Ghosts & Goal Posts – Habs Split Series at 1 – Can They Protect a Lead Against Boston? By Jamie Gilcig

CFN – Hockey fans in Canada watched a collapse by Montreal in game two of their series with Boston.   When you’re up 3-1 mid way through the 3rd period you can never take anything for granted.

Yes you have a huge advantage, but when you’re opponents are a team as talented and strong as the Boston Bruins anything can happen and did.   No matter how badly they may have played in the game, and Boston had a bad stretch, you have to always respect your opponents strengths.

I was watching the game and tweeting and posting on facebook.

I’m not sure what Montreal was doing?   They were slowing down as though trying to drag the clock, but the thing is that it’s easier for the other guys to score when they’re in your zone.    And the Bruins upped the ante and smelled blood.   The Bergeron goal was magical, but if he wasn’t in the Habs zone does he get the shot?

Unlike the San Jose variety; the Bruins pounced like Sharks and blew the Habs out of the water.

carey priceYes, Montreal gets a split which is pretty good; but the alarming trend is that they have blown leads twice in both games.   As many saves as Carey Price has made he hasn’t slammed the door shut.

I also am curious why Michel Therrien didn’t call a time out at some point to slow down the Bruin’s once things started to fall apart?

Teams like LA, Boston, and Chicago seem to have that extra gear that’s almost zen like.  It comes from experience at high levels of play.  Montreal doesn’t have that.  It doesn’t mean that they can’t gain it.

The good news for Habs fans?  It’s now a 5 game series.   

Some home ice should be just the fix to help get their confidence up as a team.   Thomas Vanek scored two goals.   Boston is not Tampa Bay.   Montreal seemed to fold when they started to punish Montreal in the 3rd.   Montreal also really didn’t dish out much hurt.   Chara was allowed pretty much to play his game and was +5 for game 2.

PK Subban has 2 goals and 2 assists in 2 games.   Andrei Markov is starting to look like a concern if not a liability.   I might consider putting Emelin with Subban instead of Gorges?   

Dale Weise has been impressive in his role showing some defensive prowess.     Montreal can’t rely on its 3rd line for scoring if they hope to go deep in the play offs.   Vanek, Pacioretty, and Desharnais need to score 5 on 5 no matter how good the Bergeron line is.

Patrice Bergeron is +5 for the series so far.   Chara is +6. Brad Marchand is +4.  Reilly Smith is +5.    Montreal needs to not rely on luck, ghosts, and goal posts.  If they are going to win this series they need to find some solutions to Boston.

Game 3 is Tuesday at the Bell Centre.

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