9 Lives of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford or May You Get What You Wish For by Jamie Gilcig

9 Lives of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford or May You Get What You Wish For by Jamie Gilcig

Jamie GilcigCFN – The biggest farce of the Rob Ford reality show that the world has been enjoying this past week, month, term, has been the media frenzy.


There are always agendas.   It’s not that Mr. Ford is some innocent.  It’s not that he’s misunderstood.  It’s the bizarre hypocrisy of my media confreres and those that drink the Kool Aid.

Remember Bill Clinton?  Does anyone really think he was a bad President just because he was Monica’d?  Really?  Was he really the first President or leader to get a bit on the side?

And our own country, Canada, allegedly was created in a drunken stupor with signed documents leaving the building before the hangovers were done.

Rob Ford has created a circus.  He’s handled things really…amaturely….it’s a car crash without blood yet.  Yet like a cat he’s landing on his feet, tumbling after, but back up on his feet.

Let’s look back a few decades to one Marion Barry, Mayor of Washington D.C..    Mayor Barry was charged and convicted of using, cocaine.   Crack cocaine actually.   It wasn’t allegations and videos suggesting.  It was a done deal.He was arrested by the freaking FBI!

They even made a HBO documentary on his life.

What a lot of people refuse to say publicly is that the average person has sex; many do drugs; and yet they function each and every day.      Winston Churchill was alleged to be an Alcoholic.   I wonder where we’d all be if he had been taken down by his own people over his drinking?

We human beings are funny, vain, insane creatures full of all sorts of fun vices and habits.   If we really want to have lily white people in office then let’s make it mandatory.

Mayor Barry continued as Mayor after his conviction and decided to not run in the next election.    He came back and was elected for 220px-Marion_Barry_smoking_cracka fourth term in 1994 telling people to “Get Over It! with 58% of the popular vote”    Maybe it’s time for some to get over it?

It’s funny that out of the billions of pixels of coverage of Rob Ford very few if any of the attacks and calls for his resignation have been because of his direct decisions as mayor related to his work?

We either live in a Democracy or we don’t.  Rob Ford really has never hidden much of his repugnant behavior.   The public isn’t really surprised by his drunken stupors.  It should be a red flag to those in Toronto about why the public chose Rob Ford to lead them instead of the alternatives.    I mean have you looked at some of the pictures of Toronto councilors?   Would George Smitherman be any better?   Wasn’t it the total expensive disaster to tax payers that led them to vote just about anyone; even a Rob Ford into power as long as they promised some fiscal relief?

Time and the voters of Toronto will judge Mayor Rob Ford.   Maybe it’s time for the Media to focus on real Political hoodlums instead of messed up drunken crack heads who toss feline scented remarks in front of microphones and cameras?

The lesson learned from messes like this is that you can’t force people in a Democracy.  Lord knows millions if not billions are spent programming us via media consolidation.   There are more and more people that question if any truth or common sense is left in media.

Screaming headlines competing for eyeballs over a train wreck mayor distract from real failures like the Senate Scandal in Ottawa or the total billion dollar political mess of the McGuinty, now Wynne Liberal government.

It’s time to focus on issues instead of Spin.  Karma and the voters will sort out Toronto Mayor Rob Ford; if his wife doesn’t first; who will sort out the Province of Ontario and Canada?

Rob Ford has not yet been charged by Toronto Police.   He may never be charged by Toronto Police.  Until he is does he deserve the same attacks that someone charged and convicted like Marion Barry?  This scribbler thinks not.

What do you think CFN voters?  You can post your comments below.

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