9 Lives of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford or May You Get What You Wish For by Jamie Gilcig

Jamie GilcigCFN – The biggest farce of the Rob Ford reality show that the world has been enjoying this past week, month, term, has been the media frenzy.


There are always agendas.   It’s not that Mr. Ford is some innocent.  It’s not that he’s misunderstood.  It’s the bizarre hypocrisy of my media confreres and those that drink the Kool Aid.

Remember Bill Clinton?  Does anyone really think he was a bad President just because he was Monica’d?  Really?  Was he really the first President or leader to get a bit on the side?

And our own country, Canada, allegedly was created in a drunken stupor with signed documents leaving the building before the hangovers were done.

Rob Ford has created a circus.  He’s handled things really…amaturely….it’s a car crash without blood yet.  Yet like a cat he’s landing on his feet, tumbling after, but back up on his feet.

Let’s look back a few decades to one Marion Barry, Mayor of Washington D.C..    Mayor Barry was charged and convicted of using, cocaine.   Crack cocaine actually.   It wasn’t allegations and videos suggesting.  It was a done deal.He was arrested by the freaking FBI!

They even made a HBO documentary on his life.

What a lot of people refuse to say publicly is that the average person has sex; many do drugs; and yet they function each and every day.      Winston Churchill was alleged to be an Alcoholic.   I wonder where we’d all be if he had been taken down by his own people over his drinking?

We human beings are funny, vain, insane creatures full of all sorts of fun vices and habits.   If we really want to have lily white people in office then let’s make it mandatory.

Mayor Barry continued as Mayor after his conviction and decided to not run in the next election.    He came back and was elected for 220px-Marion_Barry_smoking_cracka fourth term in 1994 telling people to “Get Over It! with 58% of the popular vote”    Maybe it’s time for some to get over it?

It’s funny that out of the billions of pixels of coverage of Rob Ford very few if any of the attacks and calls for his resignation have been because of his direct decisions as mayor related to his work?

We either live in a Democracy or we don’t.  Rob Ford really has never hidden much of his repugnant behavior.   The public isn’t really surprised by his drunken stupors.  It should be a red flag to those in Toronto about why the public chose Rob Ford to lead them instead of the alternatives.    I mean have you looked at some of the pictures of Toronto councilors?   Would George Smitherman be any better?   Wasn’t it the total expensive disaster to tax payers that led them to vote just about anyone; even a Rob Ford into power as long as they promised some fiscal relief?

Time and the voters of Toronto will judge Mayor Rob Ford.   Maybe it’s time for the Media to focus on real Political hoodlums instead of messed up drunken crack heads who toss feline scented remarks in front of microphones and cameras?

The lesson learned from messes like this is that you can’t force people in a Democracy.  Lord knows millions if not billions are spent programming us via media consolidation.   There are more and more people that question if any truth or common sense is left in media.

Screaming headlines competing for eyeballs over a train wreck mayor distract from real failures like the Senate Scandal in Ottawa or the total billion dollar political mess of the McGuinty, now Wynne Liberal government.

It’s time to focus on issues instead of Spin.  Karma and the voters will sort out Toronto Mayor Rob Ford; if his wife doesn’t first; who will sort out the Province of Ontario and Canada?

Rob Ford has not yet been charged by Toronto Police.   He may never be charged by Toronto Police.  Until he is does he deserve the same attacks that someone charged and convicted like Marion Barry?  This scribbler thinks not.

What do you think CFN voters?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. Jamie this one deserves an award!!!! What about Sir John a Macdonald to name another.

    Ford was doing a spectacular job in Toronto. Like you said Jamie, time to move on.

    We should give him time to seek help and heal.

  2. Author

    Stella I just to clarify. I don’t think Rob Ford should be mayor. I think Rob Ford sadly is an example of how toothless our municipal act is. Imagine when Rob Ford isn’t the worst example of a mayor or council’s performance in Ontario? Frankly I don’t care about Rob Ford personally. I don’t have empathy or even sympathy at this point as he has had multiple opportunities to do the right thing and has chosen not to; like our Mayor and council collectively here in Cornwall. There simply is no reasonable recourse for the public because of our Municipal Act.

  3. As I just posted on another thread, the police file on Ford is still active. They had plenty of opportunities to pull Ford over and investigate after observing him receiving packages from a suspected (now accused) drug dealer. They didn’t. From what little I know about police work, I think they are looking into something that is far more serious than simple possession of weed or crack, or even driving while impaired. My guess is that there will be a large budget movie made about this mess once it’s all over.

