Stephen Harper Calls 78 Day Election – Local Thoughts by Jamie Gilcig AUG 2, 2015 #CDNPOLI

If money talks Stephen Harper will have another majority government.   Of course when you make the rules it’s expected that you get good results.    Right now Mr. Harper set the rules that they benefit himself and his party and it just might work.

Justin Trudeau, if an election were held today would finish third; something that certainly would undermine his political future and sadly it’s not so much because of Harper attack ads, but his own missteps and handling of people from we lowly media to riding issues.

Thomas Mulcair has done a great job of riding his Orange Crush.  No boat rocking and taking the easy points when they’ve become available such as Bill C 51 which to date Justin Trudeau is the only party leader to have signed.

Locally it’s even more bizarre.   Candidates Guy Lauzon, Bernadette Clement and Patrick Burger are all boycotting CFN, the largest and most read media in their riding.

It’s boggling and very very strange because our election coverage will be a factor in this riding.

It’s enough to consider a run as an Independent candidate even…..

CFN will also be releasing at least one Election edition in PRINT as we go old school!

Locally Lauzon and Clement are interchangeable.    The both clearly are party hacks who do not stick their necks out for the community and pretty much only show up for photo ops.   You have to give the edge to Lauzon on this front, but then he has Eric and Frances to make sure he doesn’t screw up too much.

SD&G Federal Election POLL August 2, 2015 Who will you vote for?

  • GUY LAUZON - Conservative (43%, 90 Votes)
  • Bernadette Clement - Liberal (24%, 49 Votes)
  • Patrick Burger - NDP (22%, 45 Votes)
  • Independent/Other (12%, 24 Votes)

Total Voters: 208

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Patrick Burger?  A new face, but the same team of off milk backing him up, Brian Lynch, Elaine MacDonald, et al.  Mr. Burger has been nearly invisible to date…he’ll probably win if he never says a word…..

Who do you think you’ll vote for dear CFN viewers?    You can post your comments below.


  1. Politicians be politicians be politicians.

    Harper called this disgusting long campaign for one reason….to out spend the other political parties and buy the election. Any coincidence that ministers and Con MP’s were fanning out across the country giving out program money in the last week? He hopes to buy another election.

    ABH….anyone but Harper.

  2. Samis was the last NDP person to win in Cornwall

  3. George Samis was my history teacher at CCVS when I went there for a short while. Samis was a dedicated NDP person and was well liked. Politicians these days do not connect with the people at all.

  4. I don’t think the Cons will survive the “Heave Steve” momentum.

  5. ABH – you’ve got it Hugger. He’s dropped the writ. Now let’s watch him drop the ball…big time.

  6. Early prediction….NDP Minority Government…… Congrats Mr. Mulcair…..Conservitives” Official Opposition… You read it here first

  7. 78 days is disgusting. With the Canadian taxpayer footing up to 50% of the parties advertising bill. Harpoon Harper, once again is showinghis ddisdain for the Canadian taxpayer.

  8. The longer the election period the greater the chance that the electorate will make a more informed decision come voting day. Parties will all benefit from getting their message out. Young Trudeau will have a chance to possibly win back some ground, Mulcair will be able to explain how his party won’t bankrupt the country and for those that still find Harper scary he will either lengthen the rope or instill hope. A longer election is a win for all. The small additional cost is not like throwing money into gas plant closures, failed e-health plans and unsustainable energy programs it actually serves a purpose.

  9. Harper is the only viable person in the race!

  10. Small additional cost?? I guess your taxes aren’t high enough then David Oldham??

  11. Harper’s calling of the longest federal election campaign in modern history shows his continued disdain for the Canadian public and taxpayers. There is no logical explanation for calling a campaign this long.

  12. agree Hugger. but possibly the best strategy for screwing with voters’ heads by raising deep seated fears about global economics and terrorism

  13. Not all Conservatives are stupid. Lots of them are disappointed and disgusted by the Harper Con’s record of election cheating, botched political appointments, and overall vindictive nastiness. Some might change their vote, but more will just stay home on Oct. 19th. It will be interesting to see if Harper resists the temptation to stage a phony terrorist attack in the coming weeks. You can be sure that it has been discussed by his team.

  14. Actually Hugger1 like all Ontario taxpayers my federal taxation has decreased under the Conservatives and my provincial tax has skyrocketed under the Liberals. Approximately 90% of taxation is borne by approximately 10% of taxpayers. The wealthy by in large support the system but it is all relative and I am okay with that. Capitalism gives everybody a fair shot and the price is very affordable. I pay what I pay federally provincially it is time for me to move to greener pastures. Trust me I am not alone. Business is business and Ontario has fallen out of favour. I am good with that also because it has created opportunities elsewhere.

