Bob Kilger Rob Ford Stephen Harper – When do the lies stop & accountability start? by Jamie Gilcig November 1, 2013

Bob Kilger May 16 2011 SMILECFN – The problem with liars is that eventually they all get caught, but why lie?  Is it really the harperbetter tactic?

It must be or why would so many politicians live and die by lying?    Prime Minister Stephen Harper has been caught lying one way or the other about Nigel Wright.  Either he fired Mr. Wright or he didn’t?

Punishment for lying to the pubic?   Usually nothing as it seems we expect it from lawyers.

rob-fordNow with the revelation from Toronto about Mayor Rob Ford and the statement from the Toronto police chief that they have the video that was outed by Toronto Media maybe it’s time to look at the process?

The Toronto Star just released a great piece although it did seem a tad like gloating.



Rob Ford has lied, and lied again.    Imagine if he had simply admitted he had a problem, went and resolved it and then let the public decide if he was worthy to serve again?

Then again maybe the public really doesn’t care.  Maybe a crack head at the wheel of the largest city in Canada is fair dinkum as long as they feel he’s doing a good job?

At the end of the day many state that the public decides in the voter booth, but how can the public make a clear call if the media and law enforcement give them a free pass?   Can we really even blame the public when the only devices in our system seem to be spending thousands of dollars of private money at great personal risk vs politicians that are allowed to use Tax dollars to protect their crimes, alleged or not?

Heck there are reports that Rob Ford may have even called into talk radio in Toronto using a pseudonym!

At the end of the day this total lack of accountability in our system only costs the taxpayer.  It is happened across Ontario, Canada, and the World.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  You can post your comments below.

Who Will Be Gone First? Toronto Mayor Rob Ford or Prime Minister Stephen Harper?

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  1. I listen to a recording of “Ian’s” call to the phone in show. If it wasn’t a drunk Rob Ford, it was an amazing impersonation of a drunk Rob Ford.

  2. Talk about accountability How much did it cost to fly OPP airplane for Four days to nab 50 speeders
    whats wrong with hiding on the over pass with a laser gun????

  3. Why moderated? Just a link to the radio show you referred to.
    Strange indeed.

  4. @Admin
    You can’t seriously believe that the mayor is guilty. His constitutional rights were likely grossly violated with unwarranted search and seizures, and slander. The Star will be libel. Chief Blair is a David Miller commie appointee with an agenda to smear Ford for unknown reasons. I’ve got buddies with criminal records too. Big deal.

  5. Do we really want accountability?
    We as voters ,take very little involvement in the political process of which the very least following current political events and voting.

    Good old fashioned Canadian Apathy creates an environment whereby politicians have very little accountability.
    Let me please explain how this works :
    There always remains a populous that votes (smaller % each election) they vote accordingly to their what often is what their parents have voted in the past and not necessarily on political platforms.

    Just over 50% of the registered people vote ,now with those others (swing votes ) that do not have a definitive party if they voted chances are they would vote not necessarily on political ideologies but political platforms or hold accountability to those political parties for their actions .

    In my view ,Good old fashioned Canadian political apathy permits parties to be in power with a small percentage of votes reflective of the population .

    This Apathy has been created by the governments as a disillusioned population feels that the government no longer listens to their voices and political corruption and actions go unanswered ,thereby as less accountability occurs the more disillusioned the population .

    As a group LFA and associates would like to encourage those that no matter their political colors ,if you do not like the choices at your polling station ,get out there and vote anyways and put an X through the entire ballet and this as well sends a strong message to those politicians.

    Many have fought and died to ensure our privilege of voting in a democracy ,and yet so many are willing to cast that right aside by not voting ,democracy is not static and requires cultivation through voting.

    Is our Democracy not worth the effort?

  6. HIGHLANDER we share a common opinion on the notion that democracy requires nourishment to survive. Voting provides part of the requirement, utilizing the resources of your MP and MMP and councilors, some more. This participation results in having a voice. The point being, the greater the percentage of participation the louder the voice becomes.

    I strongly maintain that the demise of our current system is due to the low voter turnouts. With voting reaching new low levels we are effectively permitting the minority to determine our course. A basic concept of democracy is to allow the majority to rule and that did not mean the majority of the minority!

    People are not stupid, indifferent maybe but not oblivious to what is going on. When people finally have had enough and want to embrace real change I feel they will get off the couch or push themselves away from the refrigerator or computer long enough to go and have a true voice by voting.

  7. If a basic premise in law suggests that we have the right to the presumption of innocence than an opinion has no validity in the absence of charges or proof given in a court of law. Judgment in the media or by the media is therefore irresponsible and without merit. Speculation at best. Regardless of a personal perception of an individual try putting yourself in their shoes and think how you would like to have at least the benefit of doubt.

