Cornwall Mayor Shows Disconnect As Wormgate Family Takes Stand by Jamie Gilcig AUG 2, 2015 #cwlpoli

Cornwall Mayor Leslie O’Shaugnessy finally came out of hiding and spoke with the CBC regarding Wormgate.    He blames Social Media and at the end suggested misinformation.   Oddly enough he spoke with CBC instead of local media.

The mayor has refused to grant an interview to CFN since his election even though it was CFN viewers that kept the flicker of his political career alive and put him in office.

He was quite happy to do an episode of Seaway Radio regarding the Municipal act and corruption though back in 2014.


In his interview below with CBC he shows a clear disconnect as he did with the Vincent family Ice Rink.    Clearly Mayor O’Shaughnessy doesn’t appear to remember that he is here to serve the public and not vice versa.   Hiding behind interpretations of by laws does not grow a community.

He cites a change to Garage Sales in Cornwall, but was there really a reason to limit people to two per year?  Was that in Cornwall’s best interest?  Did he consult with the public?

He has also stayed silent during one of the hottest Summer’s while Cornwall Housing has implemented restrictions on the use of window air conditioners putting people’s health and safety at risk.

And now Wormgate which has the parents of two boys ready to go to court to defy the threat of $240 per day fines for their kids selling worms in their front yard from a Coleman cooler!

The public, here in Cornwall and right across Canada,  have shown clear support for the Cadieux boys so the question would be why is the Mayor digging in?

There’s nothing wrong with amending or creating new by laws if a situation warrants it, especially if you’re going to interpret certain by laws so stringently.  One might even argue that it’s the Mayor and council’s job to do so.

Here is Mayor O’Shaughnessy’s CBC Interview:

In the interview he laments the city getting a black eye for following the wishes of the people in implementing the by law which clearly isn’t the case regarding Wormgate as the public has loudly spoken that they want the boys to be able to sell their worms in peace.

“What we have here is a case where Social media has sunk its teeth, um, into an issue, based on incorrect information that they take as gospel”

What incorrect information?   CFN, which exposed the incident posted the citation from the city and presented the clear facts which other media have covered as well.  What information is incorrect?   As for Social Media, I know the mayor is a senior, but in 2015 if you want to be in politics you better be fully aware of Social Media and its double edge.

“The mayor doesn’t agree that the bylaw needs rewriting.

“The fact that the population of the city of Cornwall is 47,000 and you would change a bylaw for one person, to me, is asinine,” he said, adding that the incident has become a “black eye” for the city for enforcing a bylaw “that is strictly following the wishes of the people.”

“You are allowed to [sell worms] in the confines of your home, with no signage,” he said. “In other words, if people want to pick up worms, they knock on your door, you hand them the worms, they hand you the money, they leave. “

The reason Cornwall hovers at 47,000 people is because its elected officials hide from issues like this and consistently fail at resolving challenges in the community as they have with Wormgate, Cornwall Housing’s air conditioner rule, and most sinesterly the Vincent Family Ice Rink which may have led to the loss of employment for Mrs. Vincent who will not discuss the matter.

Cornwall has many  issues like this that can help a city like ours grow of you choose correctly and show leadership.

Why not have a Seasonal By law which allows for signage of a certain dimension?    Who would that hurt?

When I spoke with Councilor Towndale I offered my draft of a new by law but sadly it was not accepted.

Now we see the Mayor shoot down Towndale’s idea in the CBC interview.

47,000 people should not have to wait for one day every four years to have their voice impact on their elected officials.

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What do you think dear CFN viewers?  You can post your comments below.


  1. This mayor seems to contradict his own words,on one side he says that boys are allowed to sell their worms only inside the home with no signs, on the other side of mouth says that lawn sales can be allowed twice a year & of course signs are a given…….which is it, inside or outside

  2. Mayor O should go back and listen to some of the lofty things he said on the Seaway Radio interview. (Good interview, Jamie) He closes saying “we” (city officials) are at the bottom of the food chain, we have to be accountable and transparent to the people, yet he won’t even grant a local interview on CFN. As jules would say, LOL and ROLF!!!

  3. Does Cornwall’s mayor live in Cornwall? Has he in the last three months driven the length of say Pitt Street? He talks of by laws and control to avoid adverse appearance and perception of the city. Really? Using your front lawn to sell vehicles and boats is common place and goes completely unchecked and is in my opinion more of an eyesore than yard sales, lemonade stands,worms for sale etc.

