Prime Minister Harper will be remembered for his sound judgement LTE Del Jones Pres. SDSG Federal Liberal Ass.

LTEDuffy, Walin, Brazeau, the Ford brothers, record deficits, and over 300,000 temporary foreign workers taking jobs away from  over 1,300,000 unemployed Canadians; how could Canadians ever forget the sound judgement of Prime Minister Harper? One could say it has been a fun ride, except that it has been a huge embarrassment for all Canadians. Sometimes it seems like we are all caught up in the script for Hangover Part IV. And just when you think you have seen it all, Mr. Harper goes on a book signing tour. Someone, anyone, please wake me up from this nightmare on Wellington Street.


Meanwhile Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau continues to recruit Canadians, young and not so young, to join the movement to return Canada to a fair and just society. And as Liberal governments have always done, Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government will restore fiscal discipline at the federal level while implementing made in Canada solutions that will have a positive impact on our devastated middle class. He will restore our international reputation so that young Canadians–and Americans–will once again travel the world and proudly display a Canadian flag on their backpacks. Tax reforms will be implemented that respect the need to support our businesses while ensuring that everyone pays their fair share. Finally, plans will be developed and implemented to deal with long-term issues like healthcare, globalization, and retirement income security. And, as always, decisions will be made based on evidenced-based research and not some extreme right-wing ideology.


Mr. Harper will certainly be remembered for his judgement. Afterall, no one will ever forget the images of Duffy accepting cheques from Mr. Wright and the Conservative Party, or the images of a crack smoking mayor in a drunken stupor, men Harper has counted as friends and allies; these are images fit for the Ford Nation, not ours. Let’s just hope that the Tories script is now complete. It has simply been too painful to watch as we continue to experience the decline of one of the world’s greatest countries.


Del Jones

President, SDSG Federal Liberal Association

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  1. Deluded liberals are fun to observe.

  2. Like scandals, bad judgement and mistakes never happen to Liberals. Shawinigate, Sponsorship are a couple. Ontario liberals have even more than these, Orange, power plants, OLG……and how they treat the people paying for the billions in waste.

    Headline writers must have a wicked sense of humour, loved this one..

  3. Oh, and Del Jones, from what I remember of hang overs, it is paying and pain for the night before.

  4. It’ll be a cold day in hell when the people of Canada look to the liberals for fiscal constraint. This Del guy makes me laugh! What a joke!

  5. Del, you are definitely Comedy Network material just like your Shiny Pony leader. 300,000 foreign workers taking jobs away from Canadians? Please. If Canadians wanted the jobs they would be working them. The West is crying for workers and there aren’t enough Canadians to take the jobs so what are we supposed to do? We have a lot of unskilled, barely employable Canadians who like most Liberals, believe themselves to be entitled to positions of prestige and the very idea of moving to an area where the jobs are is unthinkable. There’s a lot of young, unemployed ne’er do-wells sitting on their duffs in Cornwall. You know who they are. Year after year after year you’re paying them to stay home sitting on the steps of their subsidized townhouse. Send them to Alberta where they can get a job as soon as they get off the bus. We’ll wash the entitled Liberal smell off them too.

    Record deficits? If I remember correctly it was a Liberal hopping into bed with a treasonous, separatist Bloc Quebecois and NDP to force Harper to spend money on a likely unwarranted, unwanted economic stimulus. Only in Liberal land does that make sense. Spend your way out of debt. What?

  6. Author

    Newt I think the problem in the West is that many of those jobs don’t pay enough to cover the costs of living. I myself was recently offered a job in BC, but the rate vs the cost of living was simply too low to really consider.

  7. Jamie, no offense but the newspaper business is a tough way to make money. If you were a framer, a drywall taper, truck driver, teacher, doctor, heavy duty mechanic you would find the wage vs. cost of living is quite attractive. I work in the chemical industry and we hire unskilled labour at 18.37 / hour plus benefits, pension, 3 weeks paid vacation and quarterly profit sharing payments (about $4500 per year). We have a 23 year old who has worked here for 5 years and we paid him just over 70k last year. That’s what he’s doing with his high school diploma.

  8. Author

    Well Newt if they had offered $70K I might have considered the gig…

  9. As much as I dislike Harper I would much prefer him to the liberal-fiberals and Mulcair of the NDP. I often joke at Harpo and yes he has spent way too much money and is in a terrible situation just now but compared to the others he is still better. We still need the fiberals and the socialists around because they do contribute as well besides being a comedy act. When all this is over we sure do have to have something to laugh at.

  10. The reality is that no government is free from some type of scandal or fiscal mismanagement. but when it comes to fiscal management the liberal government banking policies saved this country from the depth of the 2008 crash just about on every talk show both US and Canada the top economic scholars who where guests pointed to the former liberal governments Minister of Finance as Canada’s saving grace and the Conservatives got to enjoy the benefits . The question is can they recover from the deficit that even the Liberal government would have had to create. One way would of course would be to stop spending money on a multi million dollar ad campaign that makes most Canadians i talk to have nausea . I don’t even need to mention its name or objective another example of excess in advertising is the quasi election campaigning paid for by the taxpayer locally is Mr Lauzon attempt to replace Domtar as the single biggest user of trees to further his own image.
    On a plus side the Harper government has listened to to Canadians in general when it comes to justice hopefully he will continue to make the victim the victim and the criminal just that as he pushes for making a life sentence just that..
    What really disturbs me is the blatant lying of the Prime Minister caught on camera for all Canadians to see IE: Nigel resigned then later he fired him first one was to distance himself early from this scandal the last he fired him was to try to show he was protecting Canadians against a misuse of Canadian taxpayers money . So which was it Mr Prime Minister .
    As a prime Minister will we ever be able to believe him in question period when answering questions that might put him in a bad light . IT AN ISSUES NOW OF TRUST.plain and simple in my mind .

    Harper continues to say he has a clear mandate to govern and govern he will but the reality is our type of election saw the majority of Canadians reject him only they split their votes between NDP and Liberals clearly our election process is badly broken and needs to be fixed so once again the Prime Minister is truly representative of the Majority rule, this should be high on the agenda of all Canadian from every party.

  11. Del Jones delusional take on the Canadian political scene has been fonder for more than a few laughs. Like many of his compatriots he embraces selective choices of information with seemingly no respect for the intelligence of the electorate.

    Earth to DEL, earth to DEL ….Duffy, Walin, Brazeau, the Ford brothers(?). What happened to the biggest offender Mac Harb ? Adscam DEL ? Any memories there ? It was Liberals DEL that have added well over 100 BILLION dollars to the Ontario debt, increased power costs to arguably the most costly in North America thereby crippling manufacturing and industry with the Green Energy Program. You suggest that Pierre’s son Justin, your leader and a self admitted illegal drug user is fit to lead our country but point a finger at another illegal drug user and suggest that he should not run a city?

    Do you really believe the crap you say or do you simply believe that the majority are that incapable of separating fact from fiction.

    Give your head a shake Del and start your brain before you put your mouth in gear. You do not come across as very capable.

  12. Oh come on David. Comparing an out of control alcoholic crack using mayor who hangs out with criminal gang members, and regularly shows up in public and at public functions pissed out of his tree, to a guy who has smoked weed four or five times is a bit rich. Ford is the most embarrassing politician Canada has ever known, and that’s quite a feat.

  13. @ Admin. Is the removal of the most recent comments and posts side-bar deliberate?
    Hope not.

  14. Author

    Tinkering Furtz – most recent comments are on the home page too.

  15. Cool! Got worried for a minute.

  16. Author

    Check out our new Election Clock Countdown 🙂

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