Was Cornwall Newswatch Bill Kingston The Neighbor That Complained About Cadieux Kids Worms in Cornwall ? #wormgate

The Cadieux family was shocked to read a story written by Bill Kingston of Cornwall Newswatch who turns out to be their neighbor!

Mr. Kingston owns the charming home across from the street which caused some neighbors to ask if Mr. Kingston was the party that complained to City Hall which led to an order to shut down the worm business that their children were working on in the Summer.

From Mr. Kingston’s piece:

“While Bedford said the department would respond to a land use complaint, the issue at Second Street West would have fallen under two bylaws – the comprehensive zoning bylaw and the signs bylaw.

“You don’t want a proliferation of signs in a neighbourhood…in a residential area.” The signs bylaw allows a small sign for your name but you can’t identify a home occupation.”

Kids selling worms is a “home occupation”?  Really?  The tenor of the story almost suggested some sort of weirdness on the part of the family who have garnered support from neighbors and people as far away as Alexandria and even a gentleman that came from Long Sault to purchase some of the kids worms.

One local car dealer (who we won’t mention because they boycott CFN) even offered to let the kids sell worms from their lot on Saturdays, which is a lovely gesture.

There’s a certain double irony in that Mr. Kingston failed to report on one  of, oddly enough, biggest news stories to date this year in Cornwall while living across the street, and if he was the person who fingered the kids the bigger irony is that he himself is an entrepreneur allegedly taking tax dollars in the Self Employment program via St. Lawrence College after Corus Radio shut down their newsroom and terminating his former position as News Director.

Mr. Kingston did not respond to our question prior to publication.

This isn’t Mr. Kingston’s first time upsetting viewers with some suggesting that he caters to local politicians instead of viewers.


What do you think dear CFN viewers?  You can post your comments below.


  1. I,m wondering now if Bill could drop this low, I was giving Bill shit in this video & called him chicken shit,guess I was more right than I knew,how despicable can one man get. Maybe somebody should check to see if he was drawing unemployment while receiving money from Newswatch…serves him right.

  2. To be fair, no one knows for sure if it was him that complained. I’m not a fan of his, however i really can stand mob mentality on the internet and accusing someone of something without facts, evidence or proof. Good on you Marry for getting in his face to get your point across. We need more folks like you at protests around here.

  3. Jerry, Myself & others tried our best to awaken Cornwall about several corruption & conflicts of interest but facts remain, most people couldn,t give a rats ass about what goes on around Cornwall…that is until it happens to them which of course is too late. We had seen a problem & tried our best to fix it. In rallies we had no more than 200 come out to support & show interest.Many sheeple live in Cornwall,they are content with the status quo;(

  4. Bylaw will not reveal who filed the complaint.

    Jerry I agree….mob mentality gets you no where.

    Mary Bray. Taxpayer / voter complacency is rampant everywhere. It’s no worse in Cornwall than any other city. It shows much more in Cornwall due to our size.

  5. Author

    Hugger you keep repeating that it’s the same in other cities. One, I’m not so sure, and two, that doesn’t make it right. If your childhood friend ate boogers would it make it better if you did? Nope. I live here, in Cornwall, as do others. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to make this a better place to live and grow our families and businesses.

    That means confronting some of the silliness….

    I find it amazing that some that attack or judge Jules use essentially the same form, albeit in a less insane and hostile manner, to push their points….

  6. I never said it was okay that what happens here or elsewhere was okay. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to make this a better place to live and grow our families and businesses. The silliness of Cornwall stands out due to its size. If you think bylaw in other cities don’t deal with nuisance complaints you are sorely mistaken.

    Perhaps Jules and others wouldn’t be attacked if she wasn’t continually attacking the city we live in. It’s fine for her to mention her opinion of Cornwall. But to continually attack Cornwall in a lot of her comments crosses the line. We get it, she doesn’t like Cornwall, no need to mention it every chance she gets. And I am not the only one who sees it that way. Miss Steak has recently come on board in that matter. There have been others in the past, but they have been silenced. If she was to tone down her condemnation of Cornwall perhaps the comments about her comments would cease.

