Cornwall Ontario – The Benson Charity Golf Classic has folded.  Another cultural event dying in an area already nearly void of culture.

Since 2002 it was a great tool to advance the Benson name, consolidate political power, and an excuse for some golfing buddies to have a great time and even raise a few shekels for charity at the same time.

But it never really was about charity.  True charity doesn’t involve getting your name splashed in newspapers.

For example we have a few local business people that are donating their hard earned cash to support local charities on CFN on the condition that we don’t release their identity.  That’s true charity.   Gerry Benson is not one of those people.

The Benson family have earned their fame and good fortune on the backs of this community and they’ve done well.

Good on them too as it’s part of a free market place in a free country even if they play dark and dirty pool in a cut throat business world.

It’s interesting that Mr. Benson’s puppy,  Cornwall City Councilor moonhead David Murphy of #metoo fame(there are allegations that Mr. Murphy hit on his journalism students while teaching at St. Lawrence College(why would St. Lawrence have Murphy even teach journalism?)) and Mr. Benson’s alleged horse for mayor in the next election didn’t take over this event, especially in an election year?   I mean supposedly Murphy has that astute political mind Dan Allaire backing him?

Divisive petty politics, exclusiveness,  ignorance, and bullying, do not a strong community make.    Some awfully talented people have moved away from Cornwall in the last few years because of our culture sadly.   I can think of at least three that would’ve been ideal to run an event like this and continue the legacy of glad handing, cocktails, and raising some dosh for some corrupt charities that play favorites instead of focusing on their real missions.

But then I’m an outsider still after living in Cornwall since 2004.    And an outsider who has contributed and tried to create cultural value here in Cornwall which apparently is considered showboating by the supposed rulers of the area.

But this writer digresses….

Maybe there is hope for Cornwall…..

What do you think dear CFN viewers?   You can post your comments below except for that idiot Primeau guy that keeps trying to post crap without realizing that comments are to inform and entertain, and that there are therapists that can assist with mental health and emotional issues.


  1. {MODERATED} I think we’ve found the new Jules…..

  2. {MODERATED} Yes, we have a new jules. Jeff. I’m not here, nor is this newspaper here, to simply swallow your screed, and take your abuse. We’re one of the few newspapers to still even have comments so if you can’t respect that, well that’s your issue. Saying I hate something and making an ass of yourself isn’t productive. And frankly I’m tired of Cornwall Krazy. You are not part of the community that we’re striving to build here. If you don’t like what you’re reading there are other newspapers, honestly. I’m sure they’d love your viewership 🙂

  3. Not a new Jules!!!!!!

  4. This forum and other social media indicate something more serious than just exaggerated griping from Jeff.
    Perhaps there is someone out there that knows Jeff — or knows a family member — that might respectfully steer him toward some counsel.

  5. Nobody can replace me. I am the one and only. I am not coming back and I am laughing at Cornwall that is dying but it died a very long time ago way back in the 1970s era is when it started to die. Cornwall is finished and I mean finished. I haven’t slept since hubby became sick. Thursday to the hospital for appointments. I need sleep and going to bed now. I haven’t slept in days.

  6. Author

    Jules nobody could ever replace you. Take care.

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