. Why don’t you show some proof that Justin lied or are you just making things up?

  5. Maybe if JT was to show up sh!t-faced at public events more often, Bill would like him more.
    @ Jules. How about that Jesus guy turning water into wine, and giving it to his buddies? Doesn’t seem like responsible behavior to me. What if somebody got into an accident on the way home?

  6. Breaking News From Toronto! November 11 2013
    Toronto Mayor Rob Ford spoke at the Remembrance Day service at 11:00 AM this morning. He was reasonably coherent and appeared to be sober. Trusted sources who witnessed the event are reporting that Mayor Ford did not throw up on anybody’s shoes. Elated Ford supporters are saying that this is a great day, and that “Ford Nation will gain strength from today going forward!” Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Ontario Opposition leader Tim Hudak declined to comment or Mayor Ford’s Remembrance Day speech.
    With files from Furtz

  7. Typo: Should be “on” not “or”.

  8. Author

    🙂 @ Furtz

  9. Another newsflash…. Don “Put that in your pipe, you left-wing kooks” Cherry is disappointed that his hero Mayor Rob Ford is a crack-head. Brilliant, as always!

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