  7. if the city takes action on this, goes to court the person who complained will be known by name and address. that is how it works.

  8. Jules, I have no problem with Jule’s opinion of Cornwall. The problem I have is she puts down the common folks that live here. I can understand ripping on council or police or any other authority. However calling regular citizens names just for living here is a little messed up. Like her saying the worm sign family and the Monico rink family are really good people, then in the next breath say that anyone living in Cornwall are insane, pedophiles and criminals. Jules you of all people know how hard it is to just pick up and move a family when you live paycheck to paycheck. Jules is an awake person and should know that the game is rigged against regular folks.

  9. I sincerely enjoyed Mary Bray’s comment and she said it right and eloquently unlike myself who does attack. Jamie and Hugger and folks what others think about me does not affect me one darn bit. I have all the confidence in myself and I laugh like a nut over all what is happening but one thing is that I hold good people in my heart like the Cadieux family and the teachers that made the ice rink.

    I have two adult kids now and know what it is like to raise a family and it isn’t easy at all and these parents that I named are only a few in Cornwall and elsewhere trying their very best to teach their kids the right values of life. Most of Cornwall is happy just to live off the welfare and the like and not get involved in changing things for the better but like being treated like garbage and I mean garbage by the powers that be. Hugger all this nonsense doesn’t go on everywhere.

    I haven’t seen kids play outside here because the lots are so small that there are no places except parks to play. Parents are mighty busy working to try and put food on the table and pay humougous and unreasonable mortgages and rents, etc. That is the reason why you don’t see anything happening here in Ottawa and you go out on the streets here and you get killed. I have said it so many times like a broken record and I will continue to do so and that is if people (sheeple) themselves do not smarten up and do something to change that dying town called Cornwall for the better then no business of any sort will ever settle in Cornwall and I mean those words and everything that I say and believe me I don’t back down.

    I laugh and poke fun at those who hate or dislike my words and believe me at this end of the computer I say things that I cannot put into print and believe me those words are being used at those who attack me. I know myself and have all the confidence in the world for myself and I was born and raised in Cornwall and even as a child I couldn’t wait to leave and I grew up with much better people back then than what I see today. Everyone left except for a mighty tiny few that I could count on one hand. Everyone left for colleges and universities elsewhere and made a good living elsewhere. Cornwall is a dying town like one of the posters put when CTV News went down to Cornwall to film the event. I don’t know Bill Kingston personally but from what I saw that was filmed about him during the winter months some time ago I can see just what kind of a person that he is – a typical Cornwallite and the kind who would live in Riverdale. Second Street West is not Riverdale but the houses inside is Riverdale.

    {MODERATED for length}

  10. {MODERATED} Jules please, keep your comments on topic and shorter.

  11. Jerry I do have to jump in here and I made a huge write up that Jamie didn’t put through and I will try to make this brief as I can. Jerry as God is my witness I have never meant to hurt you or some good people that I feel are good from my area of the computer screen. I never had bad feelings or tried not to towards you and towards many others with an exception to this person called Miss Steak and I remember one other person like lthis Miss Steak and cannot remember the addy that they went by. What I am doing is to wake the people the hell up and get out there and fight at city hall and voice your opinions and concerns and if you don’t then Cornwall will not survive at all. Too many have criticized Jamie for making a business along with many others that we don’t hear about in the media and many left Cornwall for other places. Things are not rosy like what Hugger makes things out to be. Yes I could say plenty about the people of Ottawa and many are really crazy much more than myself I can say that is the truth and very hard to know, to understand or get along with. Don’t site comfortably and let the people at city hall run you because if this continues on the way it is it becomes what is known as “tyranny”.

  12. For you to think that the nonsense that happens in Cornwall doesn’t happen elsewhere is beyond laughable. Welfare use and fraud happens everywhere…..wakeup!!!

    Cornwall still has a ways to go before ridding itself of its former history. Baby steps, baby steps.

  13. Yes Cornwall has some unique challenges. But I dare you to name me a town or city that doesn’t.

  14. Well, Cornwall sure doesn’t have a monopoly on pettiness. Cities all across Canada are banning everything from tobogans to lemonade stands tto street hockey. And now kids cant sell worms. Canada: old Huron word meaning “land of no fun.”

