Pastor Tom Newton on Bill 77 – Letter to the Editor – April 3, 2015

LTE UQueen’s Park is at it again in its support of sexual diversity. It is Bill 77 this time.

Bill 77 – “a bill that would ban therapy to ‘convert” gay and transgender children and youth….”, and even deny “OHIP coverage of conversion or therapy for adults intended to change their sexual orientation or gender identity”1. The bill is reported to have passed its second reading 52-0. Question – why no opposing votes? The bill’s creator NDP Cheri DiNovo – “The Radical Reverend” – had this to say: “In a rare moment, members from all three parties threw their support behind DiNovo’s bill giving it all party support.” Should we applaud, or bow our heads in shame?

Why is there no opposing voice from any party? The ramifications of the eventual passing of this bill will seal the doom for many of these confused ones in their sinful sexual orientation unless God’s grace intervenes. It will also make it illegal to try to convert these confused ones from the error of their way. Will this bill be used only to keep “doctors” in line, or will it also be used effectively to stop all evangelistic efforts of Christians? Another nail in the coffin for religious freedom in Canada.

In all this talk about gender equality, I have not heard of a gay gene being discovered. It will never be discovered. We are not created sexual deviants, but we fall into such sexual perversion by our voluntary rejection of God (Genesis 3). The Creator of all clearly declares “it is better if they were “straight”:

“Marriage is honorable in all, and the bed undefiled; but God will judge fornicators and adulterers (Hebrews 13:4).

And, yes, I agree that society needs fixing, but not by forcing Bill 77 upon us. Nor by implementing the New Ontario Sex Ed. Curriculum. Where is our liberty of conscience? Where is our freedom of religion? Is it the government’s job to try to “fix society”? The economic debauchery and the many past scandals of the current Liberal government speaks loud and clear how the current administration has repeatedly failed to “fix society”.

Shall we allow Bill 77 to seal the doom for such confused sexually-orientated ones? Shall we eliminate all voice of reason and right? I’m still waiting for the local Ontario opposition parties to respond as to why there is no voice of opposition. I wrote to them, “Are these results agreeable to you? If not, why the silence? It is time to stop being puppets who are only concerned with political correctness and economical prosperity, and start being the real voices for the people. Leadership with moral convictions – is that too much to ask?”.

Is that too much to ask?

Rev. Thomas J. Newton

1 Antonella Aruso, QMI Agency


  1. Furtz and I don’t agree often. But in this case I agree with him.

  2. Yesterday I was on a site (non Biblical) just non establishment news and a person who made a comment wrote as Pastor Newton does but here is a quote:

    “If My People who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and sseek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” – (II Chronicles 7:14)

    What is soon coming is world famine as well as the fall of the stock market. You will all be around to see these things happen very soon. The economy is in the Bible along with the falling away and believe me “Babylon the Great” is going to fall. It is God who wins in the end.

    Pastor I love all of your quotes believe me for a Catholic woman who has awoken from being a nothing for many years has truly awoken and I thank you and I thank our friend Dave who gave us the KJV Bible and a lot of things that have put me in the right direction. Thank you Pastor.

  3. I just read what Paul Mark wrote and I had to jump in again Jamie. The Sabath is the real day of rest which is Saturday. In Italian it is Sabito. The days and times were changed by Rome (Catholic church) to Sunday and if you know your Bible it speaks about the times and days were changed. Paul Mark I read a lot of alternative news of all kinds and what is coming up in the future is that anybody who works on Sunday or whatever that day may be will be put to death and this is what man has suggested. I don’t think that God said that but it is considered a sin if you do according to God’s law. Yes this is coming up and that is the truth. It will be mandatory law everywhere. You brought up an excellent point.

  4. Furtz – I don’t hate anyone, except the Devil. Is that ok to do? Or do you have a problem with that too? But I do love God’s definition of marriage, and God’s definition of family, and His definition of sexual wholesomeness. And yes, absolutely I love His way of salvation -through Christ alone! So once more, try to make a difference between principals and persons, if you can.

  5. Furtz for two whole days I have been thinking about your flying spaghetti monster and your pastafarian. My husband said to me this morning it has been a while since we had spaghetti and I just burst out laughing thinking about you. We went over to Your Independent at Billings Bridge and got some hamburg meat to make the sauce. Furtz you are something else believe me I have more laughs when you come on than anything that I can ever think about. LOL LOL. ROLF!

  6. Pastor I know that you don’t hate anybody and all of us who believe in God would hate the devil. When you are on line you enlighten me and I feel good. I have been away from the church itself because of what has happened and still happening today and everything is swept under the rug about them. This is one person among many who have left not because of God or the religion but because of what we know and want no part of it. I like and respect you very highly and I am not even a member of your congregation. So many have left the church and many like Furtz have gone the other way unfortunately. This is one Catholic woman who really likes and respects you.

  7. Jules, you really should have at least two good feeds of spaghetti per week. It’s good for the soul.
    Newton, I don’t have the time or energy to either love or hate your imaginary god or your imaginary devil. Life is way too short to waste it on BS like that. What I do hate is bigotry and hatefulness whether it’s based on some asinine religion or otherwise.

  8. Jules – I would encourage you to get into the Word. Gospels, Book of Romans, Galatians. Do a Google search for tnpreacher555 or Pastor Tom Newton and you will find videos of morning and evening preaching services posted from our church. Praying!

  9. Pastor I have been reading up on the net on the topics that you gave me and I just bookmarked the rest to continue tomorrow. I like what I am reading.

    Furtz what you are pointing out on youtube must be something funny and I haven’t gone into it yet. You cannot steer me away from the faith and into jokes. I sure do love your jokes though.

  10. Not a joke Jules. Pastor Gas delivers “The Word” with passion!

  11. Furtz I just cliqued on the site you gave me and didn’t go any further. I knew that our Furtz would have a comedy show for me to look at. Furtz I take the Good Lord seriously including Pastor Newton. Talk about farts that must be my husband. LOL LOL. ROLF!

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