Pastor Tom Newton on Bill 77 – Letter to the Editor – April 3, 2015

Pastor Tom Newton on Bill 77 – Letter to the Editor – April 3, 2015

LTE UQueen’s Park is at it again in its support of sexual diversity. It is Bill 77 this time.

Bill 77 – “a bill that would ban therapy to ‘convert” gay and transgender children and youth….”, and even deny “OHIP coverage of conversion or therapy for adults intended to change their sexual orientation or gender identity”1. The bill is reported to have passed its second reading 52-0. Question – why no opposing votes? The bill’s creator NDP Cheri DiNovo – “The Radical Reverend” – had this to say: “In a rare moment, members from all three parties threw their support behind DiNovo’s bill giving it all party support.” Should we applaud, or bow our heads in shame?

Why is there no opposing voice from any party? The ramifications of the eventual passing of this bill will seal the doom for many of these confused ones in their sinful sexual orientation unless God’s grace intervenes. It will also make it illegal to try to convert these confused ones from the error of their way. Will this bill be used only to keep “doctors” in line, or will it also be used effectively to stop all evangelistic efforts of Christians? Another nail in the coffin for religious freedom in Canada.

In all this talk about gender equality, I have not heard of a gay gene being discovered. It will never be discovered. We are not created sexual deviants, but we fall into such sexual perversion by our voluntary rejection of God (Genesis 3). The Creator of all clearly declares “it is better if they were “straight”:

“Marriage is honorable in all, and the bed undefiled; but God will judge fornicators and adulterers (Hebrews 13:4).

And, yes, I agree that society needs fixing, but not by forcing Bill 77 upon us. Nor by implementing the New Ontario Sex Ed. Curriculum. Where is our liberty of conscience? Where is our freedom of religion? Is it the government’s job to try to “fix society”? The economic debauchery and the many past scandals of the current Liberal government speaks loud and clear how the current administration has repeatedly failed to “fix society”.

Shall we allow Bill 77 to seal the doom for such confused sexually-orientated ones? Shall we eliminate all voice of reason and right? I’m still waiting for the local Ontario opposition parties to respond as to why there is no voice of opposition. I wrote to them, “Are these results agreeable to you? If not, why the silence? It is time to stop being puppets who are only concerned with political correctness and economical prosperity, and start being the real voices for the people. Leadership with moral convictions – is that too much to ask?”.

Is that too much to ask?

Rev. Thomas J. Newton

1 Antonella Aruso, QMI Agency

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