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CFN Panic Button 2013-05-13

Would you like to own the largest and most read newspaper in a market of over 45,000 people?

CFN is for sale!

With over 29.5 million page views in 2013 and averaging around 60,000 unique visitors CFN is a key building stone with a large regional reach into Ottawa, Eastern Ontario, and into Western Quebec & Montreal.

An amazing opportunity for media outlets wanting entry into this market or a current outlet looking to up their ante in this competitive market.

CFN has over 8,000 stories live 24/7.  Over 1,400 videos on its You Tube channel and is a leader in Social Media.

You’re not just buying an online newspaper and media outlet, you’re buying the term Cornwall in social media without many searches not showing a CFN story, video, or image appearing in the search.

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  1. Jamie I am in shock! You are selling CFN? What is happening here? Furtz I didn’t put in an offer I am in shock. Jamie loves Cornwall but I can’t say the same feeling about myself. I am in literal shock and have to read this again to believe what my eyes told me. This must be a belated April Fool joke from Jamie. I have to reread this to believe it.

  2. Sorry Jules, but there is no way Jamie loves Cornwall.Maybe when he first arrived in Cornwall but not now.Jamie tryed his best to educate the citzens of Cornwall on what the h–l is going on in Cornwall,but cornwall well its cornwall same sh–t for the last 35 years.Goodluck in selling your buissness and goodluck in the election.

  3. Oh Come on Jules. ROLF ROLF LOL LOL….
    Make an offer or get off the pot.. ROLF ROLF etc..

  4. Author

    Marc I have made a choice to live in Cornwall. I can list those 100 reasons to live in our great city. I do believe though that we need to change our culture if we ever are truly to attain what we can as a community. There are things I and many people don’t like about how “certain” people do things our community and cronyism and corruption run far too deeply for anything healthy to grow. It’s like Big Ben and the Domtar lands. You have to clean them up before you can do anything. That’s Cornwall. It needs to be cleaned up so we can grow.

  5. Jamie, are you planning to stay on with CFN if it is sold? If not, I would have to ask, ” what would a potential buyer be getting if they bought CFN”?
    It seems to me that most people read CFN for the type of news you post , the opinions you present, etc. Unless there were someone to take on the role of reporting as YOU do, I don’t feel CFN would be anymore then just a website. And anyone can create a website so why would they buy CFN.
    My intent with the above comments is not to sound confrontational but more for discussion and out of curiosity.

  6. Author

    Trevor that’s something only the new owners will be able to answer. Each of the four offers we’ve had since our inception has included the new owners wanting me to stay on in some capacity. Cornwall has a history of the clique attacking a local business until they sell out to one of their own. If that were to happen I’m not sure I would continue to write for CFN. Only time will tell. The buyers always have the choice as they should as it’d be their money.

  7. Which pot Furtz????? LOL LOL. ROLF! I can’t stop laughing and I am not taking anything to get this way at all except at your jokes as usual. I can’t see Jamie selling out and if he does then CFN would not be the same at all. Jamie tells the truth and others would have the paper down like the toilet paper of record SF and the other dirty toilet paper Seaway News. Things would not be the same without Jamie around at all. There must be something brewing somewhere. When Jamie says that he likes Cornwall I wonder if he is feeling ok. The bug is going around and I hope that Jamie is ok. The clique destroyed Cornwall and I know that when I first left Cornwall 40 years ago I could see things starting to change but today OMG I can’t even fathom ever living under such a system ever again. Things were so much better is past years and anybody who lived in Cornwall and would come back to it would be in literal shock. Jamie hasn’t lived through mayor Martelle’s era as Wyatt Earp and his horse Jimmy (the vehicle Jimmy) and the drive by shootings and the smuggling in full gear and the shootings on the island and we were walking by on the hill where Domtar stands and the shots being fired and we ducked in horror. It sounded more like the Middle East war than anything else. We sure didn’t need to go very far when we had all the action going on in town back then. I am sitting here laughing my head off and thinking about Furtz. LOL LOL. ROLF! Jamie and Hugger haven’t seen anything at all. They would have both high tailed out of Cornwall faster than an antelope on steroids. LOL LOL. ROLF!

  8. I seriously doubt that I would have high tailed it out of Cornwall. I don’t run at the slightest sign of trouble. I like Cornwall and have decided to make it my home. The constant putdowns of Cornwall by former residents is not doing Cornwall any good. Yes, bad things happened, we should try to move on from that.

  9. Something is very wrong for Jamie to want to sell CFN and there is pressure coming from Bare Ass and the clique. These jerks have chased every business there is out of town. When you read about at least 20 stores or more closing then you get an idea that something is very wrong other than the high taxes and the depressed economy. Cornwall could have advanced a long time ago under better leadership but today the town is literally dying. Jamie tells the people the truth and so do I and I ruffle plenty of feathers doing just that but if I don’t ruffle feathers and send grenades and bombs to awaken the sheeple from their deep slumber then nothing will. If I have to go and take a gigantic gong to wake people up and throw Bare Ass and his jerks out maybe that is what it takes. When people want to remain asleep and not do something to make the town better and want to be walked and tramped on by those jerks then nothing will change. It takes the people themselves to want to make things better for themselves and their families. Cornwall is going to be only for the super rich and the rest at the very bottom as their servants and I don’t say this lightly.

  10. Nothing changes overnight. Change takes time, even with good leadership. True there are a few empty storefronts in Cornwall, but I don’t think any more percentage wise than other towns the same size as Cornwall. If Jamie wants to sell CFN it’s his decision. He has his reasons, but I doubt that pressure from the mayor and the “clique” has anything to do with it. I still don’t quite understand why some former residents have this obsession with what is / isn’t happening here.

  11. A few storefronts empty? LOL LOL. No the last count was at least 19 or more and we know of another business in the north end gone. Every time we go to Cornwall it is like people are in mourning over the loss of their loved one and you see nobody outside at all and mighty depressing. I dread going down there next month. The town is emptying little by little. It is kind of late in time for people to change since so many like being stepped on after all these years. It is a great deal worse under Bare Ass than under any other.

  12. You seemed to have missed the point. Go into any town the same size as Cornwall and count the empty storefronts. It will be the same percentage as Cornwall. And in reference to your comment that the town is emptying the population has actually gone up.

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