  15. Furtz you should write a conspiracy theory novel, I think it would be a hoot. You come up with some funny stuff.

  16. Actually Hugger1 you seem to like researching and I am sure that if you looked at the history of Canadian elections you might just find that longer election have usually benefited the opposition. No crime in not understanding the logic of something. We all have our individual strengths and weaknesses.

  17. You are so right Jimmy Olsen anyone with less than half a brain knows that terrorism was a conservative black op gone horribly wrong and that the global meltdown was orchestrated by the conservatives who have moles in all the financial markets. But you obviously already knew that. Cool.

  18. I think that many will resist voting and one thing is true is that I never voted for Harpoon Harpo in my life. I voted for Jack Layton one year so as not to vote for Harpoon Harpo. I am no socialist at all but never trusted Harpoon Harpo. What I see of Harpo is that he knows very well what he is doing abd gas things up his sleeve that he is not telling the people at all whatsoever. What I cannot stand is that he kept those fraudulent senators in office instead of giving them all a kick out the door. Everyone are crooked as hell but Harpo is the only one who can lead even though he is crooked. None of them are on the up and up.

  19. I came across something just now and will continue reading that paper tomorrow. Harpoon Harpo was supposed to sign the TPP Agreement but told them that he would sign after the elections. No Jamie hold on to your seat and all of you folks out there hold on tight because all hell will come down if Harpo signs this agreement and there is a great deal more that is not told. Here is the story:

    Wickileaks Reveals the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and Canada Post May Be Sold Under TPP Agreement.

    Jamie and folks go by the title to get into this article. I make a mix up with the letters most of the time. This is very important for all to read. TPP means the loss of sovereignity which I read before. Canadians are in the moon somewhre or have their heads burried in the sand. Read the article.

  20. Jules ….when people opt not to exercise their vote for any reason they are merely allowing the ones that do vote to make the decision for them. The refusal to vote does not support democracy it merely further erodes it. Rather than provide any solution the act of not voting is very much the problem as the principle of democracy is based on a majority of participation by its members. I therefore encourage all to exercise their right and make democracy work. After all is there in anyone’s mind a better alternative?

    As far as the fate of the Canada Post I would have disposed of this archaic system some years ago. Canada Post is just a business which is better left to free enterprise and the private sector. As for the CBC, cost vs benefit in a digital world is a easy determination for most. Unless advertising can support its existence rather than the taxpayers perceived bottomless pockets I for one will not miss its content or contribution as the alternatives are so plentiful and obviously more widely received. Getting monkeys off the taxpayers back in these trying and changing times is not just reasonable it is required in my opinion.

  21. The TPP is a disaster in more ways than one. Jules, stop agreeing with me, it isn’t good.

  22. We shall see if the longest campaign in modern history helps or hinders the opposition parties. I may depend on how many lies Harpoon Harper and his gang of cronies tells and if the voters buy his load.

  23. Hugger get a grip on your shorts. I am agreeing with you 100% and beyond on this article. I want to show the people here what is happening. The world leaders are signing on to something blindly that will cost us our sovereignity and already with NAFTA, CAFTA and by any other name they sold us all out. All this NAFTA, etc. is the big corporations and banksters of the world who profit and impoverish us all. We will all be third world if this keeps up. I put this iin Jamie’s paper so as everyone here can read what the leaders are up to. This wouldn’t only concern Harpoon Harpo but it would concern Thomas the Cat and Justine Trudope if they were PM.

  24. Mr. Oldham we can vote and vote and vote till the cows come home but there are people behind the scenes who really run the show. No matter who we vote for if someone is dumb enough to sign such an article without knowing the contents then they need to be tossed out of office and the document should be nul and void.

    Hugger it is mighty rare that you and I agree on anything and I find it hilarious when we do agree on something. Enjoy it while we can because it is mighty rare. LOL LOL.

  25. I have a sneeky suspicion that Thomas the Cat might get in ahead of Harpoon Harpo as PM or Harpo would have a minority government. After reading some of the comments that people are putting down in different papers including so many people hate his guts. I do agree that Harpoon Harpo is not for the average people but for the very rich corporations and rich people in general. I bet he either gets in with a minority government or that Thomas the Cat will be the next PM.

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