  4. Rob Ford did a very good job for Toronto but one cannot continue having an alcoholic in charge of the city and smoking crack cocaine. Yes I remember Marion Barry the mayor of Washington DC and he resigned his post because of the embarrassment that he brought on to himself. I remember reading about Winston Churchill being a drunk and spent his time drinking bottles of whiskey in a bunker underground during WWII. Bill Clinton did well for the US during the 90’s era even though he made a lot of mistakes and one was with Monica Lewinsky. The same thing is true about JFK and his womanizing and he almost caused WWIII back in the early 1960’s era with Russia and Cuba. The other leaders were all the same and none come to my mind about being perfect.

    When people are on illicit drugs and alcohol then they are not fully conscious to make the proper decisions and make a terrible embarrassment for their cities and towns and countries. Their mistakes can cause money and lives.

    I personally wish Mayor Ford the best and hope that the man gets treatment for his own sake as well as for his family as well. Mayor Ford is not a man of the streets and comes from a good and well to do family and has to act in a gentlemanly way and not the scum of the streets which does not become him.

  5. I agree that Mayor Ford was a great mayor of Toronto,he did what he was voted in to do saving taxpayers money.His personal life was another matter which I could not care less about,however,getting rid of him should have been because of how he did something wrong at city council & the only thing I saw was his showing up there drunk.He was downgraded because of his personal issues,I can,t see how that would be even legal.I really believe that his ongoing feud with the star along with Premier Wynne & Councilor Wong who were digging to find what they could use against him.They should call it the Wynne-Wong show they were the real winners in all this mess.Look at other Mayors’ in Cornwall,London & Oshawa who have real city issues & conflicts …Why are they still there?

  6. Again you fail to understand the seriousness of this whole story.

    To even try to compare him to Bill Clinton is very bad journalism and you are actually partly responsible for the dumbing down of the electorate by basically telling everyone not to judge a politician by his criminal acts, his criminal acquaintances, his lies, his despicable public outburst and his drunken behaviour.

    Regardless if he is charge by the police or not, this man should never be a public official. Just imagine, this man (who has ties to dangerous gang members) sits on the Toronto police commission and helps to makes policy.

    He is a farce, and again, I don’t care if he is a conservative, liberal, Marxist or jedi knight, he is bad for Toronto, he’s a horrible mayor, he is bad for Canada.

    Making excuses for him and claiming the good he has done outweighs his despicable and criminal behaviour, is doing nothing but feed slimy politicians with hope in knowing that they can be corrupt criminals and still have support.

    He is now says he will fight the city, and admits it will be at a huge cost to Toronto taxpayers, but with his morbidly obese ego, he believes he deserves to remain as mayor and everyone else is just out to get him.

    He is turning Toronto into a world renowned laughing stock, and as one American news anchor stated, ladies and gentlemen this man is running the 5th largest city in North America!

  7. Author

    wow please change your user id as we already have a wow that posts here regularly.

  8. Ohh and by the way… please tell me, all you Rob Ford supporters, have you seen all the surveillance video and photos showing the mayor receiving manila envelopes and bags by the criminal Lisi?

  9. Author

    last warning dude – please change your user id

  10. I agree Admin. I don’t think the new wow and the old wow hold the same views.

  11. I now Wow! and you sir wow are no Wow! By the way, Ford is the laughing stock, not Toronto. And I hate Toronto. Best mayor ever.

  12. It is a very interesting situation for sure.
    Rob Ford has been a good fiscal manager in Toronto ,though I do believe his social issues will certainly have an impact now on running municipal council.

    How many CEO’s or
    Executives have substance abuse? But do they have the constant eye of the media on them?

    The majority of the media swings left and any opportunity for them to demean the right is relished and encouraged,but this situation masks a much greater issue.

    The Ontario Government has been given a gift with this situation as the heat is no longer on them and the gas plants and an estimated total at the End of $1,600,000,000.
    This 1.6 billion is directly correlated to corruption ,but hey look over there its Rob Ford.

    Fords actions ,though not good judgement and possibly a criminal act has had no direct impact on the taxpayers other then those over zealous left wing media fodder.
    Yet 1.6 billion of taxpayers money has vanished through corruption but the media says hey look over here its Rob Ford and his gift to the Ontario liberal party.