    Dear mayor if you are considering a used car or boat consider taking a drive on Pitt Street to do your shopping. There is a large boat on a front lawn on Pitt Street north of Tollgate Road that has been there for approximately three months, you may just get the deal of your life.

    Please leave the small stuff alone and concentrate your efforts on the larger issues.

    From a taxpayer that pays their share of the bill.

  4. Two garage sales a year allowed……yes a few cities / towns have implemented this measure. Some people use it as a constant source of income. After two garage / yard sales you need a permit. Personally I think its a good idea. Imagine living beside someone that had one every weekend, if there were no controls.

    Wormgate has taken a life of its own. How about we let the Cadieux family and city hall work it out? Imagine if every bylaw infraction made it to the news. Where would we be?

  5. Now I’m beginning to realize why Mayor “O” has been nicknamed the “Preacher” at City Hall . What a terrible interview on CBC ! Yes Mary, his interview was full of contradictions. He never fully answered the questions & then began preaching his knowledge of municipal by-laws ! Deal with the issue Mayor “O”, these are KIDS, with parents that are trying to instill a positive life lesson to their boys. Glad to see the Cadieux Boys have lawyered-up , kudos to Andre Bourgon for his support.

  6. The only two things asinine about this whole affair is that this ridiculous bylaw even exists and two, the Mr. Mayor’s comments. How does he know how many kids are selling worms to make extra money during the summer? Has he gone around town and checked himself? Is he proud that he and the rest of council could possible ruin two young lads hopes of purchasing something they would like to get by not addressing the topic until the end of August? I would suggest that before Council members, including the Mayor, start flapping their lips that they investigate what they are talking about and not just speak to hear themselves.

    At the last municipal election the people of Cornwall voted for change, boy did we get it. The decision on whether that change was for the better or worse will be decided at the next election so Council should realize that the voters are watching their performance and we have a good memory.

  7. For the Mayor of our fair city to say that changing the bylaw for one person is asinine only goes to show that he and the rest of City council has tunnel vision or, are they only looking out for the interests of the companies that sell worms in our community. This whole situation goes far beyond the two young lads who are trying to earn some extra cash and show some initiative to get something they want on their own. This antiquated bylaw affects every citizen of Cornwall. Try looking at the big picture before running off at the mouth is my suggestion to the Mayor and City Council.

  8. The man should not even be in the political arena..
    From what i see he thinks he is a (big) man because he has mayor in front of his name without having any idea what that really means ..
    this is just my opinion m

  9. Jamie and folks honest to God I haven’t stopped laughing about “wormgate” at all whatsoever and thought about something funny overnight. I have to control my laughter and want to tell you my crazy insane thoughts. Overnight I thought about Leslie hiding out on the people and he is a coward and being that our own PM hid in a closet at the Parliament Bldgs. when all the hollaballoo went on with the shooting of the military fellow that maybe Harpo would extend a personal invitation to Leslie to join him in the closet. LOL LOL. ROLF! Leslie is a real coward and if he was a real man he would go and apologize to the children of the Cadeux family and to the Vincent children for the insanity that he dhas caused to them. The by law is good for keeping kids off the streets but not for selling lemonade and worms for heaven sake. Leslie you are a joke throughout Canada and one person called Cornwall Cornhole in the media and I roared with laughter because you have to look up the meaning and it sure isn’t about corn fields. LOL LOL. ROLF! You Leslie owe Jamie a lot because it was his media that got you into the mayor’s seat and not any of your local crap losing papers like the freeloader nor seaway news but only Jamie’s CFN and you proved yourself to be not any better than BOB. You made yourself into a jackass all over the country for nonsense. For God sake these are kids and not adults and these kids along with the Vincent kids are acting more mature than a lot of adults out there. Leslie maybe if you helped the kids pick the worms and sell lemonade maybe you can recouperate the mess that you and others have caused. Honest to God I swear I haven’t stopped my laughter about all this nonsense. These are young kids and leave them alone. These kids will get the shocks of being an adult sooner than they think and will wish that they were kids again. Kids out there don’t grow up too fast and enjoy life without all the hell of responsibilities that would turn you gray sooner than you think.

