Are my Police Charges in Cornwall Ontario a Political Smear? by Jamie Gilcig – April 9, 2014

jg2CORNWALL Ontario – As some of you know I was charged by Cornwall Police for making threatening phone calls over a month ago.

I’ve had people state that I had been found guilty, which I haven’t.  I’ve been fingerprinted, put in a cell, patted down.   I’ve had phone calls in the night from the police including one recently from the same Constable on the Cornwall Police Service that had filed the charge against me.   He was insisting that I remove a piece on CFN or that I’d be charged for being in breach of my conditions.

Cornwall, ON – Jamie Gilcig, 49 of Cornwall was arrested on February 10, 2014 and charged with criminal harassment and threats to life. It is alleged that the man repeatedly contacted a 31-year-old man by way of phone calls and e-mails despite having been warned not to. On February 9th, 2014 the man also threatened to kill the 31-year-old man during one of the calls. Police were contacted and an investigation ensued. On February 10th, 2013 the man attended police headquarters to deal with the matter. He was taken into custody, charged accordingly and later released to appear in court on March 20th, 2014.

Now those are very serious charges, the only thing is that the CPS filed those charges without accessing my phone records.   That release on the blotter has been published, distributed and gone wild locally on Facebook.  It’s been used against me with a small boycott group, mostly of people that I’d blocked before, running to some of our clients even.

Can you imagine this happening to you?   Can you imagine the damage to your personal reputation and business?    The day that I was woken at night by the Constable and warned for making these calls I never made I was confused?  How can this be happening?   So I searched the net and sure enough there are services that actually brag about spoofing caller id numbers; like

I sent an email even to the police chief whom I thought I was on good terms with; not asking for help, but asking how any officer in his force could lay such charges without proof?

Two days later was our 5th Anniversary event at the Port Theatre.   Exhausted, my sleep was again disturbed by the same Constable informing me I had to come to the police station and be charged.   He stated that if I didn’t attend a warrant would be put out for my arrest as I’d now allegedly made death threats over the phone that morning.  That phone call wasn’t on the production records of the person making the claim.

Insanity.      My phone clearly showed I didn’t make the calls.   My phone records clearly showed I never made the calls.  Clearly this was spoofed.    But this Constable didn’t really seem to care; neither did the Sergeant who signed off on the charge, nor the Police Chief who knew about this Friday night and even responded to my email promptly.  In fact I was never even asked for my phone records.

There seems to be an imbalance to justice in this area and Cornwall.    After being assaulted at a rally in December I tried to file a complaint, but the attending officer in charge laughed and told me to go to the JP.  That officer is   Mayor  Bob Kilger’s, brother in law.


The Crown and JP watched the video above; watched the gentleman strike my camera and admit in the video to doing so, and refused to lay a charge.   My option at that point would be to appeal with a $10 to $15K legal bill.

The police board is chaired by a gentleman that appeared in videos for Mayor Kilger’s last election campaign.  Mayor Kilger himself is on the board as a citizen rep.  Councilor Andre Rivette is on the board as well.  All three belong to the same political party; the party that our new Attorney General was a minister of, which would be the highest level of appeal for policing issues.

Production records from the alleged victim who claimed that I had called them from my phone number show that I never made the call that Sunday yet I have been told if I don’t take this offer I have to wait for a trial.  The trial date I was told….November, which of course if after the election.

A reasonable person might think that this is essentially a political smear to hurt my own election campaign against a man who not only is on the police board with his good friend, but also decides on things like police budgets and has close political ties to the current Ontario government.

This ladies and gentlemen is frightening.  Yes, for myself, but more so for the community.   We seem to have a justice system that once it gets you in its maw, can chew you up with very little defense unless you have extremely well lined pockets or high level government connections; similar to what this same mayor and council did to our former Deputy Fire chief and whistle blower who complained about irregularities in the hiring of the mayor’s son to the fire department.

Am I looking for sympathy or support?  I’m not sure.  Frankly I feel that there is no venue to turn to if this Cornwall Police Force and Crown are yielding to political pressure?  I’m not even sure I could depend on our police force if I needed assistance at this point which is very sad as we’ve had a great working relationship for five years otherwise.

What I do know is that I will go through this process as best I can.  I will not cop a plea as I haven’t broken any laws or made any of the phone calls which the records clearly show.  I will not say “Uncle”,  and I will hold those behind this legally responsible and accountable as best I can.

