UPDATED – Another Bus Accident in Cornwall Ontario – Esther Paquette Charged – York & Second Street – August 2, 2013

corn bus accidentCFN – Another Bus accident for Cornwall Transit.   York Street between 2nd and 3rd is closed after a bus and car had an incident.


Special thanks to Michel Lalonde for his photos!  If you see news happen email your pics or video to info@cornwallfreenews.com or call our hotline at 613 361 1755.

corn bus accident 2

No injuries were reported and we will update if more information becomes available.


Bus driver Esther Paquette was charged by Cornwall Police.  CFN also received an angry call from the former Cornwall Transit worker pictured on the Freeholder’s website for their story.  The gentleman was even further surprised as the charge was placed on a female driver!

Cornwall Motor Speedway


  1. When bus drivers are driving the same route day after day and don’t get changed from their route now and then it becomes so mighty boring and tiresome and you put up with all the abuse from other people it is enough to go crazy. Whoever the lady bus driver is learned a very valuable lesson out of this and that is to go slower than what she usually goes and to watch the nuts in front of her. Be prepared to stop. Make sure that the vehicle you are driving is in top shape to be on the road.

    Some of the bus drivers here in Ottawa are former taxi drivers so you can imagine the joy ride you get at times. LOL LOL.

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