  10. A disgrace to us and buffoons to the rest of Canada!!! Thank you Cornwall City Council for humiliating your citizens, and bringing yourselves into disrepute.

    Your Worship (my butt) Leslie O’Shaughnessy, please note…
    De Minimis Non Curat Lex: a common law principle whereby judges will not sit in judgment of extremely minor transgressions of the law.

    You’ve demonstrated such pig headed intransigence (again), and poor judgement, that you can no longer be trusted to run affairs on our behalf. Look around the council table… a lawyer that allowed employee harassment on her watch, another that is a convicted criminal awaiting new fraud charges to boot, and a pack of sycophants and self interested chair warmers.

    Check out the jurisprudence on this type of case…

  11. mac – the Mayor is not a preacher but a politician! Big difference in my book – the Holy Bible. Christians. especially preachers, are to “speak the truth in love” (Eph. 4;15). The carbon copy of the last mayor that we had is still holding office, and definitely is not a preacher!

  12. Pastor Newton I missed you and wanted to ask Jamie where you were. Yes Leslie is a carbon copy of BOB and there is no change but only the same old nonsense going on. Yesterday I came across a funny article on the freeloader about a noisy parrot and came across something pretty insane from Connecticut but Jamie didn’t post it. Here is the one about the noisy parrot which is crazy as I am:

    Cornwall noise complaint: It’s Vegas baby

    Honest to God people cannot get any nuttier than what is going on even I feel more sane than all of that insanity. About three years ago here in my building in Ottawa there was an elderly couple who lived in an apartment on the ground floor and next door in a single home they have hedges for privacy as well as a big stone fence and the couple complained about the sound of birds in the hedges. Honestly folks am I the only one who is wacko or is the entire world gone nuts along with me. LOL LOL. ROLF! I love Jamie’s CFN so much because he is the best and I love to laugh even though I can’t stop laughing. People have really lost it today. Now I don’t feel alone.

  13. Jules- I do pray for the Mayor, and the counsel on a regular bases (as we are told to do -1 Tim.2; Romans 13). Since God was kicked out of the counsel room, no wonder if God gives them all up to more foolishness. Worse yet to come! Hell fire and damnation. They think they will not have to give an account for their lies, actions, ect. – not so. They might slip by now, but at the Great White Judgment, when they will have to stand before King Jesus and give an account, noting will be hid. No excuses then, but then it shall be to late. An eternity too late!

    Psa 9:17 “The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God”.

  14. Pray for me too, Newton. I’m headed straight to Hell, and my brakes are worn out. Right now I’m just hoping that the stay there will be as pleasant as the way there.

  15. Furtz: The stay there will not be pleasant at all – God guarantees that: “And in hell he lift up his eyes, being in torments…”(Luk 16:23). It is the righteous judgment of God upon sinners that continue to reject God’s gracious offer of salvation in this life. Paid day is coming!

  16. Furtz I will help Pastor Newton to pray for you. Honestly Furtz you are not a bad person – maybe a little wacky like myself but not bad. I think that we are in a lot of hell as it stands now and much more to come. I won’t go into it here and I am pooped out of so much laughter.

  17. Jules – the Holy Scriptures declares that we are all “bad people”. “As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one: There is none that understandeth, there is none that seeketh after God. They are all gone out of the way, they are together become unprofitable; there is none that doeth good, no, not one”( Rom 3:10-12). Read the rest of Romans 3:13-19.

    The degree of “badness” we manifest is not controlled by some innate goodness, but by God’s overriding sovereignty. As fallen sinners all we can do is sin. We are free agents – we choose our sin, but as slaves to sin, we can not choose something that is contrary to our fallen nature – like being good. Goodness is a heart matter, not just the quality of our actions. We are responsible to be good accord to God’s standard of goodness, but we wholeheartedly reject His standard – in thought, word, and deed.

    If we can be good and do good things and actually measure up to God’s Holy standard, then we would not need a Saviour. If we can change our sinful nature at will, then there is no need to be “born again”. God doesn’t accept – “I was sincere and I did the best I can”. There are a lot of people who believe that way, but are now suffer the eternal vengeances of God’s eternal wrath. As it is written – “the just shall live by faith”.

  18. I heard there is only Labatt Blue Lite and 2-4-1 pizza available on week days. I’m starting to get really really worried now.