I am hoping that some outside media from bigger outlets than my humble one finally start to cover some of this drama which peaked after the Mayor had seven police officers remove me from a council meeting because he didn’t like my t shirt.

A bigger question might be how those seven officers appeared in 47 seconds on the second floor of a building; not wearing over clothes during a February snow shower and not appearing wet?

There is enough incidents regarding this to warrant some questions.  Will our system squash myself and CFN or will there be any justice.

Only time will tell.  I can be reached at or at 855 444 1133.


  1. The sad thing jamie you cant be a reporter and a politian at the same time

  2. Author

    Actually you can Fern. No laws against it.

  3. Jamie Jamie Jamie!Welcome to Cornwall.I,ve tried to tell you that they will take you down.The police do not do there job properly when the bigshots have it out for you.The charges should be reversed but they won,t investagate properly and lay charges where they should be layed.I found out years ago that you can,t sue the police for false arrest after 12 months have passed by.I,t took me 18 months for the crown to stand up in court at trial to say they had no evendice to percide.Only one little phone call at the begining from the lazy officer investagating would of 100% prove my innocence.I like you went thought hell.Good luck and start your law suit now for false arrest.

  4. Then all i can say welcome too the dirty world of politic
    if you have money, connections your in

  5. Jamie!They won,t bother you no more if you play nice.Just ask Claude Macintosh, if you don,t believe me.Right Claude

  6. Jamie;
    I think you know that we don’t always agree. That being said I see this as you being screwed by whomever is behind this.

    It would be so easy for the police to ask for your electronic phone records for your cell phone and/or land-line. They could also access the electronic phone records of the accuser to see if the call(s) were actually received. If they were then checking your records they could determine if the calls came from your phone. I doubt that you made these calls, I think someone used spoofing software to make these calls, if they were made at all.

    I offer you best of luck in this matter.

  7. Might be a bit harsh Jamie, but if you spend five years trashing and p!ssing off enough people in a small town, things will get nasty. Did you expect anything different?

  8. Author

    Furtz I expect law enforcement to play by the rules and be fair. Nothing more; nothing less. They laid a charge without my phone records. That has to be accounted for.

  9. Author

    Thanks Hugger. We made National News already. Bourque Newswatch

  10. Canada has become a cesspool of corruption, in general. There is corruption in every nook and cranny of this country, in every level of government. There is no honor, decency, ethics nor morals left in this country, what-so-ever.

    Contempt of Provincial Police and for the RCMP, is all across this country. They all lie and cover-up for each other so, you are in for a hell of a rough ride. Those Police are a disgrace to their uniforms.

    You indeed have my sympathy and I wish you luck.

  11. You missed the point of my post. You have more problems than just the CPS. You have trashed so many people in Cornwall, that your group of friends and supporters is getting pretty small.

  12. Author

    Furtz I think you just might be wrong. I think I have more supporters than enemies. I think that the perception you’re perpetuating is not accurate. I don’t “trash” anyone. I do hold some people accountable in ways that they and their friends might not appreciate and yes that does upset some. But it’s fact based. It’s not trashing and as I’m sure you’re aware Furtz many people are very uncomfortable with their own truths.

  13. Justice for the city clique means just-us…just ask Perry Dunlop

  14. Cornwall has no morals,and it won’t feel bad should you just disappear…….too bad for all the good people that had to move from their home……The city is full of cliques and power hungery city counsel….a skirt chasing Mayor and a police service which protects power and pedophiles……My abusers are still working their jobs at the courthouse….Mariah has it right, just ask Perry if he experienced the system of ” just us ” here in Cornwall…….while Ken Sequin and Nelson Barque are rotting in their graves…….the system of just us is still alive and kicking face in Cornwall and ……..people still refer to this place as a small town!…….small town , it will remain………

  15. I agree with Jamie. He didn’t “trash” people. They just don’t like being held accountable for their actions.

  16. The staff of the laboratories at the old general site just got sat down and told that there jobs are going to

  17. @420…..not surprised. I had a “visit” at the CCH from Christmas Eve until the 28th. Some of my test results came from Ottawa.

  18. Trashing might have been the wrong word, but what would you call publicly questioning the paternity of a well known person’s children?

  19. Mr Furtz
    “You have trashed so many people in Cornwall, that your group of friends and supporters is getting pretty small.”

    Hugger1 says:
    I agree with Jamie. He didn’t “trash” people

    Melman says
    Cornwall Police only have to go to the phone company/cel provider to get all the records they need. Don’t believe they need to have individual cel phones

    Jamie I have so often defended you and CFN but
    You say you don’t “TRASH” people but You did write in your own newspaper that a man(moderated) should do a DNA test to see if his child was really his my mind…that would be “Trashing” him isn’t it??????