    Watching it all unfold.

  8. Ford’s approval rating went up 5%……….that speaks volumes.

  9. Why is only the Conservative Rob Ford to be held accountable? Why not the Liberal McGuilty? He defrauded the taxpayers to the tune of billions. E-health, Orange, Energy plants, deleted e-mails. Will he be held accountable? I just recently heard the Liberal Justin Trudeau admit that he smoked weed with friends at his home during a dinner party. He would like to decriminalize some narcotics. He will be running for Prime Minister in the next election. Should he be held accountable for his actions? How about our mayor Kilger? He is as sideways as they come! Some people are just never held accountable. Hell even Clinton became President after admitting to using marijuana! Remember his line “Ha ha…I never inhaled…ha ha”. Do you think for one minute that the Obamas and their Commie entourage have never indulged in smoking weed or doing a couple lines, really!? I agree Mr. Ford screwed up royally, but I’ll give him a second chance. Torontonians should too.

  10. Maybe we could do a trade and send Kilger to Toronto in exchange for Rob Ford ? In all likely hood we would have to sweeten the pot to get them to do the deal though.

  11. Author

    Maybe we can give them Bernie Boo Boo too David?

  12. ADMIN…dunno…we could try… but they may have their quota of lawyers in Toronto ! Maybe up the anti and give them Syd (Vicious) . Syd could be placed in charge of collecting lawn signs after the next election. I ask, who comes to mind that would be more capable and would take the job as seriously as Syd ?

  13. I don’t know if any of you have noticed but those 3 stooges known as senators here in Ottawa were all smiles while leaving. They got all the pensions and perks and they are all laughing at us. The entire senate is a disgrace and is not needed at all. These stooges know nothing about law or anything and are there to rip us all off. Whether it is Bare Ass, Stevie Harpo, Rob Ford or any other useless, pig at the trough politician they all stink and are there for what they can steal. Not one of them are any good. I used to get quite a laugh over former Toronto mayor Mel Lastman getting the army to shovel out Toronto and other crazy things that kept me laughing in stitches but nowadays there is nothing to laugh about and we just want to toss them all out to the fire. We are all in a heap of trouble as long as these leaches are around and they must all go now.

  14. I love these comparisons being made between Rob Ford and Bill Clinton.

    Bill Clinton is a scoundrel, no doubt about it, but comparing him to Toronto’s current mayor is like comparing Pee Wee Herman to Winston Churchill.

    Bill Clinton is a brilliant political mind who rose out of challenging early life circumstances to become the President Of The United States and held that office for two terms..

    His post White House life has been an unqualified success as he earns fantastic sums of money as a speechifier and Democratic party totem.

    Through all his travails Bill Clinton has remained the definition of cool. A scoundrel yes, but a very high-fuctioning scoudrel

  15. New video of Ford this afternoon. I wonder who he’s threatening to kill and mutilate. I bet the police want to know too. Oh yes, and Ford is yet again embarrassed and ashamed, but he was in another “drunken stupor” so it’s all OK.

  16. Author

    I need to start drinking more 🙂

  17. At this point we can only feel sorry for him and his family, excluding Doug.

  18. I have not watched any videos of Mayor Ford and I have been sick with a mild flu. I am just starting to recouperate. A video can be touched up and someone else who sounds like Mayor Ford or it can be him but whatever the case Mayor Ford’s reputation world wide has been damaged beyond belief. Many people or should I say sheeple listen to comedian Jon Stewart and Jon has put his comedy act of Mayor Ford over the air waves. I wish that Jon Stewart would take a “crack” at Bare Ass and run him through the air waves as well. Canada’s senators cheating on their expense accounts, Harpo’s subordinate giving out cheques like water, and all the lies and debt build up since Harpo took over and we laugh at the US debt which is above and beyond belief. We here in Canada are not all that much better nor is the rest of the world – the world is going to come to its knees very soon and cannot keep on sustaining the way it is going. Bare Ass is a failure but Mayor Ford has been pretty good for Toronto and running the biggest city in the country and we have to give him credit for that. Cornwall (aka Fossoli) is a farm and Bare Ass screwed up something awful and the little people have to come good for his boondoggle of mistakes. Bare Ass should be out on his keester a long time ago and I explained to all of you why he is still where he is unfortunately. We all deserve the government we get don’t we when we are not awake and accept all the crap that is dished out to us “sheeple”.

  19. Well stated Michael Clifton. Could not agree more.

  20. Rob Ford’s mother and sister have been doing news interviews today. They are saying that Rob just has to lose some weight, and all will be well. It’s always good to have family propping you up when times are hard. Doug has been quiet today, but he’s a busy guy.
    Looking forward to the next episode tomorrow.

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