  13. @ Highlander. Any CEO or executive in private business would have been quietly fired months ago if they carried on in public like Ford has. Add to that his now well known self admitted criminal activity, and you still consider him a worthy political leader of Canada’s largest city? Sorry to break it to you, but Tea Party North desperately needs a new leader.

  14. Mary Bray I had a good chuckle here about the “Wing-Wong Show” that would make a good one indeed. This has gone viral all over the world unlike Oshawa and London or Cornwall. Willie Wise and former Mayor Martelle put Cornwall on the map of corruption along with their friends.

    About Rob Ford he comes from a good family but went astray. I said it before here some time ago that when you get in with certain people you do go astray. I have always chosen my friends wisely and so does my husband. We know the good and the bad.

    There is something that I agree with Furtz here is that I think that the cops of Toronto may be using Rob Ford as a kind of a decoy to catch bigger fish meaning the big drug dealers. Drugs are a huge problem and we knew a big dealer who was kicked out of Canada on other charges other than drugs and when we heard that we were so happy and relieved that he was no longer here. He had a very nice wife and she should have left him for what he did. I think that Furtz is right on to something here.

  15. Have to agree with Furtzie I think the worst is yet to come
    No I am not talking about Fords TV show on Sun_News network…total viewers less than ten thousand
    More to the point Mayor Ford can give Lance Armstrong a run for the money in the bold face lie dept
    Toronto Police in my view have held off arresting Mayor Ford on drunk driving or other “lesser crimes” as they slowly build a major case against him…remember its called Project Brazen like Fords brazen behavior. After the drug dealer who was in charge of the crack video got shot in the head his phone disappeared. After this Ford started making bold statements about this video doesn’t exist
    All the public has seen so far is pictures and police reports of very strange behavior for a Mayor
    Just wait until the media lawyers get their hands on the mountains of wiretaps that had been going on for almost a year for project traveller a drug/gun and street gang investigation.
    Mayor Ford made hardened Journalists gasp with his “Pussy Riot” comments on live TV just imagine what he probably said when he didn’t know he was being taped. Pretty sure it will make the Tricky Dick Nixon tapes sound like childrens fairy tales
    Anthony Smith’s killing has gained more attention in recent weeks because of his connection to Mayor Rob Ford.
    Smith was killed and his friend was wounded in a targeted shooting on a King Street West sidewalk

    Smith played for a high school football team that Ford previously coached, and he is pictured in an alleged photo of the mayor and a group of young men.

    A highly-placed source confirms to CTV News that on those wiretaps, persons of interest discussed the video in detail, and referred to the mayor’s presence in the video.

  16. Hey Furtz ,

    Or should I say lefty ,I do not condone his behaviour ,but ,without charges ,you have
    Already deemed yourself judge ,prosecutor and hangman.

    “Sorry to break it to you, but Tea Party North
    desperately needs a new leader. ”

    By your statement I would presume you would much prefer left leaning Humanitarians like Stalin?

  17. Brilliant as always, Highlander.

  18. I find that the media and the public are giving this guy way too much attention, and you know deep down inside he likes it!
    If he were to walk out of a building and not have one reporter or a crowd there to greet him he would be devastated. In the end, the police will either charge him with bigger crimes than what we know about at this point or he will be removed from his position as mayor and go quietly away. The less attention this guy gets the better.

  19. No doubt Rob Ford is an example of an individual struggling with some demons. Rehab has become relatively common place for personalities in the entertainment field and others. When an individual throws her/his hat into the public ring they become a target for scrutiny and no doubt it can be a rough ride and a test of patience and perseverance. To date Rob Ford has not been charged with any crime so he, like Bob Kilger mayor of Cornwall, continues to serve as an embarrassment to the position of trust granted by the electorate. While I might suggest that men of honour would recognize the need to step aside I would submit for your consideration that neither men share that characteristic, unfortunately.

    The presumption of innocence is one issue, public perception is another and I would suggest that both issues are not dependent on specific guilt or innocence but rather hinge on the concept of public trust.

    Therefore to be blunt, both men should step down. This would be the honourable course of action.

  20. @David Oldham
    Always enjoy your well-considered comments, written with a flare.
    “I would submit for your consideration” – a bit of the ol’ Rod Serling no less.
    Yes, we truly are living in the twilight zone these days!