  20. Jamie you are a very good man and I will tell you that Canada is no longer what it used to be and today we have the worse of the worse as politicians, cops at all levels, etc. in charge of the chicken coup. The cops today wear black uniforms and do you know why Jamie it is because they are the New World Order cops and if you do not know what all that is about look it up. The New World Order aka Globalization and Global Government work for the big corporations and banks and the governments of the world are in bed with them. The NWO is also mentioned in our Christian Bibles in the KJV. There will be a WWIII and also the Great Tribulation and will be hell on earth. Everything has been written. 1/3 of the earth will die maybe more. This is satan’s world and very evil. About Cornwall it is a place that I would never go back there to live ever again. It is a town of evilness and we know that. A very good man Perry Dunlop was ostracised and he left with his family with their lives intact because they were going to murder him. They have done it to a Catholic Bishop in Cornwall and they will do it to anybody. When I go down to Cornwall on a visit I tremble and want to get out as fast as possible. Never again are my words and I mean that. You can’t change Cornwall for the better because the people have not done their homework a long time ago and it took someone from the outside to try and wake them all up out of their deep slumber where they are mesmorized where they cannot think for themselves and are very abused by their masters.

  21. When is all this “globalization”, etc. supposed to start? Free trade has already started. I get tired of reading about all the bad things that are supposed to happen. The world has been through bad times before and has survived. And we will survive again. New World Order cops?? Really?? Always being a downer can’t `be good for someone. Try to see something good in life sometimes. The constant trashing of Cornwall has to stop. If you don’t like Cornwall that’s fine. But some of us like it here. I’d rather live in Cornwall than Ottawa.

  22. Author

    I’d rather live in Cornwall than Ottawa too. 🙂

  23. The Bible tells the truth and even the Pope knows all about it and there is much more that I can tell you but I would upset Furtz. LOL LOL. I can tell you all that I would rather die than to live in Cornwall ever again. I would go anywhere else but not Cornwall and that I guarantee all of you. There hardly isn’t a day that goes by that Perry Dunlop and his family don’t come to mind and all the living hell that they went through. Helen is a very strong woman indeed and a mighty good one. This lady held the family together under the worst circumstances and Perry is mighty lucky indeed. You don’t find many marriages like that anymore. I knew Helen’s brothers in high school and are good people. Many people left Cornwall and especially the good people and by what I see there is nothing left.

  24. Author

    Jules there is some good in Cornwall. I think this city has a great future if people want it to happen.

  25. Jamie the only one here that likes Cornwall is my husband can you figure that one out for me? LOL LOL. Every day no kidding he looks out the patio door here up on what I call the penthouse and looks towards Cornwall and teases me something awful about wanting to go back since it is so small. A man who is from a very big city likes a small town. LOL LOL. I say no way at all will I ever go back down there and I get him back for picking on me. I wish that Cornwall did have potential and I really do but if it did have potential it would have grown a long time ago and not let the clique hold it back. Dawn just brought me back down memory lane about the Nyman family who sold shoes and I just almost cried here but I am in tears thinking about those good people who left Cornwall for Toronto for their children’s future. We bought the best shoes from that family and ever since I was a baby mom would buy my shoes at that store. My husband met Mr. Nyman and they shook hands. My husband misses the Nyman’s very much and his good quality shoes that he once sold.

  26. Author

    Jules Cornwall has problems. Every community has problems. You don’t live here anymore. Why keep beating a dead horse? Not trying to pick on you,but it just seems that you have this horrible hate on that gets repeated a lot. Honestly I want solutions. Yes, sometimes we have to hold the bad guys accountable and you can’t find a solution to a problem until you discover it; but to just toss bombs endlessly gets old.

  27. You said something that Cornwall has a great future if people want it to happen. You see Jamie the people are kept behind and they are afraid to venture out and make Cornwall a much better place to live. People have been kept down and hurt by the clique and it is the only life that they know and don’t know how to get out of that rut that they are in. When I first came to Ottawa back in the mid 70’s I hated this place because it was so very different and I would go back to Cornwall after work with my husband and he got attached to Cornwall. My daughter prefers Cornwall to a big city and she is at work just now just 5 minutes from here which is short hours but something for now until she finds better. The staff are great people and it is an experience for her to deal with the crazy public on the cash. The place where she worked before wanted to keep her but on a call centre and shift work and she would not be able to meet the buses on time and way out in the far west end. The company changed hands again. I do hope that the people of Cornwall change for the better and make the town a better place but it cannot change if the clique remains as is.

