Rob Ford Apologizes Live on the Radio – No More Drinking in Public, but Crack Not Mentioned POLL Nov 3, 2013

Rob-ford-miami-mugshotCFN – I’m listening to the Ford brothers on their weekly radio show.  I’m sure many more are today than some of their earlier shows after the police disclosure earlier this week.

Rob Ford has apologized.  He did not state what he his apologizing for and he’s mentioned he’s getting a driver.

Some of the bits:

Mayor Ford will not resign and wants voters to decide at the next election.   He asked for video to be released by Chief Blair immediately.

He’s made some bad judgement calls.  It’s embarrassing for him.  Doug Ford suggests that they need to “Keep our nose clean.”    Are they snorting as well as using crack pipes? I never read those allegations?

Mayor Ford also asked media not to come to his home as it upsets and frightens his kids.

I will ride the storm out

The Ford brothers then switched to the budget and heckling David Suzuki.   While not terribly interesting radio it really highlights a few things.

One how toothless the municipal act is; another is the real common denominator who politicians once elected can use tax dollars to perpetuate their machinations; legal or not.

Rob Ford is right.  His antics are embarrassing; extremely embarrassing; not just to him and his family, but of course the City of Toronto, Province of Ontario, and Canada as the “Crack Head” Mayor of Toronto jokes are rampant on Social media and media in general.

Will Toronto Mayor Rob Ford be Re elected as Toronto Mayor in 2014?

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And even if the video shows the mayor sucking deep on a pipe it’s not a conviction that a Super lawyer can’t fix.   At the end of the day Mayor Ford’s supporter’s will still sanction his actions and pretty much everyone else will shake their heads and mark the days down until the Municipal Elections in 2014.

But odds are Rob Ford just might win another election in Toronto if polls and numbers are to be believed?

I’ve made mistakes.

I shouldn’t have got hammered at the Danforth.

Saint Patrick’s Day.  I can’t change the past.  I can only try to make sure it won’t happen again.

I will do my very best to make sure these mistakes don’t happen again.

The Brothers stated that Rob will cut down on his drinking in public; no mention of cutting down on crack in public…oh and they want to lose some weight.

An 81 year old caller pleads with Rob to take a medical leave.  Doug cuts away to commercial before explaining although Rob blurts out that Doug is not an enabler.

Doug just shared that Rob is not partisan; that he’s not Conservative, Liberal, or NDP, that he’s a populist.   Now that’s sounds like a Porkie!

We will be live updating this until the show is done.



  1. Anything is way better than watching Little Mosque on the Prairie!
    Ford sounded like a basket case. He apologized but neglected to say what for.
    The cops are still investigating him, and this sad tale is far from over.

  2. What ford does on his private time should not be of concern to others at all .What he does at city hall is all that matters,people think that he is a great mayor & his ratings just went higher from 39% up to 44% to prove it.think that the police chief should not have gone public with this as they still had no evidence to even charge him

  3. Character assassination

  4. @ mary bray. What Ford has been doing on his “private” time is being reported around the world! When the mayor of Canada’s biggest city is regularly seen in public plastered out of his gourd, and hanging out with gun and drug dealers, it doesn’t look too good.

  5. The police chief will resign. No respect for these backroom shenanigans against the mayor. No respect at all.

  6. @ 420. Nope. The police chief just said that the video ( and other evidence) will be made public in a court of law, once criminal proceedings get rolling. And let’s not forget that the police investigation of Ford is ongoing. So far the cops have only busted his suppliers and weekend friends. There’s more to come.

  7. Allegations, innuendo. No charges, no evidence of merit. Really getting a little tiresome. Maybe a snow storm will hit Toronto and they could focus on something more interesting, like the weather.

  8. I agree that no solid evidence has appeared thus far to suggest that the mayor should be removed from office.
    However, his circle of “friends” includes several people that could someday compromise the mayor’s claim to being untainted by the influence of outside forces.
    He has left himself wide open to the prospect of blackmail.

