Did Cornwall Mayor Bob Kilger Kill thecornwalldaily.com ? by Jamie Gilcig UPDATED

Did Cornwall Mayor Bob Kilger Kill thecornwalldaily.com ?   by Jamie Gilcig  UPDATED

cwdaily doneCORNWALL Ontario –  Today Corus Radio shut down The Cornwall Daily.com; essentially cutting down its local newsroom in Cornwall.    Three jobs were lost including,most likely, news director Bill Kingston who also represented the station as a member of the board of the Cornwall & Area Chamber of Commerce; a position he’d have to step down from if not with the station any longer.

Kilger BeardMayor Kilger was speculated to be holding a grudge against the station since newsie Eric Spence let him have it over the budget process.

It’s city council’s main responsibility. Once a year they decide how to spend your tax dollars, my tax dollars. The budget process finished up yesterday and I sat through the entire thing for three and half days. It was …well….it was an experience. Councillor Andre Rivette seems to be the only one who is willing to cut spending. Glen Grant is a stickler for procedures. Bernadette Clement doesn’t get the respect she deserves. Denis Thibault is well-prepared and Denis Carr is pretty good at keeping everyone in line. But, I want to talk about Mayor Bob Kilger. +


The good ‘ol Mayor, who makes upwards of 50 grand a year of taxpayer money, strolls in 15 minutes late to Tuesday’s meeting. If I’m 15 minutes late, my boss ain’t happy. But maybe Kilger thinks he doesn’t have a boss – well, guess what, we, the tax payers are your boss. We pay your salary. So, Kilger, get your butt to work on time and try to fix this city which, oh by the way, has the lowest per capita income in the province – maybe you should try to do something about that? And then, during the meetings, the mayor spends half the time ignoring the presentations and whispering to other councilors or to city staff. What, is this process not interesting to you, Mr. Mayor? Are you bored? You show up late, you talk while others are talking – if this were school, you’d be in the principal’s office, where you belong, wetting your pants.

Mr. Spence commented to CFN from Toronto where he now resided:

Bill, Jesse and the other reporters at TheCornwallDaily.com have done a great job over the past few years. They have a passion for delivering the news to the community of Cornwall. It is my understanding that they were unaware that TheCornwallDaily.com would be shut down until they came into work today when they were suddenly told that it was their last day.

I am sure that this was not a decision that was made at the local level. The Cornwall staff of Corus Entertainment are hard-working individuals who have a strong commitment to each other. They are great ambassadors for the company and the community. However, the decision makers at Corus Entertainment who sit in their offices in Ottawa, Montreal or Toronto should be ashamed of themselves for treating TheCornwallDaily.com team like garbage.

It’s hard for small-town media to survive in the current marketplace and if shutting down TheCornwallDaily.com was the best business decision, I do not fault Corus Entertainment for that.

However, nothing justifies firing employees on the spot with no warning when this decision has obviously been discussed for some time. These are people with mortgages, leases and ties to the City of Cornwall that can’t be broken easily.

Unfortunately, Corus Entertainment sees them like nothing more than employee numbers on a spreadsheet. Their actions are callous and extremely disrespectful. I wish the former staff of TheCornwallDaily.com great success in the future and hopefully they can join an organization that treats them better.


Since that morning share on the last day Mr. Spence worked for Corus the buzz was that the mayor’s temper was on full flare.   If anyone has followed what his temper has led to regarding the boycott of CFN, the largest newspaper in our city; you can only imagine the impact to Corus.

It’s been over one year since I asked CFO Maureen Adams for a break down of how the City of Cornwall spent its $275,000 plus dollars in 2013; but if Corus lost ad dollars that certainly would have fueled the decision of the Corporate giant to pull the plug on three jobs in this city.   Even councilor Dupelle tried to help.  At the end of being jerked around for a year Ms Adams sent me an application to file an Freedom of Information Claim.

Ironically the shutting down of “the daily”  comes on the day that The Freeholder (Sun Media) and Seaway News (TC media) both ran stories about the mayor stating that he was going to run again for election even though his office is across the hall from clerk Helen Finn.  It’s not like he’d have far to go on the days he actually is in Cornwall.  Both companies benefit from a deal to put out glossy magazines promoting the city full of City connected ads.

The Mayor’s good buddy Claude McIntosh had written that the mayor was going to run this past winter.   After that miss he stated the mayor would announce after the election and that Pat Finucan (the President of the Police Board) would return as his campaign manager.  Now this non-statement by the mayor when all he has to do is simply sign his forms.