  28. Author

    Jules we do agree that whatever power the clique has needs to be smashed. We need to build a community based on merit.

  29. Jamie I understand fully well what you mean and yes I do toss bombs here and there. I don’t hate Cornwall what I hate are the stooges running it into the ground and not letting the people change for the better and grow into a better town. The people there are scared stiff and it is the truth Jamie. The people lost Domtar, Courthaulds and other industries and businesses and were thrown on the welfare lines. That is no life at all to live. There are certain people who made themselves rich and are keeping the rest down. I never wanted to live a life like that and I left for Ottawa way back when. It hasn’t been an easy decision at all back in those days and it was people that I went to the college with along with other friends from Ottawa and elsewhere who told me not to bury myself in Cornwall but to get out of there and thrive. Life sure has changed everywhere and corruption is in all countries and in all cities and towns and that is true but Cornwall has had its fill of it for way too long. Cornwall is mighty lucky to have you Jamie and I mean that fully. You have done your very best to try and awaken the people out of their deep slumber that they are in. If only they can all wake up and make the town a good place to live and work. My husband has a distant relative here in Ottawa who has a friend who has a good government job who lives in Cornwall and he asked my husband why he came back to Ottawa that has become crazyier than ever and my husband said “for my children” and there is no work in Cornwall not even here in Ottawa. The situation is very grim indeed.

  30. Author

    Jules we all are held accountable by some for what we write. Maybe you have to give a bit more thought before you hit that submit button sometimes…. night.

  31. That is so very true indeed Jamie and you would be the best for mayor because you have lived in Montréal and Los Angeles and you can bring them some civilization and modern ways of doing things. The people of Cornwall cannot see beyond Bare Ass and his clique that keeps them down. Cornwall could have had a GM plant a long time ago and Nick Kaneb turned it down. The problem is that certain companies like Domtar, Courthaulds and the like didn’t want any competition so Kaneb turned it all down. Cornwall is so small and are afraid of competition. Competition is good and it is what makes things work. Look at things now and Cornwall looks worse than the days of the 30’s. My dad worked 3 days a week during the depression years but mom used to say that half a loaf was better than none but nowadays there is nothing. Even my daughter along with her coworkers are working short hours and many have two jobs as well as their husbands. It is mighty expensive and you can’t pay rent nor mortgage, etc. on tiny wages and short hours.

  32. Author

    Jules I think the people of Cornwall definitely have had enough of Bob Kilger and his lies and corruption. They may not be ready for the kind of change I’d like to see. I can tell you if a decent candidate steps up that I can personally support I will pull my nomination for mayor. Some change is always better than no change.

  33. I agree with Jamie…
    “You don’t live here anymore. Why keep beating a dead horse?”

    As for Domatar Cornwall did not lose it, they chose to leave due to the high Canadian dollar at the time (oh to have those days back). GM never would have come to Cornwall, it’s too small. GM goes into mid-size cities, not small cities.

    I don’t see a town /city scared of anything that doesn’t happen in any other city / town. There is the same level of mistrust, corruption here that exists in any city / town including Ottawa, Montreal (revolving door mayors), Toronto (Ford Nation). It all depends on who you talk to.

    Cornwall is not afraid of competition. Right now it’s just a little small and being small means you have a smaller tax base. Smaller tax base means you can’t spend the money on things to draw big employers here. It’s a catch-22 situation.

  34. Jules
    The Nyman family left Cornwall so they could be closer to people of their faith not because they disliked Cornwall
    Other members of the family moved to find husbands
    They were really good people with the father playing football with the kids of the area after getting home from work despite the fact the games destroyed his front yard.
    Jules Cornwall has come a long way. During my lifetime Jewish people couldn’t get into the main Cornwall golf club with “clever”(NOT)rules to hide the discrimination.
    People of color were treated(by some) as if Cornwall was the deep south(USA)it turned my stomach. Jules look around our city now people from all over the world make the city a better place to live.
    All kinds of people including the admin have asked you to change the “I hate Cornwall tune” please please just try it for a you will still get published without writing clique and bare axx

  35. Author

    Hugger we do have a higher and deeper level of Corruption in Cornwall. Sorry, but that can be addressed; just like they are doing in Quebec slowly but surely with the Charboneau commission.