  19. Furtz….A god that is purported to be a loving god who created man and gave him free will and then threatens that creation (man) with eternal damnation if he doesn’t tow the line and renounce that free will is not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea.

    Perhaps Furtz you should use the free will to shop around for a more compatible match. Or like the song “don’t worry, be happy”.

  20. I’m really not too concerned, David. Imaginary gods don’t bother me except when they are used by charlatans to spread fear and hate.

  21. Pastor Newton I thank you and I am going to look through the chapters in the Bible that you quoted. I have heard some people quote Romans 13 a lot. Yes you are absolutely right about the evil leaders and others going to hell and that is so very true. Yes we are all sinners and nobody is perfect at all. We all have to look over our own conscience and do what we can to improve. God just doesn’t one to do good deeds but also to love and honor Him. A lot of people have turned their backs on God but they will live to regret what they have done. Furtz is not evil at all but a lot lamb that has to return to his flock. Furtz hell is not about your flyiing spaghetti monster and your bonfires and all but a mighty evil place where people burn in hell and away from all that is good.

  22. Cornwall City Council has made the residents of Cornwall look focus challenged, attention deficient, and priority incapable, no need for more of the same here.

    Most visitors take a bit of time and thought before commenting on the news and events reported here… and it might be nice, to curtail the distracted and non-pertinent musings.

    Why dilute and pollute about the only forum in Cornwall that addresses the community’s affairs?


  23. Pastor Tom it is my ability to reason that gives me the free will to forgive the ignorance of someone such as yourself. That is my opinion and like Voltaire I would defend you right to an opinion as well. Remembering all the while that an opinion is neither right nor wrong but only a matter of perspective. May your God protect and bless you Pastor Tom and may the flames not engulf you.

  24. Voltaire – what a looser. The flames shall never engulf me for it is written -“when I see the blood I will passover you”. Safe and sound in the wounds of Jesus! How about you -David?

    Col_1:20 “And, having made peace through the blood of his cross, by him to reconcile all things unto himself; by him, I say, whether they be things in earth, or things in heaven”.

  25. Pastor Tom you ask “How about you-David? and I reply that nothing happens to me that I do not choose or invite to happen. This is not only my opinion but the respected opinion of learned scholars over our history. If you have another opinion that you understand more readily and therefore accept as your truth then you may not be in large company but you will have exercised your free. Like Voltaire I can get behind that concept as it is not about the conclusion but rather the means that gets you there. All the best Pastor Tom on your journey.

  26. Author

    Does that mean that if you don’t get enough fiber in your diet you’re a “tighter”?

  27. Actually Voltaire was a double looser – first in this life, and in the next.

    Rom 1:21 “Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.
    Rom 1:22 Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools”,

    Voltaire, Thomas Paine, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, David Hume, and many others declare openly that they would see the Bible completely removed from society in their day. It did not happen. In the middle of the spread of French infidelity, God breathed on the West in what is called the “2nd Great Awakening”. And yes, the Word of God is still with us!

  28. Ok, I can’t take it. It’s LOSER. Not looser. Voltaire as a prolific writer likely was able to make the distinction between looser and loser.

  29. Author

    Greg you could be a loose loser too…

  30. Thank you Greg! I should have caught that.

  31. I bet everyone with a functioning brain and the ability to think winds up swimming in that eternal lake of fire.

  32. LOL LOL. ROLF! All Pastor Newton did was make a simple mistake or should I say a mistrake. LOL LOL. I make plenty of mistakes and I can’t help but have a good laugh here.

  33. Let’s get back to the story of mayor O. He’d some leader alright. I’m thinking of coaching somebody for the next election

  34. As far as Leslie is concerned he has some connections loose and those neurons that are supposed to be functioning have seized to operate in a normal function. Leslie should take a look at the infestation of an inground swimming pool on Sydney Street that belongs to an adult that has abandoned the property to live in Florida. To go and jump on little kids aged 7 to 10 for something innocent like a lemonade stand and selling worms is insane. I thought that BOB was off his hinges until Leslie showed up and went against kids last Christmas for having a skating rink along with hockey when the city shut down so many rinks in the parks and where else does he think that kids are going to play. The Vincents did everything they could for their kids and those of the neighborhood but instead were shot down where they had to tear their rink apart because of some nosy old geaser of a neighbor who could not stand kids. The same with the Cadieux family where little kids were doing innocent things and not into crime like a lot of people and the parents teaching their kids good values and the lemonade stand as well as the worm selling came to an abrupt halt because of a mighty mean spirited person from across the street who couldn’t keep his ugly mean spirited self to mind his own business. Leslie must resign if he cannot handle what is going on and he has bigger fish to fry than closing down the pleasure of kids.

