Does Corus Radio Cornwall’s Bill Kingston Have Sour Grapes? Let’s Compare Numbers Bill!

Kingston KorneredCORNWALL Ontario – That wacky Bill Kingston from Corus Radio weighed into the South Stormont News issue in his commentary this morning.    Bill prattles about Newspapers being dead yet his own radio station’s website is geared to feel like a newspaper itself with the very newsy like name of The Cornwall Daily.

While the medium of Printed newspaper is dying (with the exception of community papers with older populations such as South Stormont and the area)  Mr. Kingston fails to mention the soaring of Online newspaper viewership . He also neglects to state how far back viewer wise for example his own medium, radio, is behind this online newspaper, and the Free Holder.

While some many not enjoy CFN, they still read it.  I sincerely doubt that Corus Radio has even 25% of the audience that we do here at CFN; yet his commentary this morning clearly takes a shot at a decision made by the council of South Stormont.

Radio using a rating system that extrapolates numbers from a small pool.  Online we use actual hard core numbers based on viewer interactions.   Which do you think more accurate or reflective?

Sour Grapes Bill?

Is Corus Radio's Bill Kingston Suffering From Sour Grapes by Criticizing Newspapers?

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Bill here are our numbers from February 14.  Care to post your station’s?

Unique Visitors

57, 939  up 42% from February 2013

Number of Visits

184,910 up 61% from February 2013

Pages Viewed

2,815,634 up 59% from February 2013


7,603,267  up 53% from February 2013


216.14 GB  up 84% from February 2013

Btw, here are some more numbers via our Google Analytics

Demographics by Age

18-24 27.50%

25-34  33.5%

35-44 15.5%

45-54 12.5%

55-64  5.5%

65+  5.5%

Male  54.15%    Female 45.85%


Canada 90.23 %

Ontario 80.62%

Top Cities

1) Cornwall

2) Montreal

3) Ottawa

4) Toronto

5) Kingston

6) Brockville

7) Gatineau

8.) Morrisburg

9) Calgary

10) Mississauga

Nearly 17% of our viewers visited CFN 25 or more times per month in February.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?   You can post your comments below.

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  1. The only radio station that my husband puts on the car radio when we are in Cornwall is 104.5 FM and when we lived in Cornwall we never listened to the radio except for that station on the car radio while driving. I like our Jewel radio station here in Ottawa and one of the announcers is your own previous mayor Brian Sylvester. The good people left Cornwall.

  2. Jules, what do you mean when you say,
    “The good people left Cornwall” ?

  3. @ Trevor. Jules has stated many times that the folks who stay in Cornwall are losers.
    From a lofty tower in south Ottawa, it’s easy to look down and ridicule those who remain in their home town.

  4. Cornwall is not full of losers. Some people love Cornwall, some don’t. Some people love Ottawa, some don’t (myself included). To each their own. Everyone has to find what works for them.

  5. Author

    No, Cornwall isn’t full of losers, but we all lose when we allow the “losers” to have more control and impact than they should.

  6. Jamie said it best that you lose when you allow the “losers” to take control and have impact and that is exactly true. If people had a spine in themselves and a real nerve and self esteem they would throw all those bums out of town who are in control. These people belong to certain clubs where they know how to CONTROL and it isn’t only about money but about CONTROL and they sure are doing a good job out of it. Jamie is intelligent and he knows very well what I mean. People who are intelligent and want to get ahead in life and not remain on welfare and in the controls of these dirtbags have left town. If you leave everything up to one person it won’t work to chase them out but it takes the entire town to do just that. When you are in multiples together in a common cause it can be done. If not then you lose. If you do not know your enemy (your real enemy) then you are losing the war.

  7. Jules, sometimes easier said than done.

  8. @ Jules,
    I might also add, that if you run away, (to Ottawa) then you would also be a loser as you are essentially admitting defeat. Jules, you can be part of the solution or part of the problem. So which are you? I have yet to see anything useful , constructive or positive in your posts so I would say that in your own small way you would be part of the problem.

    I chose to come to Cornwall to live, I like Cornwall and it is now my home. I do not in the least, view myself as a loser. I have voted in municipal elections here for years. I do my part as do countless others, to try and elect the best candidates.

    As someone who has lived in several provinces, cities and towns across Canada, I would have to say that your comments are not unique. There will always be those like you who move away from a community only to trash talk about that community later, at every opportunity. In my experience this would be typical behavior of those with attention seeking behavior and low self esteem. In essence, this is your attempt to validate yourself by trying to belittle Cornwallites and the Cornwall you ran away from. How else would you explain your obsession with a Community that you left behind and have nothing positive in which to say?

  9. Meanwhile….as we get back on topic…. Yes! It sounds like sour grapes to me.

    I for one am looking forward to the SouthStormont news. And isn’t it supposed to be both a print and online paper?

  10. Thanks for the heads-up.I will check it out now. 🙂

  11. Looks pretty slick. Keep it uncluttered and easy to navigate, and you’ll have a winner.

  12. Jamie your South Stormont paper is well laid out and I really like it very much. The very best of luck to you and you are a winner. You are number 1 and don’t forget that.

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