  36. Author

    Melman there is discrimination and anti semitism in Cornwall. It’s not FULL BORE; but it’s there as it has in the past. All you have to do is look at the CCVS Swastika incident to see it. Jules is entitled to her opinion. We all are including yourself. It’s about balance and fairness too though. Sometimes we all get “called” on what we spout. It’s the give and take of a good dialog and debate.

  37. Perhaps we do have a perceived higher level of corruption in Cornwall. I don’t see it that way. With a smaller population the corruption, etc. sticks out more than it would in large cities.

  38. Author

    Hugger we spent $50M on Project Truth which wasn’t very truthful. I’m sitting on documents regarding the history of Big Ben. We’ve 3 whistle blowers in this term alone, one attack on the city’s largest newspaper by City Hall, approximately $3M in Fitzygate spent, conflict of interest allegations about our mayor, a reporter allegedly fired after City Hall leaned on their employer, the Chem Tank cover up, the Condo in the parking lot drive, and much more.

    That’s a lot of corruption for any community, never mind one of our size. And it’s all pointing in one general direction….

  39. Hugger before I read more comments GM went to Massena NY which is a lot smaller than Cornwall. GM’s main branches are in Detroit and Flint Michigan but has plants in Baltimore Maryland and many towns and cities throughout the US and Canada and now overseas. You spoke about globalization well we are in it as we speak. All this has to do with lowering the standard of living here in the west and propping up the poor countries. This is going to happen and I have been reading since my short time on the computer just now and it is all done by design. It isn’t just about our high Canadian dollar but it is about our high standard of living where we earn bigger money than the third world and the globalists have taken their goods overseas to get done at a fraction of the price that would be done here in the west. They want to do the same thing to us and make only two classes of people and that is the very rich and the very poor.

  40. Melman I realize that the Nyman’s left Cornwall for their faith and other reasons and I never said that they hated Cornwall at all. Honestly that family was great and I mean that fully. Cornwall had a synagogue and then it was converted into a house and the Jewish people left. I live in a community that is part Jewish and there is a synagogue around us and there are plenty of Arabs and they went and made a mosque out of a former restaurant. When I saw that I went into shock over the restaurant becoming a mosque and I told my husband since he didn’t notice it. The Nymans were some of the nicest people that I have ever met. It is horrible about the racism Melman and my husband went through that both in Ottawa and in Cornwall. I can imagine what the Jewish people went through in Cornwall and believe me Melman I couldn’t ask for nicer people that these people. When my husband first met Mr. Nyman I could see Mr. Nyman all tensed because it was unusual for an Arab to enter Mr. Nymans store but my husband was used to Jewish people in Beirut and his mom always purchased from the Jewish people. It was very nice to see the two men shake hands and I wish that the world would be that way.

  41. Jamie one more thing that I wanted to bring to your attention before my brain, my mouth and everything else flies around on the keyboard. The new Pope is on news about apologizing for what the priests did to the children. I am going to look at it now. In Cornwall everything was swept under the rug and people were not charged for it whether it be doctors, lawyers, social workers, cops, etc. The good cop was jailed instead for exposing the dirt that went on. Sorry for all the posts but I had to get it out there. Thank you Jamie for all you do and that is the truth. I can’t give you enough thank yous.

  42. And we all know how well GM did in Massena. The plant closed in 2008 and they are still cleaning up the brownfields there. Now, if Domtar would just clean up their brownfields here, including the monstrosity Big Ben.

    Globalization has been happening for years. Every company that wants to make a profit will send their products to be produced to the least expensive place. This is nothing new, it’s been going on for decades.

    Well-to-do countries have been propping up third world countries for years, it’s called international development. Again this is not something new, it`s been going on for decades.

    In short globization is nothing new, it’s a continual evolving process.

  43. Admin said “Hugger we spent $50M on Project Truth which wasn’t very truthful. I’m sitting on documents regarding the history of Big Ben. We’ve 3 whistle blowers in this term alone, one attack on the city’s largest newspaper by City Hall, approximately $3M in Fitzygate spent, conflict of interest allegations about our mayor, a reporter allegedly fired after City Hall leaned on their employer, the Chem Tank cover up, the Condo in the parking lot drive, and much more.

    That’s a lot of corruption for any community, never mind one of our size. And it’s all pointing in one general direction….”

    I agree 100%. Cornwall needs to try and move on from previous setbacks and not dwell on them. I’m not saying to forget about what happened. But we have to move on to bigger and better things.

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