Who Will Play Rob Ford on SNL? Crack Head Toronto Mayor Draws International Scorn by Jamie Gilcig

robfordCFN– We humans are an odd lot.   Imagine how screwed up the politics of the City of Toronto are that Rob Ford was elected mayor in the first place.

While there are countless reasons why he should step down the biggest reason is that he is a bad actor.    Rob Ford is no Chris Farley who I’m sure Lorne Michaels is trying to bring back from the dead to cash in on this one.

The big question to me though is do our politicians owe the public to pass drug & alcohol tests?  I would think not.  Is the reality of someone toking, smoking, snorting, or rubbing things into their belly define whether they can’t do their jobs?

Should people lose their jobs because they lose it on occasion?   Even hanging out with crazed drug dealers and nasty types?   I mean who defines who is acceptable and do not drug dealers get to vote in Canada too?

The biggest reason why Mayor Rob Ford should resign is because….well he messed up.    He knew when this rodeo started what he did or did not do; more so than any Toronto Star reporter or Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair.

What he should have done then was take a medical leave; go sit on an island with a trainer and cleaned himself up and come back a better man.

The people of Toronto would have forgiven him, or at least more of them would have and he would have silenced his critics because they would simply be out of ammo  (at least until the wacky mayor gave them more)

But Rob Ford didn’t do that.   He attacked the media; the police, just about anybody; like a little boy caught with his hands on a crack pipe.

He impeached his character beyond repair.

Frankly it’s great for us pundits.  It’s great for clicks on newspapers and late night TV gagmen.

But it’s sad for Toronto and Canada.  It’s going to be even more sad for Mr. Ford as I have a hunch police charges will most likely be coming soon.

It’s sad that we have a political system that in the end will not hold Rob Ford, or the many Rob Ford’s around Canada that think that just because they are elected they are above the law.

Today someone was saying that this is a great chance to reform the Municipal Act in Ontario; but who would do that?   Politicians?

At this point we don’t know what Rob Ford will do next, health leave, resign, bite heads off bunny rabbits on late night TV – all bets are off.

Maybe the next Rob Ford will handle his shizzle better than this Rob Ford?   Probably not.

It’s Marshmellow time in Toronto.

And Social Media and Late Night TV respond.

This video above is dedicated to Rob Ford, and our own Mayor Bob Kilger; and to all those Quebec mayors, and our Prime Minister and his Senate friends, and to Premier Wynne and her mentor Dalton McGuinty; and to many clowns past, present, & future.

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  1. This is all such a tragic story. Watching a public figure, especially an obnoxious one, circle the drain can be entertaining, but it’s still a tragedy. Toronto will recover once Ford is removed. He probably won’t.

  2. Who would play a$$hat crackhead Ford…….? Why not talentless, worthless, not-the-least-bit-remotely-half-funny a$$hat Will Ferrrell?

  3. too bad chris farley wasnt still alive . He kind of looks like him and would do him justice.


    Bros Rob and Doug Ford, mom, sis and the wacko ex boyfriend of sis (you know the guy that shot her in the face with a rifle) will star in Hollywood’s first reality feature movie.

    You heard it here first

  5. Actor Brian Dennehy looks so much like Rob Ford and is one of my favorite actors. They both have the same looks and the same built and Brian is also an alcoholic so he can relate to Rob Ford’s problems with substance abuse. I personally think that it is a tragedy that happened to Rob Ford and something that should never have happened.

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