Did Gay Writer, Educator @ Activist Matthew Hays Target Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Over His Weight?

matt hays rob fordCFN – Today Matt Hays unfriended me on Facebook over Rob Ford.  Matt, besides being an extremely gifted and talented writer, editor, and educator, was also my first editor.   He also is a gay activist and I can understand why the gay community has issues with Rob Ford.

They certainly are not without merit as Mr. Ford would never be misconstrued as a FOD.   (If you don’t know what FOD means you probably aren’t very gay friendly)

My issue with Matt, as it has been with a few other Gay activists is how they target Mayor Ford for his girth.     As I shared with Mr. Hays before he decided to turn tail and retreat from an argument that he clearly lost on was that if I had an issue or commented on John Baird and used his homosexuality in this manner I would be tarred and feathered.

matt hays 2

Mr. Hays tried to dance; but it wasn’t Frankie Goes to Hollywood on the juke.  It was him getting caught showing a prejudice against LARGE people which isn’t all that uncommon.

Mayor Ford deserves a lot of derision and frankly should resign and go get some help; but to target his weight is just as bad as targeting someone actions based on their race, gender, or sexuality.

matt hays 3

Of course not everyone you engage on facebook in a clean debate or discussion owns a newspaper to rebut; but Matt’s action in this case; unfriending rather than simply retreating or possibly apologizing is the irony; and of course it means that I could no longer further respond.

For a Gay activist like Matthew Hays to post that photo and initial comment is not really ironic.  It’s not tongue in cheek.  It’s not poking fun at the Sun.   It’s ridiculing someone that deserves ridicule, but not for the types of labels that he has fought long and hard against.

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  1. You are missing a very important point — remember the Mayoral Weigh-Ins? The moment Ford made his weight a ridiculous PR stunt, and indeed his only regularly scheduled access by the media, weight was fair game.

    As with all things, the culprit here for Rob Ford’s troubles is… Rob Ford.

  2. Jaime, I understand your point of view and I agree with the essence of what you’re saying but I got to tell you that I get where Mr. Hays is coming from. Seems to me he made his point quite clearly. Don’t be insulted if I state that perhaps you personally may be overly sensetive on this issue. In the bigger scheme of things, you are two talented news men, not worth the tussel.

  3. Best mayor ever!

    Fat Old Dude?

    Farts On Direction?

    Feels Others Daily?

    {MODERATED} Onion Dumplings?

    I’m gonna Google it. Son.

  4. Foreign Object Damage? I don’t get it? Do you mean fisting or felching?

  5. FFS CFN will you please stop confusing the issue with acronyms ASAP.

    p.s. your POV is on LSD. LOL.

    Regards, MFC

  6. Friend Of Dorothy? Does that go all the way back to Judy Garland? I don’t know these gay acronyms, and there is nothing wrong with that. I’m still kind of insulted that I have never been propositioned to receive some bathroom stall action.

  7. You know it’s bad when The Sun attacks a conservative instead of publishing their usual bashing of Liberals and NDP.

  8. Hey man, I’m gay and I’ve never heard the term FOD! Does that make me “not very gay friendly”? Haha

    Not sure if you are gay (writer of this article) but it’s important not to lose sight of te fact that all gay people start out quite isolated and are not necessarily up to speed on gay culture, terminology, etc.

    What does it mean? Lol (use stars if it’s rude!)


  9. Jamie, while I get your point, and you’re correct.. you cannot argue with a gay or french supremacist as you will always be the intolerant one, I don’t think Matt Hays was poking fun of the mayor’s weight. This really was just about a questionable cover of a newspaper that generally supports Ford.

  10. @420
    Where do you go? You have to know where these locations are. Or maybe it’s because no one is interested.

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