The Worst List in Cornwall for 2015 – CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS April 4, 2015

daveVANCORNWALL Ontario –  CFN is putting together a list of the top, or perhaps bottom, list of people in our amazing city.  These are the self serving nasties that hold our community back and discredit us again, and again, but for mystic (or not so mystic) reasons are still allowed to play outside unattended or properly medicated.

Even worse, through cronyism they place some of their friends in positions of authority that further impact our community.

The list is for 2014 and not historic and of course is not just for politicians.   It can be for something as simple as being a horrible hockey coach.     And as odd as this may sound some of the same people on the this list might also be considered for a Best list of 2015.   Human nature is a funny thing….

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  1. Jamie,

    I will comment on Politics of course. The last City Council with the exception of now Mayor O’Shaughnessy all qualify for this list. In my opinion doing nothing when you are fully aware of the facts makes you complicit and is just another form of retaliation.

    Diane Shay

  2. I can’t help but laugh and at the same time feel very sorry for the sheeple of Cornwall who fall for this evil bunch and they bend over and take it very well from the powers that be and that is what is holding Cornwall back. All of this bending over has been inherited and passed down for years on end and hurting the little people something awful. All there are are scandals after scandals and cover ups and pay outs and the worst that I could ever think about was under BOB’s administration but still under Leslie things have not cleaned up yet and still some people in that administration needs to be kicked out. We don’t know what is awaiting us all and we have to see what is yet to happen. Yes Cornwall is run by certain people put in certain positions and also so as they won’t talk so they bribe them with top jobs.

  3. Jules

    There will be resolution/transparency in my case. The City can provide trsndparency voluntarily or in a court room. At the end of the day the result will be the same. They are in the same position they were in 2011 and it will be interesting to see if they choose the same path.

    As I have commented before, past behavior reflects future behavior. Should this path be chosen the taxpayers will ultimately have to endure the significant cost.

    Take Care,



  4. Diane when I wrote that piece I was thinking all about the living hell that you went through and still going through along with some others. The guilty were paid with hush money and they should all be tried. Unfortunately this justice system is a joke and it is all JUST US and not justice. Our Canadian law protects the guilty and the innocent pay a terrible price. I was thinking about Rob (from the fire department) who was ostracized by BOB and his gang and he isn’t in the best of health and he knew what they were all about. Many good people were run out of town and one was former cop Perry Dunlop exposing some of Cornwall’s dirty laundry. Diane I think about you often and that is the truth and wonder how anybody can go through all of this including what Jamie goes through as well. I myself could never hold up at all under all of this and I wish you and Jamie the very best and Rob as well. Take good care of yourselves and you are good people.

  5. David Murphy for worst {moderated} haircut.

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  7. Jules,

    I agree the system is very broken. I don’t expect justice at this point but I can and will provide transparency which I hope will help all Whistleblowers like, Rob, Julie, Jamie a well as the current Mayor and anyone else who has been exposed to retaliation for simply making a legal, moral and ethical decision.

    Just as you commented this is a culture which has been embraced for many, many years. Hopefully this will be the first of many steps to ensure that this does not continue to happen to anyone else.

    Take Care,

    Diane Shay

  8. Author

    Diane is there any progress in your case?

  9. I’d like to nominate a certain homophobic preacher.
    Can I do that?

  10. Author

    Furtz, Furtz, Furtz…..

  11. Jamie,

    Both the City and I have exchanged evidence and therefore the future will involve mediation or a trial. Regardless of the path transparency will occur.

    Take Care,


  12. Jaime, since my last blurb under my pen name was not published, I’ll put my name to my comment in hopes that you will post my opinion. Without repeating myself, I wrote initially that I was shocked at your request for the community to participate in your servey of the “worst peopel list”. I find your choice of words to try to entice your readers to air their valid concerns about others very inappropriate,inflamatory, and just down right unprofessional journalism. I also find it very offensive that you would encourage mud slinging along with posting pictures and names of people without their consent. At the end of the day, I think that you will find yourself on the receiving end of several lawsuits for this type of “journalism”.

    I have lost respect for you, I use to enjoy your newspaper but of late, I think you are using it as a public forum to air your own personal gripes about particular people.

    Bye the way, I read a past article regarding your use of negative name calling such as “Barbie” and “Toad”, to address certain individuals, I was quite offended for them and could not beleive that you actually stooped to such a low level.

    I agree that the avenues in which people can address a situation, or whistleblow can be difficult to navigate through, if that system fails, then going to the media with your story is sometimes the only way to get attention or reslove the issue. But really Jaime, the way in which you have gone about setting this in motion will back fire on you because it reeks of nastiness and has the potential to create a situation that is out of your control while discrediting others.

    In this matter, I nominate you Jaime, for the “worst people list in Cornwall”, for being a poor role model and a bully. Be a little more creative with your skills and your newspaper, how about building up instead of tearing down.
    Thank you.

  13. Author

    Barb glad you have stepped out of the shadows. I would suggest you read our Mission and Vision Statements.

    As for some of your other comments…..well you are entitled to your opinion and as you can see your statement was published unedited.