    There are three things in the mix: a bloated bureaucracy doing pretend work; miserable bed wetters who want to make everyone’s life as sad as their own; and a population that sits idly by instead of stopping the nonsense.

  15. I never said things were rosy in Cornwall. Yes, Cornwall has its issues, as does every town and city in the world. Cornwall deals with its issues as best it can. Each town / city deals with ts issues in their own way. Cornwallites have been kept down for so long its hard to keep fighting if you don’t see any progress. Throw in Cornwall’s previous reputation as a mill town and it does not help. Town / city reputations are hard to shake and I fear Cornwall will never shake the reputation it has now.

    What I have an issue with is constantly having residents of Cornwall being called dumb, stupid, uneducated, all being on welfare / EI, etc. I chose Cornwall for a reason and don’t appreciate that decision being second-guessed by someone who does not know me.

    There are plenty of towns / cities that have issues. A few from Ontario with links are below. So, Cornwall is NOT unique.

    Walkerton E. coli outbreak: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walkerton_E._coli_outbreak

    Brampton to ask Ontario for ombudsman to probe city business: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/toronto/brampton-to-ask-ontario-for-ombudsman-to-probe-city-business/article24251472/

    Tory probes city’s LTD system: http://www.torontosun.com/2015/03/03/tory-probes-citys-ltd-system

    16 city staffers fired in AG fraud, waste probes: http://www.ottawasun.com/2015/06/15/16-city-staffers-fired-in-ag-fraud-waste-probes

    And for those that think Cornwall has the market cornered on child abuse: Dozens charged in Ont. child-porn probe: http://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/not-just-a-big-city-problem-dozens-charged-in-ont-child-porn-probe-1.2023899

  16. LOL LOL. ROLF! I think that I need the Royal Hospital for the Mentally Insane and be placed as soon as possible or is it wacky Cornwall. I just read one article on the freeloader and something about someone’s noisy parrot in the Riverdale area of town. I thought that I have seen and read it all until now. No wonder I am wacky – Cornwall has made me that way. If any of you haven’t read that article please do so. I need help desperately – I am roaring with laughter literally. I can’t believe the insanity of Cornwall. Someone is spraying the air with some mighty strange toxins. Maybe I will go down and join the squaking with the perrot and that way I can have a good excuse at getting treated. LOL LOL. ROLF! You all have me laughing so much that I have to keep re-typing. LOL LOL. ROLF! You put that on CTV and without a doubt people from the Royal Ottawa Hospital will be down there fast. LOL LOL. ROLF!

  17. Author

    well said 🙂

  18. {MODERATED} Troll alert.

  19. And again someone that says they don’t read the Cornwall media, but yet they read the Cornwall Standard-Freeholder. What is it? Either you read the local media or you don’t?? And now you’re insulting people with mental issues calling the Royal Ottawa Hospital the Royal Hospital for the Mentally Insane.

  20. Hugger1, You left Kingston out of having issues, You can do better than that,there must be one LOL

  21. Just a few examples were quoted. I’m sure if I researched further I could find issues with any city or town.

  22. Not to mention that Cornwall should managed by the ward system. That would help solve a lot of the issues we have. But you know, that would make sense so fugget about it.

  23. Author

    Jerry if there were ward councilors there would be a much more clear picture of who works for who.

  24. A ward system has been suggested by a few people. How do we go aboutggetting it discussed at council?

  25. Author

    Hugger in simple terms talking to councilors would start. Better would be voting in the next election for those that clearly state they would push for this if elected and hope they weren’t lying like this group did about fighting taxes.

  26. Agreed. But putting it off until the election after next IMHO is a waste of time and money. m As well, getting this in place will show real progress as the city councillors would then be accountable to a specific area, not city wide. It’s too easy now for them to brush off a topic now. We need this put in place for the next election, not in time for an election seven years away.

  27. Hugger you mentioned the two words before “baby steps” and if Cornwall were to continue taking “baby steps” it would never get out of the rut that it is in and I guarantee you that. Cornwall is in a mighty bad situation with the reputation that it got itself into and try getting out of that one when everyone knows all about it. When one’s reputation is destroyed it is gone for good.

