The Cadieux family was shocked to read a story written by Bill Kingston of Cornwall Newswatch who turns out to be their neighbor! Mr. Kingston owns the charming home across from the street which caused some neighbors to ask if Mr. Kingston was the party that complained to City HallContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario –  Today Corus Radio shut down The Cornwall; essentially cutting down its local newsroom in Cornwall.    Three jobs were lost including,most likely, news director Bill Kingston who also represented the station as a member of the board of the Cornwall & Area Chamber of Commerce; aContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario– I know commentary is supposed to trigger a reaction in the media.   We pundits, columnists, and editorial scribblers can even handle when response isn’t favorable, but Bill Kingston’s mouth farts today on our local Corus radio station bring up those little bits of pre-vomit  as Mr. KingstonContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  Bill Kingston is one whacky dude and it’s not just his choice of hat.    Today he commented on the double standard of drug use by politicians. In his best John Baird impression Wild Bill angrily blarted things that aren’t in touch with reality. He tries toContinue Reading