  35. A little off topic but, OMG the taxpayers are going to have to pay for an integrity commissioner??? It’s going to cost us about $20,000 to have the council do their jobs honestly and the way they are expected to? What is REALLY going on here? The news about this council gets more and more depressing by the day. Next thing you know we’ll be paying salary for a media relations position, just because councilors can’t be bothered to use the brand new laptops we bought them to use social media and spread positivity about Cornwall and give explanations and opinions about things like wormgate, new lawn watering bylaws, rink disasters and tugboats sinking and spewing toxins into our beautiful waterfront that is supposed to be our history and main jewel of Cornwall. Beg my pard for the rambling.

  36. Jerry…..totally agree. But Cornwall is not the city to have an integrity commissioner. There are 32 cities across Ontario that use one. As for a media relations position Cornwall already has one, sort of, Kevin Lajoie. But once again Cornwall is not alone. Most cities have a person who is responsible for media relations. And hopefully with the realignment of some city positions the city will not be behind the eight ball when stuff happens here.

  37. True Hugger, the realignment of some positions should help communication flow a bit smoother. But as for Cornwall not being the only city for this and that my opinion is that it doesn’t matter what other communities are doing. We just need common sense to be used here and tackle issues one by one and fixed the way OUR city needs it to be done. They need to stop looking elsewhere and use common sense and listen to the people they were elected to serve. Just my little opinion.

  38. Author

    Jerry here’s a simple reality. Since 2012 the city has boycotted CFN. Before that we had to fight and claw for every ad dollar and usually work for 10 cents on the dollar in spite of the results we achieved. We had a city and elected officials at that time start calling this online newspaper a blog as well.

    That’s a huge PR fail. Frankly there are those that are so concerned about playing petty politics they forget that they were employed or elected to work for the community.

    Until that truly changes, whether it be in relation to CFN, Ice Rinks, Worms, building permits, chem tanks, and many other issues we will have no forward progress.

    You can hire the best PR firm in the land, but a turd will always be a turd.

  39. Agreed Jerry. But sometimes politicians cross the line and need to be set straight. A perfect example is Tammy Hart in South Stormont. In a perfect world we wouldn’t need integrity commissioners or CFN. But we live in a less than perfect world.

  40. Jamie, you are so right. The boycott i don’t think is you personally. What i mean is, if ANYONE who tried to change things for the better for this community, or hold those in positions of power accountable for their monkey business they too would meet the same unfortunate fate as CFN. It really is unfortunate and sad. I for one appreciate alternative/independent sources of information. Anyone who doesn’t usually has skeletons to hide or are old and closed minded. The potential and benefit of having a source like CFN is grand, and can help the citizens of Cornwall out tremendously. Folk really need to realize that mainstream news is selectively fed to them. The way this town is run is why i cringe when i hear someone say “your vote counts”. You think if you vote this upcoming election that you will have a bigger voice when it comes to decision making time? Heck no, just try it at city hall. They’ll have you removed/arrested. Beg my pard.

  41. You said it right Jamie. Today I pointed out to my daughter the work being done on some buildings in a project that is mighty bad here and the corporation that owns it is changing balconies and so many other upgrades. My daughter answered back: “You can put pearls on a pig and it is still a pig” and how mighty true that is. Nothing has changed for the better at all in Cornwall and never will until the people themselves wake up and make those changes and stop living in the mentality of antiquities that have no sense at all. We believed in Leslie what he said before he ran as mayor and during the election and he turned out to be a liar a bold face liar. If people are not honest in their own skin and with the people then no integrity person is going to change anything and what a complete waste of money. Cornwall is getting to be more and more laughable. Big things have to change or else Cornwall will remain as a town of baffoons.

  42. {MODERATED} Jules please keep your comments SHORT and ON TOPIC. Please refrain from name calling, even of political figures.

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