  21. @ Driving the Karma Bus. Any mayor of Canada’s largest city will come under media scrutiny. It comes with the job. Sadly, this clown is under world-wide media scrutiny because of his very public asinine and criminal behavior. I’m not so sure that Ford is enjoying all the attention at this point, but he’s too stupid, or addled, to know how to turn it off. Any rational person would have stepped down months ago and retained at least a little dignity. Now he’s hired a lawyer to try to drag this gong-show on even longer.

  22. The latest development with the ongoing Ford saga……….. city council, by law, has no right to demote Ford to the status of a regular council member. A civic lawyer who looked into the matter said the vote is against unlawful. He will be getting in touch with Ford’s lawyer then a decision will be made whether Ford will pursue this. paid from his own pocket.

  23. @FURTZ ditto on the gong show comparison and rational may be the definitive word. This whole scenario could not have been better scripted by even the most gifted reality show writers.

  24. Ford has at least two lawyers on the go. His criminal lawyer has advised him to NOT talk to the police. That’s standard advice for anyone facing charges. His civic lawyer is trying to figure out how to keep him in the world spotlight for as long as possible. I’m not sure, but I heard he has an entertainment lawyer working on a reality show deal, and collecting royalty fees from various comedy shows.

  25. My gosh the Standard Freeholder will allow almost anything nowadays
    They have even stopped using the UR you report feature where they get stories for free
    And now some nut is mocking stellabystarlight in the Santa Claus parade report
    unreal how low they will go
    Right WingNUTT
    • 39 minutes ago

    My Christmas present to Cornwall
    Punking know it all stellanotsobright over at CFN

  26. @Furtz;

    I agree that anybody in a public position with half a brain would have stepped down. And that is why I say he is enjoying the attention from this gong show. Most people would be running for the hills to avoid this kind of publicity but he just keeps running off at the mouth. And he is getting way too much media attention which he seems to enjoy.

  27. Yes, Ford’s got enough money to fight this thing forever and then some.

    This is another sordid aspect of this ridiculous circumstance. This shameless ass is going to fight with all the entitlement available to him. He is NOT “one of the people” and doesn’t play by the normal rule book.
    He’s the beneficiary of a family fortune and just another rich, insensitive boor who fooled a lot of people into thinking he cares about them..

  28. @ Driving the Karma Bus. You’re right. The idiot is on American “news” saying he wants to be prime minister! He’s lost it.

  29. Author

    Guys I’d rather see the demon in the light than the mask in the dark. Frankly this story is just starting and short of video of the Mayor committing a crime he’s not going anywhere.

    And if his team can actually show that taxes have been curbed or held back this will become an election based on results rather than cult of personality. I kind of like that.

    Would I prefer a fat drunken crack head mayor that gets the job done rather than a slick polished huckster selling out the community.

    Personally I’d prefer a world that could get good people elected. What does it say about our seats of power when those two extremes generally are the only options?

    Here in Cornwall SD&G we have a MP that is only good for Photo shoots and bowing to whatever his political party says. There is not one example of Mr. Lauzon actually standing up for his riding over the preferences of the PM. Our Mayor is even worse and one day if the public puts enough pressure on law enforcement some of what he’s done that I can’t even publish yet, will show that we need to vote less for the nicely dressed politicians and more for the ones that get the job done.

  30. To my buddy Furtz and all others who are interested, at 8:00 PM the two Ford brothers will be on Sun News for their new 1 hour show. .Unfortunately at the same time Anderson Cooper will be interviewing Rob on his show. This will give everyone a chance to see Ford in a different view.

    Jamie, I agree. Leaving everything else aside, Ford has done a fantastic job. I would not count him out just yet.

  31. @ Furtz Re:” wants to be prime minister.” No way: Harper would appoint him to the Senate first.

  32. Leaving everything else aside? That can’t be done. Constant lies, drunken stupors used as an excuse for his crack habit, close association with known criminals, sending city staff to shop for his vodka, drunk on the job, and on and on…
    BTW, Stella, taxes in Toronto have increased and services have been cut since this bozo became mayor.
    And consider this… If there was a major emergency in Toronto.. weather event, train derailment, terrorist attack etc, the mayor would be expected to jump into action and direct emergency services. Scary thought, for sure.
    @ PJ. “Senator Rob Ford” has a nice ring to it.