    That’s very special and perhaps one day you’ll appreciate that as you wouldn’t have it in most if not all other media.

    We are not here to pander or toady to any group or individual. Not all “opinions” are popular.

    I can tell you that a community can’t change until the problems are recognized.

    I personally am very proud of my contributions to the community I choose to live in and will continue to be with or without your sanction.

    I will not list some of the bizarre actions and behavior of some of those that may be on the upcoming list. Not everyone is all good or all bad, but when lines are crossed people should be made accountable as you have just attempted to do with myself.

    I would love to see some of those that may be on this list be as accountable as I have just been to you.

    Cheers and I’m sure you’ll keep clicking our pages,


    PS! If you’re going to nominate someone perhaps you should spell their name correctly?

  14. Jamie,how is this gonna help our amazing city, it wil just give Cornwall more bad publicity.My idea of a good newspaper is to report the news,not create it.

  15. Author

    Brian and all, I am not going to do the 100 question thing. Sorry. But cleaning house is always better than living 20 years with corruption and failure. I’ll take that each and every time personally. Remember there are always choices where you can click and I can tell you that yesterday an awful lot of you chose to click on this story. I won’t pass judgement or fathom a reason why.

    This isn’t about casting rumors, gossip, or simple name calling. We don’t do that at CFN and never have. This is for example, calling out Norm Levac as CAO for his role in covering up the Chem Tanks. This is for calling out the elected officials that sat in silence and did not ask the money question about the Chem tanks in open council.

    Chem tanks on our waterfront is not how me move Cornwall ahead in many people’s opinions.

    I’m turning 51. I don’t have 20 years for our city to inch forward. . I want a better Cornwall, and frankly the only way that will happen is if those that don’t play nice, especially on tax payers monies, are outed and removed. And just that fact that this may happen may deter some of them of doing some of the very things that some may be outed for.

    It’s one thing for a Roy Perkins to do it on his dime, or a Gerry Benson, but another thing for those to sit back and do things knowing the city will pay their bill.

    Brushing the dirt under the carpet or putting a bush in front of it doesn’t change things. Painting a turd doesn’t pass the stink test.

    I think the best message we can send the world is that Cornwall is a great place that is getting its act together and moving forward and if a few stories help speed that process up then at the end of the day they are a very positive thing.

  16. Jamie, I was never in the shadows, I agree that people who hold power and control, who “run” the city and systems should be held accountable for wrong doings. And it is newsworthy to publish such articles to draw attention and awareness to whats’ really going on. I support your efforts on this type of journalism. But to be honest, posting a picture of this community couple as a headline to your invitation to your readers to participate in the “worst people list”, is misleading in my opinion. To me, it smacks of your personal issue with them. What ever that may be.

    There are other media venues available to sling dirt or to shed light on important issues. CFN is not the only place where that can be accomplished in this community. I agree with Brian, there are always other options, not to mention, ones’ approach, to get to the truth of the matter. My hope is that you will use sound judgement when publishing the entries for your “list” to ensure that people are not wrongfully accused or slandered. I hold fast to my opinion that one day my good Sir, you may find yourself in court defending your actions, regardless of your motives behind them. There has to be a better way of doing this Jamie, as you are running the show, you will be held accountable.

  17. Author

    Barb sadly in this community I’ve been held accountable for a lot of things I’ve never done including false police charges of which I’m still under conditions about a year after Bell telephone provided proof that I never made said telephone calls.

    When you say or write something in the public you are always held accountable, good or bad. Again, I’m not going to “debate” this.

  18. Barb Wollinger….I’ve learned to accept Jaime and his style of journalism. I don’t always agree with him, he can verify that. But it is his show, so I let him run with it. He’s an adult, so he knows of the possible consequences of anything he does. I agree with Brian Green this “list” will bring more bad publicity to the city, something we don’t need.

  19. Author

    Hugger I think it’s safe to say that Cornwall has seen much more change in the last six years than the six before that. I think there are some reasons for that.

    In 12 Step programs they say that acknowledging the problem is half the cure. You seem more concerned about the issues being exposed than the actual harm that they cause. That’s kinda scary.

    And as for CFN being by “Show”, there would be now show without all of our amazing viewers. You can’t have one without the other. Though not many post, I hear from many 🙂

  20. Barb Wollinger I was born and raised in Cornwall all my life and I could never tolerate the people in charge of Cornwall at all whatsoever and knew that there was no life there for me nor for my family and left for good. When I first left Cornwall back in 75 the people that I worked with in the federal government laughed and poked plenty of fun at Cornwall – everybody knew more things about that town than what I did. One thing is that since Jamie came to Cornwall he has been exposing some things but he can’t expose everything but I could never ever live there ever again with such a mighty horrible reputation and a mighty strange type of mentality that I could never be able to deal with at all. Yes there are some mighty good people down there but I am referring mostly to those rich no good for nothings who run things and hurt the little people. I could never go back there and would have to go elsewhere – the town has a terrible reputation and even one of my neighbors who is originally from Kingston came out with some doozies about Cornwall along with many others. The officials of Cornwall have hurt too many very good people.

