OPP to Assume Oversight of Project Brazen 2 in Toronto TPS CHIEF BLAIR MEMO

OPPOPP agrees to Chief Blair’s request to assume oversight role in Project Brazen 2

Wednesday, March 5, 2014 – 12:01 PM
Corporate Communications

On Wednesday, March 5, 2014, Chief William Blair wrote to Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner Chris Lewis:

Dear Commissioner Lewis,

As discussed in our recent phone call, I am writing to make a formal request that the Ontario Provincial Police assume an oversight role with respect to Project Brazen 2. As you are aware, Project Brazen 2 arose from the Toronto Police Service’s year-long Project Traveller, focusing on organized crime, violence, guns and drugs.

I am taking this step to avoid the distractions that have assumed such recent prominence. The only public interest here is the continued investigation, without fear or favour, into evidence of possible criminality.
Yours truly,

William Blair, C.O.M.
Chief of Police

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  1. This should have happened months ago.

  2. When municipal politics affect the policing of a community in a negative way then it’s time to go up a level to find justice.

  3. There is so much corruption in politics and many laws are broken. I had such a good laugh watching Mayor Ford on Jimmie Kimmel’s show here on the net. Mayor Ford is a comical person but yes he has broken the law but one thing good about the man is that he kept Toronto’s taxes down which is a good point for this man. Cornwall’s Bare Ass has done the contrary and Cornwall is a small farm whereas TO is a mighty big city to handle and taxes and other expenses are always a great deal higher in big cities but Ford has done better than most mayors at keeping expenses down and taking care of the most important issues.

  4. Hey Jules! You’re back! It’s been almost a week…lol, lol, roflmao, wtf, etc…
    Did you get Rob’s autograph when he was in Ottawa?

  5. Hey Jules
    Still waiting for you to provide proof that I am part of Cornwall clique
    Still waiting for you to provide proof that Mayor Kilger did something wrong at St Hubert

    You had a week to come up “Anything” I have written again Jamie or CFN
    You will never find it because it doesn’t exist!!!!

    Mayor Ford “home boy” joe warmington wrote a revue of Ford on Kimmel before the show even took place..somehow the entire fiction piece vanished from Toronto Sun website when it became clear Jimmy made Toronto Mayor look like the buffoon he is..it was so very sad

    ps lets just hope PM steve harper doesn’t get us into another war by sending observers to Ukraine
    Today an unarmed UN observer was confronted on the streets in Chrimea by ARMED thugs and had to seek shelter as they tried to throw him into a car

  6. Only Jules could take an article titled “OPP to Assume Oversight of Project Brazen 2 in Toronto TPS CHIEF BLAIR MEMO” and turn it around to slag Cornwall.

  7. Mr Furtz
    Not sure I really agree that having the OPP take over is a good thing
    After all they took over Project Truth in Cornwall and we all now how well that turned out
    Millions upon Millions spent without much getting done
    The way police lawyers treated some of the VICTIMS was beyond disgraceful

  8. Hi Furtz. I have been sick with the flu and so has my husband and we were cooped up here in the apartment. No I haven’t got Rob Ford’s autograph at all and don’t care if he were the king of England or anybody else. I take care of my own and that is it. I did have a good chuckle watching him on Jimmy Kimmel’s show and ask me about Jimmy Kimmel I don’t know about him or others since I don’t watch TV but I happened to come across this on the right side of the page of Yahoo so I said why not give it a shout and see what all this is about. Well I had a good laugh watching this episode. One thing about Rob Ford is that he has kept Toronto’s taxes in order and is good for Toronto where he puts priorities first. He puts roads, transit, etc. above parks and other things. Toronto is a humoungous city and he keeps the amount of council down to size and makes them work. Cornwall of all places is no bigger than a farm and has 11 councellors which is totally and completely ridiculous. I admire Mayor Ford for his policies. The only thing that I don’t like is his crack cocaine. There used to be a black man who was mayor of Washington DC and I think his name of Marion Barry but anyway he got in a second term because he was good and he too smoked crack cocaine and I read about that some years ago.

  9. Author

    Claudette Project Truth was a success. The goal was to cover up the truth. They did that pretty well. The question is who did they cover up for? I know they wouldn’t spend that much covering up for we average Joe’s….

  10. Yes Jules. If we can just ignore his public drunkenness and swearing, abusive behavior and bullying, drinking and driving, illegal drug consumption, hanging out with gangster friends, repeated lying, etc, he is the greatest mayor Toronto has ever had. He even says so himself, so it has to be true.
    Sadly for Ford, extortion is still a criminal offense in Canada, and the police investigation is far from complete.

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