  33. @RememberJFK

    It doesn’t take much to amuse small minds. BTW the SF did delete the childish comments.

  34. Ford just did an interview with CNN news at an elementary school this morning. He got all p!ssed off at the reporter and started swearing into the mic! Brother Doug got him to calm down, and Robbie apologized (yet again) for swearing in front of school kids. CNN bleeped out the offending language.
    This is the bleeping mayor of Toronto! Totally out of control, and totally unfit to represent Canada’s largest city.

  35. Furtz, MPAC, property values and the cost of staffing will continue all cities escalation of taxes, until a mayor and similar minded slate of council comes along. Ontario has cut health services but still charge a health premium between 0 and 900 dollars (to Ontario residents only not other users) and just moved wait times around to fool us. No level of government that has so many costs on people and benefits can reduce expenses till programs and or people are reduced.

  36. Stella your welcome but the idiots just put the comments back up at freeholder they don’t have anybody to control this…didn’t these jerks also highjack your comment name…Jamie doesn’t allow that on here
    Why do these people dislike you so much??
    You should present a full defense of your claims that idiot stole money from you to shut them up
    You don’t have to wait till tonight Mayor Ford is making a FOOL of himself Live on TV right now
    He just knocked over a lady Councillor while rushing to the aid of his brother you was yelling and cursing at people watching his CIRCUS
    Brother Doug who did a CNN interview the other day BUT forgot to get rid of a bottle of Vodka behind him
    Give it up madame this guy is going to have a coke induced heart attack and die

  37. stella call the standard freeholder these awful hurtful comments are still up on there site
    Right WingNUTT
    • 15 hours ago

    My Christmas present to Cornwall
    Punking know it all stellanotsobright over at CFN



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    CornwallFREAKnews Right WingNUTT
    • 15 hours ago

    stellabyestarlight replies to a made up story




    That being said it IS NOT THE LADY

  38. My gosh Toronto City council is worse than the World Wrestling this afternoon
    The mayor might not be going anywhere GREAT This is the best afternoon TV
    in years..no more WWII re-runs for me
    Now CP24 is showing clips from CNN show…Mayor yelling and almost out of control
    Mayor Ford went on Fox yesterday…they ended the clip with Fox gal saying people like watching a Train Wreck
    Add in what Furtz has seen today….how anybody can say this guy shouldn’t be in rehab is beyond belief

  39. This just in!… There was a collision at today’s Toronto city council meeting this afternoon. An agitated Mayor Ford took a running charge at someone in the public gallery with whom he disagreed. Unfortunately, Councillor Pam McConnell was in the mayor’s path and was knocked to the floor. She is reported to have suffered a minor facial injury (fat lip) as a result of being in the way of Mayor Ford. Sources close to the mayor say that he suffered no injuries, and will hold a news conference tomorrow to offer a sincere apology to Councillor McConnell, and blame his behavior on alcohol and crack withdrawal.
    In related news, Tea Party leader Tim Hudak has indicated that he will cooperate with the provincial Liberal government, if required, in order to remove his close friend and political ally from power.

  40. No wonder sun news media has less viewers than the mickey mouse club
    This Ford Nation rant by ezera lavant is such a joke
    Guess he took time off from chasing after 77 yr old David Suzuki
    A bill oreilly wanta be that never will be …the guy is paranoid
    So very glad CRTC didn’t force people to take sun news
    And yes Furtz Mayor Rob Ford running around City Hall like a bull moose in a china shop
    is just so weird and embarrassing He is now a World Wide JOKE
    Sorry Rob while your “eating at home” maybe you can move full time into your mothers basement
    Two Ford brothers and their TV show thinking they will get re elected these guys if not drunk or stoned are just plain looney bin crazy

  41. So Eric, I gather you kinda like a crack-head nut-bar as mayor of Toronto. Let me introduce you to Highlander. Yous will get along real good.

  42. Furtz, giving reasons why taxes are out of control does not mean support for Ford. We live in a crazy world where crap happens, some get behind politicians like McGuinty / Wynne some don’t no matter what they put us through. I would prefer a Mayor, MPP, MP etc to act for the betterment of their area and act with a higher expectation of right and wrong. I have read as many Highlander posts as yours, but if you would like to set up a meeting, I expect 5 star accommodations in a warmer climate…..with 16 dollar orange juice.

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