  21. Once again my comments have been misinterpreted; surprise, surprise!!!

    I am not more concerned with the issues being exposed than the actual harm they cause. I don’t know where that came from. So put away the Halloween mask. What I am tired of is all the doom and gloom about Cornwall. How about a “feel good” story from time to time? It may not get the clicks that doom and gloom stories get, but whatever.

    And when I said “show” I meant it in the context of this being your operation, your business. You can do what you want, when you want.

  22. Author

    Hugger we do lots of feel good stories. We have a lovely one coming out tomorrow.

  23. Author

    No I can’t hugger. If I did that we wouldn’t have the audience we do. I am feeding the Lions. (That’s a very Easter-like quote dontcha think?) I put out stories that it’s felt you and others will click on. We pander to our audiences tastes.

  24. I understand. It can be all about money at times.

  25. You’re your boss Jaime. How many people can say that?

  26. The photo of a wayward old Cornwall Councillor and a shiny child-like would be Cornwall social climber makes one wonder whose mother would be more ashamed.

    And if Cornwall even had a social ladder, it would be hard to imagine a lower rung to step on than Murph… unless you’re into that stuff.

  27. Barb for way too long a time small town Cornwall has been sweeping the dirt under the carpet and nobody has been held accountable. A certain mayor that we all know about just calls the “freeloader” and tells them not to publish what is going on. Those in charge are to blame all the way and they get away with everything. I am no Pollyanna and I come out with plenty and Jamie doesn’t publish most of what I say but I can say this I am more than fed up of certain people getting away with it all and they should pay the penalty of going to prison, etc. for their actions.

  28. Cornwall has the best bus drivers because they are polite, helpful and stop for wildlife sightings.

  29. Jules, I appreciate what you are saying. I am hardly a person with my head stuck in the sand when it comes to the Cornwall community. I am painfully aware of some of it’s darkest cover-ups such as Project Truth, wrongful dismissals of solid community members, the horrible treatment of whistle blowers, political high jinks, and overall coruption; I can site many incidents of first hand knowledge of this and more but my experience has taught me that while I still have to live and work here, one has to be careful. In saying this, I agree that the spot light should be shone on the players in order to “stop the madness”. I may not agree with everything Jamie and the CFN publishes or the manner in which it is done, but I do get the reasons behind it. When I look at the bigger picture, Cornwall is really no different than any other place, except that “it” just seems to be more blatant, more of it out there for a community of this size. Thank you for your comment.

    Barb Wollinger

  30. So yeah my nominee for Cornwalls Worst is Wal Mart!

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  31. Very well put Barb Wollinger. In particular I wholeheartedly agree with your statement “When I look at the bigger picture, Cornwall is really no different than any other place, except that “it” just seems to be more blatant, more of it out there for a community of this size.” I’ve been saying this for quite a while now, but people don’t seem to get it.

  32. Author

    Hugger sadly it’s not quite like any other place. It’s better in some ways, but not so in others. Chiefly the “closed shop” mentality and clannishness.

    I’ve lived in a lot of places and what I’ve seen is echoed by a lot of people living and who have moved from here.

    You need to level the playing field if this community is to move forward and hiding from problems or covering them up isn’t a solution.

  33. Admin….While I agree somethings are unique to Cornwall, others are not. Each city has its own quirks. That cannot be denied. As I’ve said before what happens in Cornwall sticks out more due to its size.

  34. Thank you Hugger1, Jamie, like you and many others in our community, I have lived and worked in many other places. Although I was not born here, I do consider Cornwall my home town. Perhaps the better days of my youth in Cornwall has given me rose coloured glasses. I still say that this town has unique features, the country side communities, affordable housing options, beaches, farm land, and friendly people. Perhaps Cornwall being a close knit community, the dirty laundry gets aired very quickly, and the “guilty” rely on their peers to keep things hushed up. Cornwall, in my opinion needs a clean sweep and a desperate infusion of new ideas and above the board action.

  35. I must say, this is not journalism. This is mud-slinging.
    If you want to paint Cornwall in a good light, brushing it with dung first won’t make it shine any brighter.
    This is, by definition, name calling.
    Creating a hate list – doesn’t level a playing field, it digs your own hole deeper.
    Jamie, you have many good ideas to make Cornwall a better place. This isn’t one of them.
    “Go to the penalty box for 2 minutes, and feel shame”

  36. Big difference between a “worst list” and a “hate list.”

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    CFN has a new comment policy. You must use your real first and last name. As well if your email bounces we will terminate your posting privileges.
    We value all input from our amazing CFN viewers and are always trying to improve the viewer experience which includes making this a safe, informative, and entertaining platform.
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    I’m new to reading CFN. Some good, some could be better, but all in all there is a genuine interest to move things forward. There is nothing wrong with accountability. It’s how we learn from an early age. Its what we do from those lessons learned. We all know where Cornwall has been, now how do we move forward? There’s lots of really great talent and ideas. I think we just need a good leader to channel those ideas into reality. Hopefully sooner rather than later…

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