Now, with the Provincial election over, this muted non announcement that he will be running again, without actually running, on the day that three more jobs are lost in the city under his watch is up there with his announcement that he was not guilty of conflict of interest because his lawyer said so.

And of course Closed Meeting Investigator Stephen Fournier’s report will most likely condemn his actions in having the Waterfront Committee move into a closed meeting without an announcement first.   His response to media on that oopsie was that committee members needed more training when the Chair, Lee Cassidy clearly asked for advice with the Mayor and two long serving veteran councilors in attendance.

It’s yet another example about why truly local media have a role to play in any community and why they should be fairly treated if not out and out supported.   How on earth can some businesses shout about supporting local business and buy local like that wacky Alan Wilson and then not do so themselves?

How do we find out the truths in the world if media will not cover them without fear of losing their income and ability to survive?

What do you think Cornwall?  You can post your comments below.

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Your respectful decorum on the matter of “thedaily” being
shut down and the loss of jobs has not gone unnoticed.
That said, I hope you find the time to toot your own horn a little, and point out how maybe ‘cornwallfreenews’ is the model for the future of small town news.


I think this was an economic decision. How and why it was done sucks. But is there a good way to close down a news department? With people seeking their news from other than traditional media outlets a newsroom in radio stations in small cities are doomed. Bob Kilger may have a grudge with TheCornwallDaily.com, but I don’t think that played in the decision. The city still advertises with the two Corus radio stations here. And if all it takes is for one advertiser to pull their ads from a media outlet to kill that media outlet the media outlet… Read more »


It sucks that we are losing the Cornwall Daily.com. I enjoyed reading their articles on Facebook. I will no longer be have variety 104.5 for my news on Facebook. People have treated the people of Cornwall daily news like nobodies not giving them even the 2 week noticed which I believe may be the law that nobody follows.


Jamie you are smelling a rat like what I am and this rat is awfully big. I have never read the Cornwall Daily News but I did hear of the name of Bill Kingston before. It sure is no fun being without a job and many of us can vouch for that. While living in Cornwall I felt that there was no way out and that was back in the mid 70’s era and my husband said right away that is it and we were off to Ottawa. Well these are no longer the good days of the 70’s era… Read more »


Jules… not everything in Cornwall is a conspiracy or smells like a rat. A lot of your posts make me laugh and shake my head. I can’t believe some of the theories and explanations you come up with.

As for sending a message I don’t think one was sent or received. Yes, layoffs and firings used to be done on Fridays. But I don’t think that’s the case any longer. It seems they happen all days of the week now.


Nobody feels more for Bill and the daily team than I do. That being said, Jamie and cfn are proving again and again that small companies and ‘hyperlocal’ news are the wave of journalism’s future. Keep up the good work.


Hugger just what kind of a low life goes and destroys other people lives like what happened to Jamie when someone made false accusations about him and the Barney Fife PD didn’t do their job to investigate any of this crap and now Jamie is considered guilty before being innocent. Just what kind of low life pieces of filth would go to that extent to destroy other peoples lives. You are defending a society who hasn’t stepped up to the plate to defend Officer Perry Dunlop and now Jamie. You have no idea how I feel at this end –… Read more »


Thanks Jamie for explaining that to Jules. I was trying to figure out how she figured I was defending what happens in Cornwall as right. I was simply saying not everything that happens in life is a conspiracy or smells like a rat. Like Jamie said “That’s how things roll because that’s how the system works.” Life isn’t always fair and doesn’t always go the way you want. Remember the golden rule……whoever has the gold makes the rules.


We may not agree on a lot Jamie. But with what you just said, “There has never been justice in this world for the “little guy” . There never will be either.” I agree 100%.


Nice sentiments, but not reality. The reality is that’s how the world works, not just here in Cornwall, but everywhere. Money is power, power is money.


Ah ha! Now we can agree with something here. There is no justice and only JUST US. We live in a mighty filthy and rotten, scum bag world don’t we. The suffering of the little people is horrible. Life is like a wheel and if there is any justice in this horrible world then Bare Ass and his gang of cut throats would be put away for what they do. Well God has His real justice and we will all face that justice because it is the only justice that counts. Man’s world will soon be finished for good when… Read more »


Quoted from the CSF(and let’s not get into a discussion on the CSF):

Mark “Dickie added that costs were a factor in the decision, but not the primary reason for the shutdown.

“We figure we would leave it to the news guys.””

Well Mark you had three very capable “news guys” here (Bill, Jesse and Kasia) at TCD and you closed the whole unit. Guess it goes to show that news is moving away from traditional methods.