Why Rehab Finished Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s Career by Jamie Gilcig July 8, 2014

Why Rehab Finished Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s Career  by Jamie Gilcig July 8, 2014

368px-Rob_Ford_MayorCFN – When Toronto Mayor Rob Ford entered rehab admitting and facing his many addictions and life issues he took a step towards saving his life.

He also ended his political career.

Surely a fair trade off, but more of a reflection of the cruel cult of celebrity that fueled his character; but ultimately ended in the mess that has made headlines all over the world.

As long as he refused to admit the truth; his reality, or at least the parts we actually could confirm he was cause celebre; an enfant terrible; a mix of Amy Winehouse and John Belushi, and people enjoy that ride the same way they like to watch….dog fights…and car wrecks.      It’s a carnal feeding of people’s pain and suffering that the mob likes.

Like going to public executions.  People like Ford race ahead like car wrecks that we know will happen.  The longer it takes until it happens means the crowd is simply fed longer.

Rob Ford did what he needed to do for his family and for his health and that’s commendable; but the crowd senses that.  There should be no more antics to follow (unless he relapses, which the odds are he will at some point) and the rocket fuel that was the character of Mayor Rob Ford is gone.

He’s simply an occasionally charming politician that got caught, and that really is why he’s done.

People know that politician’s lie. It’s part of the job actually.  How many “honest” politicians do you know that actually get elected.

What people don’t like is a bad liar.  Bad liars simply don’t get the job done.  They lose their shine like Brian Mulroney when he was finally outed.    Rob Ford was caught and rode out his lies about his drug use, alcohol abuse, and some stuff we may never conclusively find out about.

Rob never really was about substance; except for those substances he recreationally enjoyed while doing Caribbean accented dances and rants.

Once Amy Winehouse actually went to rehab it was never the same for her career; and of course her relapse sadly ended with her demise.

Sometimes we have to choose life.  Hopefully Mayor Ford makes that choice; but his 15 minutes are pretty much up and like any story time rolls on.

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