  28. JUles, nothing gets changed overnight. Yes, Cornwall has a bad reputation for some previous incidents. But it can be changed. It won’t happen overnight. That’s what I meant by baby steps.

  29. {MODERATED for unadulterated butt kissing} I think Jamie should be mayor. He has all the answers in life. Life would be a lot simpler if we all just listened to Jamie. Yeah Jamie!

  30. Jamie would be one of the most sane people as mayor compared to all the insanity that we have seen so far. Leslie was supposed to be more normal than BOB but instead we see one more wacky than BOB bsesides yours truly. LOL LOL. Just this morning I was thinking about the Vincents and all what they went through and they left Cornwall for better and saner pastures. The Cadieux family are going through their bits of crazyness right now and there will be more to come. One thing about Cornwall it just keeps me laughing.

  31. Author

    Jules the Vincent’s, last I checked, were still here in Cornwall.

  32. The last time I checked the Vincent’s house was still for sale. Price and location may be a factor.

  33. Jamie it was yesterday that I read where someone said that the Vincents have left Cornwall so I ran with it. My mistake or would I put it as my mistrake. LOL LOL.

  34. Jamie, Hugger and folks have you seen the seaway news by any chance. If you haven’t go and look at it. The piece that I looked at was about some Italian man who has a house on Sydney Street in Cornwall and take a good look at his swimming pool. The man makes his home in Florida according to the write up and it looks much worse than Sanford and Son’s dump. The water is green ready as a mosquito breeding ground of disease and garbage – you all have to see this. The insane, stupid, backward city hall goes after children between 7 and 10 years old over a lemonade stand and worm selling is unbelievable and adult who can’t take care of their property and leaves this unattended. If you haven’t chequed this garbage paper out please go there and look at that pool. We have cleaned out our inground pool when we had a house to perfection that belonged to a former owner and it was full of worms, leaves, etc. This breeds disease and the health department should go in – please check out the rag.

  35. Jules….the city has sent the owner not only a notice of inspection, but also an order demanding that the property be cleaned up about a month ago. But those “requests” have been ignored. The city is meeting Wednesday a.m. to figure out what to do next. I say have the city clean the mess up and add it to the owner’s tax bill.

  36. I just did an MLS search. It looks like the Vincent house has been sold.

  37. {MODERATED} Sorry Ryan. You chose to be active in the boycott/hate group. Live down to it now.

  38. Hugger1 ….in Ottawa a property that fails to meet standards ends up with work orders registered against it. Work that ends up being carried out by the city ends up being added to the tax bill. Eventually the home changes hands or the offending owner ponies up and the taxes including the additions are paid.

    In Cornwall, who knows? You might ask one of the councilors, however they are not noted for answering direct questions. They could after a period of time recommend a study or ask someone in Toronto. Don’t hold your breath waiting for a reply.

  39. Apparently clean up work was to begin today.

    I would imagine the same rules apply here if the owner doesn’t complete city ordered work.

  40. Jerry the ward system is only part of a solution. If you do not have good representation then you are in trouble. I thought that Leslie would be an improvement over BOB and it turned out that both are wackos. The same holds true for council there are hardly any normal people sitting there around the horseshoe and are there for their own well being. Cornwall is in a real rut and that is true and it is going to take everyone to stand up and fight or else nothing will get done with these bozos.

  41. Kids cannot be kids these days and no wonder we have so much crime. All we see are people driving impaired with drugs and alcohol and people are mighty depressed and carrying cell phones around and staring at them like a bunch of zombies crossing the streets and waiting for the OC Transpo cattle cars. I wish that I was living in the 50’s and 60’s but not nowadays.

  42. I don’t think that Bill Kingston has any kids and whether he does or doesn’t he is a scrooge and maybe had a bad childhood and hates all kids. I feel for the good people who left Cornhole like the Vincent family what they went through with the scrooge snobs on their street who don’t like kids. Kids are enclosed inside their homes here in Ottawa because of the dangers.

  43. they cant leave the kids alone mean wile there are so meany beating the system and taking cash from us all and no one is doing anything to the scamers

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