Sitting Naked in a Tent Hooked to a Rice Cooker Can be Deep by Jamie Gilcig

tentCFN – So I was sitting naked inside of my steam tent wondering, nay, pondering life.   It didn’t really work; the tiny chair was out of the question; the stool I had was too tall; I just sat in the tent waiting for the heating unit to pump glorious steam into my little cocoon, but it didn’t really heat up enough.   It was kinda warm from body heat and the fact that the material didn’t breathe much; of course it wasn’t supposed to.

But it did give me a chance to think my strange thoughts.  It’s been a totally weird week or so.   I was offered a job to edit a small weekly paper on the other side of the country.  If they had offered more money I’d probably consider it.   After all I’d just got a statement from our Upper Canada District School Board that while confirming Swastikas in the school two blocks from my home, refused to sanction Principal Brown for ignoring them for a month in spite of a Holocaust family survivor member notifying her three times.   And get this; not another media outlet in our city covered the event!

I know.  It’s a weird world.   I watched a third Whistle Blower against our own Mayor Bob Kilger step from out of the shadows.   What may happen; who knows?   After all Rob Ford’s rating’s allegedly jumped up 5% after voters in Toronto heard him admit to using crack.  I also watched our Deputy Fire Chief forced into retirement at the behest of the Mayor & Council.  Total abuse at the nastiest of levels with nary a peep from the public or media.

The Senate is a mess.   The world is a mess.   It really does seem that those in power are not the good guys…across the board and that the system is set up so that all the good guys can do is take flu shots and eat GM food…get sick and ….die.

I know gloomy, but hey, I was sitting naked and moist in my not really working steam tent from China.

I’m also watching my best friend in the world wither and die.    My beloved dog Melly, who if the good lord allows will turn 13 in January has good days and less good days.   She has issues.   The reality that the morning will be coming soon when her cold wet nose is not available for kisses is very scary.  I have a 23 year old cat who is doing well except for occasional outbursts of weirdness.

And a dear friend is dealing with their own mortality from Cancer.    Watching them go through the stages is something I hide when talking to them; but I cannot imagine what they must be going through emotionally?

And of course I live in this very very strange city where there is a parasitic clique who will destroy anything good unless they own it.   It’s scary.   Businesses, arts, it doesn’t matter.   Generations of Cronyism and Nepotism have so eroded the gene pool that the bar is the floor.   To even have to communicate with some of them is an adventure most days; but the tentacles of this dense monster are such that it makes progress very very difficult.  So difficult that frankly if that gig out West had offered more money I’d actually consider it and I’m not even on the market.

I turn 50 this year.   A critical year of life.   I have a lot to be proud of.  I’ve accomplished some things I at least consider productive.   I have some great friends and family.    Is Cornwall going to remain my home?    As I’ve said, I’d never leave because of the bad people; because of the Mayor Kilger’s, Gilles Latour’s, Rick Shaver’s, Bernadette Clement’s, Denis Thibault’s, Jim Brownell’s,  Lezlie Strasser’s, Dr. Paul’s, Roy Perkins, Bob Peters, Kevin Lajoies, Sheila Gatien’s,  Mark Boileau’s , Norm Levac’s, Jason Jesmer’s, Guy Lauzon’s, Alan Wilson’s, Graham Greer’s, Pam Maloney’s, Tony Lakroix’s, Chris Munro’s,  Keitha Fisher’s, Elaine MacDonald’s, Betty Healey’s;  just about anyone named Kaneb, Menard, or Godard in the area, and some of the minor minions that is the cult of the cliques in Cornwall who think they are terribly smart and powerful, but really aren’t.   After all, really most of what these people are, are in fact minor bullies and thugs; or enablers.     If I ever were to leave it would be because the good people didn’t stand up; not so much for CFN and myself, but for their families and our community.    I don’t want to have to travel to Montreal or Ottawa to enjoy activities and events or be stimulated.   Our community can do better.

Life is very very short.    It’s important to choose our footsteps wisely and cherish the moments and memories with those worth caring about and spending time with.   While the grass isn’t always greener it may be cleaner and more lush.

And while I know that I have a lot of friends and supporters in this community could anyone blame me if I finally decided to leave, like the rest of the brain drain and youth of Cornwall?

If I did leave though it will have been a blast!

I guess that steam tent was a good investment after all; if nothing else to be a getaway without sitting in a dark closet.

How was your week?    You can post your comments below.

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  1. Jamie, as I`ve always said, “When the going gets tough, I buy lottery tickets.“

    Some days I think that I have a better chance of winning the lottery than to see any change for the better in Cornwall.

  2. Jamie that write up made me cry just now since animals and birds are my very favorite but dogs in particular are the best friends that anybody could ever have in any lifetime. I could never have a dog because it would tear me apart to see it die. I cannot handle any of that and you are so very strong. My sister in law in Lebanon the eldest one is a cancer patient, is diabetic and just had open heart surgery on October 29 and is very weak. She is 76 years old and a nurse goes to the house every morning to clean up her wound and put on new dressings and get her to walk. We don’t know how long she will live but so far so good. She had a blocked ventrical and they put something artificial in her and this kind of surgery is huge on a young person let alone someone elderly. When you spoke about your best friend the dog I thought right away about my SIL and her other sister who is looking after her who is also elderly. All the very best to you Jamie and I can’t say it enough. You are up against quite a click and I know a number of them. I went to school with one that you named and most likely with others. That is one of the good things about Ottawa – you don’t know too many people – too big.

  3. Ooooohhh mama, could this really be the end:

    to be stuck inside a steam tent with the rice cooker blues again

  4. The first question for me would be, do I really need the aggravation/frustrations. Enjoying what you do is one thing but what is more important is one’s peace of mind and well being. Like you said, life is getting shorter, having said that, one must ask themselves in the final analysis, what did it do for me and will it matter in the end.

    Where you were born and where you have lived is unimportant
    It is what you have done with where you have been that should be of interest.

    Lots of people want to ride with you in the Limo
    But what you want is someone who will take the bus with you
    When the limo breaks down. Oprah

  5. Jamie so sorry about Melly
    It truly broke my heart saying goodbye to my cat recently

    But at least SeawayValleyAnimalHospital Vet could help him leave this world without suffering
    We humans aren’t as lucky..especially after the war on drugs staged by Eastern Ontario Health unit
    Doctors and Pharmacys’ are now so afraid– many seniors– spend their last days in great pain unable to get decent medications.
    Because drug users and others misuse oxy-contin We all have to suffer
    Junkies can and will move on to other medications/cans of hairspray/ etc etc but the old and sick people in pain 24 hrs a day are left to suffer.
    A dear friend recently died a long slow horrible painful death and I was left reeling..our Pets can leave peacefully but misguided policies make that impossible for humans.

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