Are my Police Charges in Cornwall Ontario a Political Smear? by Jamie Gilcig – April 9, 2014

Are my Police Charges in Cornwall Ontario a Political Smear? by Jamie Gilcig – April 9, 2014

jg2CORNWALL Ontario – As some of you know I was charged by Cornwall Police for making threatening phone calls over a month ago.

I’ve had people state that I had been found guilty, which I haven’t.  I’ve been fingerprinted, put in a cell, patted down.   I’ve had phone calls in the night from the police including one recently from the same Constable on the Cornwall Police Service that had filed the charge against me.   He was insisting that I remove a piece on CFN or that I’d be charged for being in breach of my conditions.

Cornwall, ON – Jamie Gilcig, 49 of Cornwall was arrested on February 10, 2014 and charged with criminal harassment and threats to life. It is alleged that the man repeatedly contacted a 31-year-old man by way of phone calls and e-mails despite having been warned not to. On February 9th, 2014 the man also threatened to kill the 31-year-old man during one of the calls. Police were contacted and an investigation ensued. On February 10th, 2013 the man attended police headquarters to deal with the matter. He was taken into custody, charged accordingly and later released to appear in court on March 20th, 2014.

Now those are very serious charges, the only thing is that the CPS filed those charges without accessing my phone records.   That release on the blotter has been published, distributed and gone wild locally on Facebook.  It’s been used against me with a small boycott group, mostly of people that I’d blocked before, running to some of our clients even.

Can you imagine this happening to you?   Can you imagine the damage to your personal reputation and business?    The day that I was woken at night by the Constable and warned for making these calls I never made I was confused?  How can this be happening?   So I searched the net and sure enough there are services that actually brag about spoofing caller id numbers; like

I sent an email even to the police chief whom I thought I was on good terms with; not asking for help, but asking how any officer in his force could lay such charges without proof?

Two days later was our 5th Anniversary event at the Port Theatre.   Exhausted, my sleep was again disturbed by the same Constable informing me I had to come to the police station and be charged.   He stated that if I didn’t attend a warrant would be put out for my arrest as I’d now allegedly made death threats over the phone that morning.  That phone call wasn’t on the production records of the person making the claim.

Insanity.      My phone clearly showed I didn’t make the calls.   My phone records clearly showed I never made the calls.  Clearly this was spoofed.    But this Constable didn’t really seem to care; neither did the Sergeant who signed off on the charge, nor the Police Chief who knew about this Friday night and even responded to my email promptly.  In fact I was never even asked for my phone records.

There seems to be an imbalance to justice in this area and Cornwall.    After being assaulted at a rally in December I tried to file a complaint, but the attending officer in charge laughed and told me to go to the JP.  That officer is   Mayor  Bob Kilger’s, brother in law.


The Crown and JP watched the video above; watched the gentleman strike my camera and admit in the video to doing so, and refused to lay a charge.   My option at that point would be to appeal with a $10 to $15K legal bill.

The police board is chaired by a gentleman that appeared in videos for Mayor Kilger’s last election campaign.  Mayor Kilger himself is on the board as a citizen rep.  Councilor Andre Rivette is on the board as well.  All three belong to the same political party; the party that our new Attorney General was a minister of, which would be the highest level of appeal for policing issues.

Production records from the alleged victim who claimed that I had called them from my phone number show that I never made the call that Sunday yet I have been told if I don’t take this offer I have to wait for a trial.  The trial date I was told….November, which of course if after the election.

A reasonable person might think that this is essentially a political smear to hurt my own election campaign against a man who not only is on the police board with his good friend, but also decides on things like police budgets and has close political ties to the current Ontario government.

This ladies and gentlemen is frightening.  Yes, for myself, but more so for the community.   We seem to have a justice system that once it gets you in its maw, can chew you up with very little defense unless you have extremely well lined pockets or high level government connections; similar to what this same mayor and council did to our former Deputy Fire chief and whistle blower who complained about irregularities in the hiring of the mayor’s son to the fire department.

Am I looking for sympathy or support?  I’m not sure.  Frankly I feel that there is no venue to turn to if this Cornwall Police Force and Crown are yielding to political pressure?  I’m not even sure I could depend on our police force if I needed assistance at this point which is very sad as we’ve had a great working relationship for five years otherwise.

What I do know is that I will go through this process as best I can.  I will not cop a plea as I haven’t broken any laws or made any of the phone calls which the records clearly show.  I will not say “Uncle”,  and I will hold those behind this legally responsible and accountable as best I can.

I am hoping that some outside media from bigger outlets than my humble one finally start to cover some of this drama which peaked after the Mayor had seven police officers remove me from a council meeting because he didn’t like my t shirt.

A bigger question might be how those seven officers appeared in 47 seconds on the second floor of a building; not wearing over clothes during a February snow shower and not appearing wet?

There is enough incidents regarding this to warrant some questions.  Will our system squash myself and CFN or will there be any justice.

Only time will tell.  I can be reached at or at 855 444 1133.

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