  9. So far, the police have been holding off on arresting and charging Ford. There is all kinds of evidence, released to the public last week, of Ford meeting, multiple times, with known drug dealers and receiving mysterious packages, driving after consuming vodka, etc. And today, Ford publicly dared the police to arrest and charge him! How dumb is that?
    Add to that the many times Ford has shown up in public and at public events three sheets to the wind and incoherent, and people think it’s not a problem? This guy is a huge embarrassment to Canada and Toronto, and a danger to the public. Let’s hope he follows through with his promise to hire a full time driver before somebody gets killed.

  10. Author

    Furtz there is no reason to charge Ford until their investigations have finished. Obviously there is more than one. Mayor Ford urging the release of the video and daring to be charged is childish and pandering to his supporters. It’s also a really really bad strategy.

    You don’t fight with people who can legally use weapons and you never fight with media. 🙂

  11. Why not fight with media Admin? As the polls show, he’s gaining support.

  12. Man the support for this man…is scary
    The best he can do I probably won’t get drunk in public again…like he was when asked to leave a party for our Brave Veterans

    Drunk in Public..probably after DRIVING to the scene…pictured with drug who was since
    killed …his pal Lisi is a woman beater and is now charged with extortion…yet Rob has written character letters on City of Toronto letterhead to get him out of jail
    Photos of Mayor Ford having a leak outside near a school sweet baby jesus
    Hires a Football coach who is using fake ID so his criminal record doesn’t show up
    Ford was so out of it with that alleged crack pipe that it only dawned on him three minutes in that somebody was shooting video of him..
    What else do u need Mary

    guess we have to wait until police catch him caring a gun before people say Maybe he should Go

  13. I agree Admin, except where public safety is concerned. Anyone else suspected of driving while impaired would be pulled over and dealt with accordingly. It’s not just Ford’s buffoonery and association with criminals that is at issue.

  14. Ford has just admitted to smoking crack! Cool!

  15. Sometimes you just have to call a crackhead a crackhead. I’m sure that Chief Blair has a political agenda but maybe, just maybe, he has reached his fill of being politically correct and he had to speak his mind. Appears even the Conservatives have had enough of Ford’s crap.

  16. So Tim Hudak’s and Steve Harper’s close friend and mayor/chief magistrate of Canada’s largest city has publicly admitted to smoking (lots of) marijuana, and smoking crack since elected mayor. Dang! That must be embarrassing. What to do now? I know. Let’s dump on the Toronto police chief.

  17. This just breaking!
    Ford is about to make another announcement this afternoon!
    I think he’s going to announce that his spring fishing trip with Steve has been cancelled.

  18. Dear Mary
    Even the Toronto Star is brave enough to say the second video may be even worse….
    Sex Tape Maybe??
    The Drunk excuse______

    Sorry I killed somebody driving…but i was drunk
    Sorry I might have raped but i was drunk
    Sorry I finally admit to smoking crack…BUT…I was hammered out of my mind
    What more do u want???

    These politicians have no Shame…from your Mayor in Cornwall on up
    Senators who took almost $100 grand then cried they might loose pay and health benefits
    In 2005 your Mayor Rob Ford told CBC crack users should rot in Jail

  19. Police chief will resign. Rest of the story has ended. Best Mayor Ever! Conservative landslides are imminent.

  20. So Ford declares he smoked cocaine once while consuming alcohol. Then what? If everyone who smoked, got drunk, broke the law, cheated, stole or lied were sent to jail or were asked to resign……we would have few politicians and citizens left. Ford did not harm anyone and is doing a fantastic job as Mayor.

    We have all made mistakes in life….when one doesn’t learn from them is where the potential problems lie.

  21. Are you serious, Stella? This clown has had big substance/alcohol issues for years that have spilled over into his public life. Yup, we all make mistakes and do things we regret, but Ford’s ongoing behavior goes way beyond a few mistakes. He clearly needs help, and people close to him and around the world are aware of that.

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